Transformation and Tradition in the Sciences: Essays in Honour of I Bernard Cohen

Transformation and Tradition in the Sciences: Essays in Honour of I Bernard Cohen

by Everett Mendelsohn

A collection of essays on the development of science and the history of ideas.See more details below


A collection of essays on the development of science and the history of ideas.

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Preface; Introduction; Part I. The History and Philosophy of the Exact Sciences and Mathematics; 1. Compounding ratios: Bradwardine, Oresme, and the first edition of Newton's Principia Edith Sylla; 2. Atomism and motion in the fourteenth century John E. Murdoch; 3. 'Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue' in Copernicus, Galileo, and Newton Joseph T. Clark; 4. Conceptual revolutions and the history of mathematics: two studies in the growth of knowledge Joseph W. Dauben; 5. Cauchy and Bolzano: tradition and transformation in the history of mathematics Judith Grabiner; 6. Idolatry, automorphic functions, and conceptual change: reflections on the historiography of nineteenth-century mathematics Uta C. Merzbach; 7. The Andalusian revolt against Ptolemaic astronomy: Averroes and al-Bitruji A. I. Sabra; 8. 'Success sanctifies the means': Heisenberg, Oppenheimer, and the transition to modern physics Gerald Holton; 9. Einstein's image of himself as a philosopher of science Erwin Hiebert; Part II. The Eighteenth-Century Tradition: 10. The Paracelsians in eighteenth-century France: a Renaissance tradition in the Age of the Enlightenment Allen G. Debus; 11. Inventing demography: Montyon on hygiene and the state William Coleman; 12. Joseph Priestley, eighteenth-century British Neoplatonism, and S. T. Coleridge Robert Schfield; 13. Enlightenment views on the genetic perfectibility of man Victor Hilts; 14. Anatomia animata: the Newtonian physiology of Albrecht von Haller Shirley A. Roe; Part III. Science in America: 15. Creating form out of mass: the development of the medical record Stanley Joel Reiser; 16. 'Frankenstein at Harvard': the public politics of recombinant DNA research Everett Mendelsohn; 17. William Ferrel and American science in the centennial years Harold J. Burstyn; 18. The American occupation and the Science Council of Japan Nakayama Shigeru; 19. The worm in the core: science and general education Peter S. Buck and Barbara Gutmann Rosenkrantz; 20. The pre-history of an academic discipline: the study of the history of science in the United States, 1891–1941 Arnold Thackray; Part IV. Scientific Ideas in their Cultural Context: 21. Aristophanes and the antiscientific tradition Richard Olson; 22. Carl Voit and the quantitative tradition in biology Frederic L. Holmes; 23. Ideological factors in the dissemination of Darwinism in England: 1860–1900 Martin Fichman; 24. Transformations in realist philosophy of science from Victorian Baconianism to the present day Yehuda Elkana; 25. Science and the city before the nineteenth century George Basalla; 26. Why the Scientific Revolution did not take place in China - or didn't it? Nathan Sivin; Index.

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