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Transform Your Life Through Handwriting

Transform Your Life Through Handwriting

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by Vimala Rodgers

How Your Pen Can Unlock Your Soul's Potential

Can you change your life just by changing your handwriting? Graphologists have long known that the psyche expresses its deepest truths through the pen. Yet Vimala Rodgers has discovered that line of communication works both ways—meaning you can “reprogram” your subconscious by making


How Your Pen Can Unlock Your Soul's Potential

Can you change your life just by changing your handwriting? Graphologists have long known that the psyche expresses its deepest truths through the pen. Yet Vimala Rodgers has discovered that line of communication works both ways—meaning you can “reprogram” your subconscious by making purposeful shifts in your handwriting. With Transform Your Life Through Handwriting, Rodgers presents a complete course for igniting practical, lasting changes in your life with nothing more than a pen and paper.

This is not a course in penmanship—the first of Vimala's “Five Noble Truths of Handwriting” is that there is no such thing as good or bad script. Instead, you will learn to recognize the encoded messages from your soul in every stroke of the pen. Is there a self-sabotaging loop in your “f”? Is a counterclockwise “o” stifling your inner truth? You'll learn the hidden meanings in each letter, allowing you to clear away blockages, heal old wounds, and express your full creativity.

Vimala Rodgers has helped thousands of people experience personal empowerment, spiritual growth, and spontaneous healing. Does handwriting really make such a difference? “If your life is working the way you want it to,” she says, “don't change your handwriting—because once you do, your life will open up in the most extraordinary ways.”

Here is a unique, easy-to-use kit with everything you need to begin your own transformative journey. Writing a single page a day for 40 days is all it takes to alter even the most ingrained handwriting patterns—and invite profound changes to unfold in your life.

A Comprehensive Course in Self-Empowerment Through Handwriting, Featuring:

  • Two audio sessions with master teacher Vimala Rodgers, including guidelines for your writing practice, explorations of the deeper meaning in every letter, and inspiring success stories
  • An illustrated workbook with step-by-step instructions and exercises for self-exploration through handwriting, the meaning behind different writing styles, the spiritual forces aligned with each letter, and much more
  • 26 quick reference cards for working with each letter in a 40-day cycle, including the “soul quality” of each letter

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Meet the Author

Vimala Rodgers

Vimala Rodgers is an educator, handwriting expert, and motivational speaker, as well as the director of The International Institute of Handwriting Studies in Sacramento, California. For more information, please visit her website at www.iihs.com.

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Transform Your Life Through Handwriting 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
MaryJenkins More than 1 year ago
This is a great product... YES. Is Vimala a wonderful and educated person... YES. HOWEVER it important to note that, on an internet radio show, I heard Vimala state that she is NOT a handwriting expert OR a handwriting therapist but she IS an ALPHABETICIAN. Is she then qualified to write on handwriting THERAPY? There is a BIG difference in my opinion!! Dr. Pierre Janet, a pioneering French psychologist and philosopher in the field of dissociation and trauma was the first person to prove the connection between a person's past experiences and present-day issues. He is also the first person to use the words "dissociation' and `subconscious'. In many ways he preceded Dr. Sigmund Freud and many consider Janet the true founder of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. He received an honorary doctorate from Harvard in 1936. One of Dr. Pierre Janet's students during the 1940's - a graphologist named Paul S. Colombe - developed the `pen and pencil therapy' or "Grapho-therapeutics". He stated that, when writing, the subconscious sends a message to the hand and, by reversing the process, we could consciously send a different message to the subconscious. Thus grapho-therapy, was developed from this theory although no actual programs per se were put into place or implemented specifically until 1987. In 1987 Treyce d'Gabriel, a Metaphysical Psychologist, who also has traditional psychology degrees and has worked in traditional psychology for most of her life, created the Handwriting Formation Therapy (HFT) program... and copyrighted it 13 years prior to Vimala's first book "Change Your Writing, Change Your Life". Since the conception of Treyce's HFT program, there have been many programs which appear to be unauthorized attempts or copies of her program, most of which classify themselves under an umbrella term of "graphotherapy". Despite Treyce's 2009 YouTube and otherwise public announcement that she would allow "HFT clinics" to be launched all over the world, as of 2010, Treyce has not trained or certified anyone in the HFT discipline stating the certification is currently being developed. In 2006 Treyce was the first analyst in history to conduct research that was aimed at reducing crime recidivism rates via the HFT program. Her 2006 project for the State of Texas Juvenile Probation Commission was a proven success. All the kids that participated remained 100% anonymous and, after the full six month program, improved grades, behaviors, self-esteem, and much more. The most important success is that to-date, none of these kids have reoffended proving that Treyce's HFT program not only reduced, but stopped, juvenile crime recidivism rates in Texas by a full 100%. Since its conception in 1987, hundreds of kids and adults around the globe have changed their life... permanently. I recommend you visit http://www.WrittenEscape.com and search for her "No Doc, No Drugs" book aimed at this HFT program. When you want to change your life shouldn't you change it with someone who is clearly qualified... like the creator of the original program?
CynthiaSueLarson More than 1 year ago
Transform Your LIfe Through Handwriting is a spiritual graphology kit consisting of two audio CDs, a spiral bound guidebook, a spiral bound journal, and a deck of alphabet graphology cards. While all these go together very nicely, I was initially surprised to see the way this handwriting transformation kit was arranged, as apparently I'd been expecting a book and CDs, rather than a kit of so many things inside a box. For those who have read graphology books and studied graphology to any extent, the principle behind transforming one's life through changing one's handwriting is fairly obvious, yet seldom fully explained. There seem to be many more examples and descriptions of what not to do in other books, so Vimala Rodgers' approach of focusing entirely on positive patterns is refreshingly different. I like the sound of Vimala's voice on the audio tracks of the CDs, and once I'd adjusted to the initial shock of this entire kit being so very different than every other book on graphology I've seen, I started having fun with this program. Each letter is described in terms of its soul quality, its declaration of intent, its alphabetic family, its element, its gender, its gemstone, its animal and its angelic guardian protector. These qualities for each letter gave me a deeper appreciation for the meditations involved in writing each letter in upper and lower case -- and meditation is indeed the best way to describe what is involved. With only a modicum of advice on what not to do, I found myself fascinated by some of the reasoning behind the advice. We therefore learn to avoid writing a "secretary f," for example, that states, "I'll do your work well, but my ideas don't count." I highly recommend this for anyone open-minded enough to try changing their handwriting, as there is a great deal to learn here, and this system really can work!