Transformers Dark of the Moon The Junior Novel

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In this fast-paced and engaging junior novelization of Transformers: Dark of The Moon,a long-lost spaceship from Cybertron is discovered on the moon. What secrets does it hold? The race to find out begins when the Decepticons come out of hiding to take over and the Autobots fight back to save their new home.

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Transformers Dark of the Moon The Junior Novel

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In this fast-paced and engaging junior novelization of Transformers: Dark of The Moon,a long-lost spaceship from Cybertron is discovered on the moon. What secrets does it hold? The race to find out begins when the Decepticons come out of hiding to take over and the Autobots fight back to save their new home.

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9780316186292
  • Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
  • Publication date: 5/17/2011
  • Series: Transformers Dark of the Moon Series
  • Pages: 144
  • Sales rank: 935,439
  • Age range: 8 - 12 Years
  • Product dimensions: 7.48 (w) x 5.26 (h) x 0.42 (d)

Meet the Author

Michael Kelly lives in Rhode Island.

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Transformers Dark of the Moon The Junior Novel


Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

ISBN: 9780316186292


Many years ago, Cybertron

Optimus Prime stood on the battlefield that his home planet had become. Cybertron had once been beautiful, its gleaming towers reaching to the skies. Now it was a ruin, its cities destroyed, its lands laid to waste. The Decepticon attack had been too powerful, and little by little the Autobots had been pushed back into small pockets of resistance.

But there was a plan, and Optimus Prime watched as the great spaceship, the Ark, took off and flew overhead. For a moment, Optimus dared to think that the end of their war might be near.

Then enemy fighters took off and flew after the ship. Smaller and quicker, the Decepticons’ battle cruisers closed in to attack. It would have been a quick fight if the pilot of the Autobot ship hadn’t been an expert at the controls. He guided the ship through twists and turns, executing barrel rolls through ruined cities and hidden canyons. When the lone Autobot thought he had lost all pursuers, he directed the ship upward, to leave Cybertron’s atmosphere and escape into space.

Optimus watched as the ship climbed higher and higher, and his hopes rose with it. But then he saw the last Decepticon fighter zoom up, and he watched as it fired its cannons. The Ark was hit. The cargo doors blew open, and the ship spun out of control.

The flaming ship spiraled into space, and Optimus Prime bowed his head. The plan had failed; the war would continue. Hope would have to be found in some other place, at some other time.

Summer 1961, the United States

The setting sun made the desert sand glow. Overhead, the moon could be seen rising into the darkening skies. In contrast to the natural landscape, rows of giant modern radio antennae swept the sky, searching for signals.

Inside, two technicians sat at the control panels. Their job was to watch the monitors for signs of anything unusual in outer space. Mostly they looked for meteors and comets—anything that might pose a danger to Earth. But what they really hoped to find was a signal from space, something that would prove there was life on other planets.

Suddenly, the computers began to beep and flash a warning: UFO DETECTED. COLLISION COURSE.

On the radar screens, they could see a dark shape drifting toward Earth. But before it could accelerate into the planet’s gravitational field, the drifting object crashed onto the surface of the moon.

The scientists detected the collision on their instruments. They knew it was not a meteor. They had to tell the President that something had landed on the moon… something that might be an alien spaceship.

When he received the news, the President called the director of NASA and said, “I want men on the moon in this decade. We need to know what crashed up there, and we need to know before anyone else.”

July 20, 1969, Earth and the moon

The director of NASA stood in the Mission Control room. He listened to the radio message on the speakers. A crackly voice said, “The Eagle has landed.”

Without warning, the transmission from the moon went dead. Everyone in Mission Control began to scramble, checking monitors, typing codes.

“What happened?” demanded the director.

“Seems to be a transmitter malfunction,” replied a technician.

“Well, get it back up! Get our men back in contact!” the director growled.

Communication was not down, though. Unknown to the director, a secret second control room had been set up near Mission Control. In that room, hidden from everyone, stood three men in black suits. One of them spoke into a microphone.

Eagle, you are dark on the rock. Mission is a go. You have twenty-one minutes.”

On the moon, astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were trying to get used to walking in low gravity. They did not have much time, and they bounced along the moon’s surface in their bulky space suits. Behind them, their ship, the Eagle, stood waiting, an American flag planted beside it.

The astronauts climbed a hill and stood in shocked amazement. In front of them, a huge spaceship lay wrecked on the ground. The astronauts found a hole in the side of the ship and climbed inside.

The strange craft had been badly damaged when it crashed. Moon dust covered everything, and the astronauts had to pick their way carefully over the rubble. Several times they nearly fell into gaping holes, but they managed to get through and finally stood in what was probably the control room of the giant ship.

The astronauts could see the shape of a gigantic metal robot lying in the dust.

“Houston, we’ve got extraterrestrials. No sign of movement or life,” Armstrong reported.

“Roger, we copy. Take photos and samples and get home,” came the response. “I guess we are not alone after all.”

“No, sir,” replied Aldrin. “We are not alone.”


Present day, Washington, D.C.

Sam Witwicky was asleep. At least, he wanted to be asleep. Sam did not have a job, and getting out of bed meant another day of interviews and looking for work.

Sam’s new girlfriend, Carly, called out, “My hero needs to wake up! Today is the day!” She came into Sam’s room holding a giant stuffed white bunny. Sam peeked at her over his covers, saw the rabbit, and then pulled the covers back over his head.

“What is that?” he groaned.

“It’s a rabbit! For luck!” said Carly.

Sam sat up. He reached out to grab the rabbit’s foot. “Um, Carly, love the thought, but it’s supposed to be just a rabbit’s foot, not the whole thing!”

“Well, you need more luck than just a foot.” Carly laughed. “Anyway, it’s to get you thinking positively. Wear your nice tie.”

“Do you know how demoralizing it is to have saved the world—twice—and to still be begging for a job?” Sam asked as she left the room.

“People don’t know you saved the world, Sam,” she said over her shoulder. “I mean, I do. I believe you.”

Sam froze. “Whoa, what does that mean? It sounds like you don’t believe me.”

“I wasn’t there, Sam. Bad choice of words.”

“I should be working with the Autobots,” Sam said with a sigh.

“Well, at least they paid for your college,” said Carly. “And the President gave you the hero medal.”

Sam thought back to when he met the President. He had been given a medal for helping Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and the other Autobots stop The Fallen and the rest of the Decepticons from destroying the world. He’d enjoyed meeting the President, but he also met Carly that day. He enjoyed meeting her even more.

Carly called him back from his memories. “Hey, time to move on!” she said. “Getting a job is hard for everyone. But I know you can do it!”

There was a knock on the balcony door. Outside, Sam could see Wheelie, the small blue remote-control truck turned robot he had met during his last adventure with the Autobots. Wheelie now lived with Sam, along with another small Transformer named Brains. They both wanted to come into the apartment.

“Ugh, they give me the creeps,” said Carly. “I’m going to be late for work, and I just started this job. I have to go.”

Sam watched Carly leave, then turned back to the two robots outside. Sam shrugged and walked over to the sliding door to let in Wheelie and Brains.

“It’s not fair,” cried Wheelie. “She makes us live in the yard!”

“You and your sidekick cannot be in here without permission,” said Sam. “I’m serious. You know how long it took me to get over Mikaela. I don’t want to lose Carly because of you two.”

Sam looked over at Brains, who was sitting on the floor eating metal screws out of a dog dish. Sam just shook his head.

“Okay, stop with the screws. Look, you guys like it here, right? Just treat Carly with respect.”

Sam looked at the clock and said, “Uh-oh!” He was going to be late! He ran for the shower.


Pripyat, Ukraine

A light snow was falling from the gray sky. The landscape was devoid of sound: No birds sang, no children played. All was still.

The silence was suddenly broken by the roar of a NEST convoy speeding down the deserted road. In the lead, a big-rig eighteen-wheel semitruck roared along the road. The truck was covered in ice and mud, but glinting through were patches of red and blue. Behind the truck drove an emergency rescue vehicle, which in turn was followed by several military Humvees.

NEST stood for Non-biological Extraterrestrial Species Treaty and had come about thanks to the Autobots—Transformers who came from Cybertron to live peacefully on Earth, in harmony with the humans. The NEST soldiers and other personnel worked hand in hand with Optimus Prime and his fellow Autobots to fight the Decepticon threat and keep Earth safe.

As they rounded a bend in the road, the city of Pripyat came into view. It was a ghost town. On the edge of the city, an amusement park stood silently. A tall Ferris wheel rusted against the skyline, and bumper cars peeked from behind years of overgrown vines. The city showed signs of a rapid evacuation, with household items—even toys—scattered about everywhere. In the distance, faint music could be heard.

The convoy stopped at a set of huge gates. Colonel Lennox climbed down from the cab of the truck and looked around at the scene of desolation. He was wearing a full-body radiation suit.

Lennox explained to his companions, “This is where the Chernobyl power plant workers lived until the accident in 1986. It’s not expected to be inhabitable again for hundreds, maybe thousands, of years. They play that music so the cleanup crews don’t go insane from the loneliness. But it just makes everything spookier.”

A man in his late fifties named Voskhod stood beside Lennox. He had secretly reached out to Lennox and his team with some information: There was something here they needed to see—something alien.

“Come,” said Voskhod. “Our destination is a bit farther up the road.” He unlocked the heavy gate and climbed back into his car.

The convoy continued along the road, skirting the edge of Pripyat. Ahead of them loomed the Chernobyl nuclear reactor. The reactor had melted down in 1986, releasing deadly radiation into the air, soil, and water. The entire area had to be evacuated.

Since then, the reactor building had been encased in a gigantic concrete sarcophagus. The convoy came to a halt in front of the massive structure.

Lennox and Voskhod exited their vehicles, while numerous scientists and soldiers deployed from the convoy of Humvees. Then, with a mechanical rumbling, the semi and the emergency vehicle converted into towering robots. Optimus Prime and Ratchet surveyed the scene.

The two Autobots were too large to enter the reactor building itself, so Optimus and Ratchet waited outside while Lennox and his men followed Voskhod.

As they descended into the lower levels, Lennox saw the effects of the meltdown of the nuclear core. The fuel rods had become like lava, flowing through steel and concrete at unimaginable temperatures. The aftereffects of these lava flows were more and more visible as the men went deeper into the facility.

Voskhod explained what they were seeing as they walked. “There were energy experiments going on in this reactor. Every year, our cleanup efforts probe deeper. Only days ago we found it.”

The group continued into the core, passing rooms that were filled with debris and old office equipment. Finally, they stood outside a room that had been mostly filled with the radioactive lava. An area had recently been cleared of debris, and Lennox looked at the object that had been revealed.

Lennox had been working for the Autobots for six years now, and he had seen some crazy stuff. So he knew immediately that he was looking at something from Cybertron. He radioed to Optimus Prime.

“Optimus, we have a visual. Object is in some sort of metal harness. There’s also a case.” He then looked to the scientists, asking, “Guys, are these markings from the Soviet space program?”

He never got an answer. At that moment, the room began to tremble and shake.


Chernobyl nuclear facility, Pripyat, Ukraine

A technician looked up from his scanner and shouted, “Energon reading. Sir, it’s strong… below us… closing fast!”

Lennox sprang into action. He knew that whatever it was, it probably wasn’t friendly. “Everybody abort. Move topside. Now!”

The room exploded in chaos. Dirt and stone shot up from the floor in a huge blast, and Lennox looked on in horror as huge metallic tentacles whirled up from the hole. The tentacles reached for two of the scientists.

Lennox quickly shouted orders: “Take cover! Decepticon! Optimus, we have unknown enemy contact. Moving back to the surface!”

The team ran back through the maze of stairs and hallways as the floor behind them writhed with the snakelike metal feelers. Lennox paused to look back as his men ran by, and watched as one of the clawed tentacles grabbed the mysterious object.

As they finally ran outside, Lennox yelled, “Defensive positions! If anything comes out of that building, light it up!” He had barely finished speaking when an entire section of the reactor’s wall blew out toward them. Through the dust and flying rubble, they could see the whirling tentacles of the monstrous creature. It still clutched the artifact in its claw.

Optimus Prime recognized the creature immediately, but he couldn’t understand why he was seeing it at this time and place. It was a Cybertronian Driller, and Optimus had not laid eyes on one since leaving Cybertron. He had also never seen one grown to such an enormous size.

Back on Cybertron, Drillers were used for mining operations. They were beasts more than anything. The Transformers raised them and trained them to bore into Cybertron, making tunnels, excavating resources. But typically they grew to no more than fifteen or twenty feet.

Optimus Prime estimated that the Driller in front of him had to be more than one hundred feet long, and he could see only part of it. He could also see that it had been enhanced. This one looked less suited to mining, and more ready for military action.

Suddenly the Driller stopped moving. With a hissing sound, a section at the top slid back, revealing a cockpit. The driver stepped out and scanned his surroundings. His single, glowing eye swept over the NEST soldiers and came to rest on the Autobot leader.

“Shockwave!” Optimus exclaimed in surprise.

Shockwave had been one of Megatron’s most trusted soldiers and advisors back on Cybertron. He approached every situation with the mind of a pure scientist: calculating, detached, emotionless. It was these qualities that made him one of the most feared of all Decepticons. Optimus thought Shockwave had stayed behind on Cybertron, but there was no mistaking it: the single eye, the arm ending in a fusion cannon, the air of menace. Shockwave had come to Earth.

Optimus transmitted a silent command to his truck trailer, and it suddenly shifted form into a mobile battle station.

As Shockwave leveled his blaster arm at the NEST soldiers, Optimus pulled a huge shield from the battle station. He barked a command: “Lennox, you and your men, get behind me. NOW!”

Shockwave unleashed a blast of plasma. Optimus leaned into the blast, deflecting the heat and pressure away from the men. Extending his own cannon, Optimus began to return fire in a rapid stream at both Shockwave and the Driller.

The Decepticon sensed that the time was not right. His mission was to retrieve the artifact, not engage the Autobot leader. That time would come. For now, he returned to his cockpit and coaxed the Driller back into the hole from which it had emerged.

Optimus sensed the danger of letting Shockwave escape with the prize and leapt after the Driller, his sword extended. With a single sweep, he severed the tentacle that was clutching the artifact. The Driller disappeared in a rumbling frenzy.

Walking over to get a closer look, Optimus could see that the object was cylindrical in shape, and shone with the glint of dull steel. “It can’t be,” he whispered.

Lennox ordered his men back to their vehicles and then turned to Optimus Prime. “What was that thing? And why was it after this?”

But Optimus barely heard Lennox’s questions. He muttered to himself, “It’s simply impossible.” Then, remembering Lennox, he turned to him and said, “This is an engine part… from a long-lost Autobot ship.”


Excerpted from Transformers Dark of the Moon The Junior Novel by Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted April 21, 2012


    It was soooooooooooooooooooooo good

    2 out of 2 people found this review helpful.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted August 18, 2012

    Ace of Spades Description. Know and fear me, Autobots

    INFO: I am Ace of Spades. I am a rogue Decepticon. I am a Specialized Assassin and Assault class Decipticon. TRANSFORMATIONS: A crimson Ford GT Concept with black stripes and a black stealth jet PERSONALITY: Insane, crazy, murderious, deadly, lethal, evil, myschevious, cunning, clever, devious, strategic, silent, and I never lose... DESCRIPTION: 45 feet tall, crimson red with a black spade on my forehead, on my back, and one on each of my forearms. I have sleek and sharp armor, my helmet is streamline and sleek, similair to the look of the Decipticon symbol. I have wheels on my feet so I can roll around, sheathes built into my back for my katanas, a state of the art implant that repairs my body over time no matter how bad the damages, and a my right hand is built for maximum efficency for my minicons upgrade. WEAPONS: My arms can turn into energy cannons, rocket launchers, and energy machine guns, my sleek black battle blades that come out of my wrists, my duel lethally razor-sharp black Cybertronian katanas, a prototype energy carbine, my duel ion blasters, a black retractable spade-shaped shield on my right arm, my devastating detonaters, smoke bombs, and my ion grenades MINICON: King of Spades. TRANSFORMATIONS: A crimson and black motorcycle. PERSONALITY: Insane, evil, vicious, and a deadly fighter. DESCRIPTION: "6 "6 feet tall, crimson red, he has a black spade-shaped chest, has forearms are shaped like spades, and he has wheels on his feet so he can roll around. WEAPONS: His arms can turn into energy machine guns, he has a black Cybertronian longsword, a black spade-shaped shield, a miniture basic energy carbine, a rocket launcher pistol, and smoke bombs MINICON: Queen of Spades. TRANSFORMATIONS: A crimson Vespa PERSONALITY: Devious, strategic, evil cunning, and clever DESCRIPTION: "5 "3 feet tall, black, sleek and curvy armor, she is a deadly beauty, and long black spade-shaped shins. WEAPONS: Her arms can turn into spade-shaped harpoon launchers, she has a black spade-shaped spear, a personal energy shield, a medbot kazer built into her wris, an energy rifle, an ion pistol, and lethal detonaters. MINICON: Jack of Spades. TRANSFORMATIONS: A black mini stealth-jet PERSONALITY: Deadly, cunning, evil, vicious, silent, and devious DESCRIPTION: 5 feet tall, completely black, sound dampeners on his feet, completely streamline, and he has exeptionally fine coordination skills. WEAPONS: His arms can turn into energy cannons and rocket launchers, he has a black Cybertronian shortsword, duel black spade-shaped daggers, a devastatingly high-powered sniper rifle, an energy pistol, lethal detonaters, and smoke bombs. COMBINED UPGRADE FORM: They turn into a black blaster on my right hand that is an incredibly devastating energy machine gun with a high-powered rocket launcher attached to the top, and it has a deadly sharp spade-shaped harpoon launcher under the machine gun barrel

    1 out of 3 people found this review helpful.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted March 16, 2012


    I love it and the movie so so so much but my uncle and boys like it and im a girl should i be worried please please answer

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  • Posted October 4, 2011



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  • Anonymous

    Posted January 4, 2015

    Incomining message from Bumblebee

    Humans. I have taken down Megatron. Optimas is suffering from serious wounds. Bumblebee out

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  • Anonymous

    Posted December 28, 2014

    Transformers 3

    I dont get why megan fox left the michael bay transformers series. She was better than the girl in the third movie in transformers

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  • Anonymous

    Posted February 25, 2015

    Destructron INFO

    NAME Destructron
    VEICHLE MODE black Corvette Stingray with red stripes
    RANK liutenent
    GENDER male
    WEAPONS ion cannon,heat-seeking missels,energy gun

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  • Anonymous

    Posted January 6, 2014



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  • Anonymous

    Posted September 16, 2013

    Baby Book?

    Is this book for like seven year olds or older people?

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  • Anonymous

    Posted August 15, 2013



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  • Anonymous

    Posted April 23, 2013


    Best book ever

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  • Anonymous

    Posted August 25, 2012

    Finnstar to all

    We moved to transformers res 5

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  • Anonymous

    Posted August 24, 2012

    Iron hide

    Ok ingnore me then

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  • Anonymous

    Posted August 23, 2012

    Can i join?

    I am a scout but i dont have a name

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  • Anonymous

    Posted August 22, 2012



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  • Anonymous

    Posted August 22, 2012

    Blaster to all

    I cant rp anymore for privite reasons.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted August 24, 2012


    Brings out her BB and stands in front of bee, getting ready.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted August 25, 2012


    Blackfire nods. "Okay."

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  • Anonymous

    Posted August 23, 2012


    I gt grounded wont be on fr while i love u silent im still with u i promise i will be on at some time

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  • Anonymous

    Posted August 19, 2012


    What the-!

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