Transient/Dynamic Analysis and Constitutive Laws for Engineering Materials: Proceedings of the International Conference on Numerical Methods in Engineering: Theory and Applicatios, NUMETA '87, Swansea, 6-10 July 1987 Volume II / Edition 1

Transient/Dynamic Analysis and Constitutive Laws for Engineering Materials: Proceedings of the International Conference on Numerical Methods in Engineering: Theory and Applicatios, NUMETA '87, Swansea, 6-10 July 1987 Volume II / Edition 1

by G.N. Pande

ISBN-10: 9024735653

ISBN-13: 9789024735655

Pub. Date: 07/31/1987

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

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Springer Netherlands
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Proceedings of the International Conference on Numerical Methods in Engineering--Theory and Applications, NUMETA '87, SW, #2
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6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.07(d)

Table of Contents

Section T - Transient/Dynamic Analysis.- T1 Finite Element Calculation of Unilateral Contact with Friction in Non Steady-State Processes.- T2 An Implicit Formulation for Finite Element Analysis of Dynamic Plastic Deformation in 2D Geometry.- T3 Generalized Differences in Direct Integration Methods for Transient Analysis.- T4 Acceleration of the Convergence for Viscous Flow Calculations.- T5 Properties and Solutions of the Eigensystem of Nonproportionally Damped Linear Dynamic Systems.- T6 Partial Energy Absorbing Boundary for Dynamic Crack Propagation.- T7 Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Shells of Revolution using Reduced Basis Techniques.- T8 Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Framed Structures with Initial Imperfections.- T9 Finite Element Method for Large Amplitude Free Vibration of Cable Structures.- T10 Transonic Flow Calculations through Plane Turbine Cascades using the Navier-Stokes Equations.- T11 Finite Elements versus Finite Differences for Fluid Flow Problems.- T12 An Algorithm for the Three-Dimensional Transient Simulation of Non-Newtonian Fluid Flows.- T13 A Transmitting Boundary in Time Domain for Soil-Structure Interaction Problems.- T14 Consolidation Behaviour of Clay at Plane Strain Paths.- T15 A Hybrid F.E. Model for Convection-Diffusion Problems.- T16 Green’s Functions and Boundary Integral Formulation for the Problems of Dynamic Poroelasticity.- T17 Substructuring Modal Synthesis Method for 3-D Dynamic Analysis.- T18 Vibration of Ring-Stiffened Cones Submerged in Water.- T19 A Search Method for the Construction of Maximally Stable Difference Schemes for Partial Differential Equations.- T20 Numerical Simulation of Vortex Shedding Induced Oscillations of a Circular Cylinder.- T21 Recursive Response Statistics of Nonlinear Structures.- T22 Coupled Vibrations of Axially Moving Material and Surrounding Fluid by FEM.- T23 Elastic-Plastic Dynamic Buckling of Imperfect Thin Shell Finite Elements.- T24 A Combined Scheme of Heat Polynomials and Finite Differences for Two-Dimensional Heat Conduction Problems.- T25 Finite Element Analysis of Fully Coupled Transient Thermo-Elasticity.- T26 Application of Padé Approximants to the Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interactions in Irregular Seaways.- T21 An Iteration Method for a Nonlinear Shear Flow Through a Heavily Loaded Actuator Disk with a Large Hub.- T28 Transonic Flow Computations over a Boat-Tail Body using Finite Element Method.- T29 A Simulation Scheme for Numerical Analysis of Active Control Systems for Tall Buildings.- T30 3-Dimensional Acoustics of Rigid or Moving Surfaces: Integral Formulation, Explicit Time Scheme and Subsequent Frequency Analysis.- T31 Element-by-Element Solution of Nonlinear Steady State Heat Conduction by a Newton-Lanczos Method.- T32 Finite Element Flow Analysis using the Velocity Correction Method.- T33 An Explicit Type Finite Element Method for Dynamic Analysis of Structures.- T34 Boundary Element Method for Tidal Flow.- T35 Two-step Explicit Finite Element Method for Tsunami Analysis Considering Open Boundary Condition.- T36 Finite Element Analyses of Transient Viscous Creeping Flows with Free Surfaces using Marker Particles.- T37 Constitutive Factors in Transient Internal Flows.- T38 Dynamic Substructure Analysis using Enhanced Lanczos-Ritz Vectors.- T39 Development of a new Effective Single Step Average Velocity Based Explicit Taylor-Galerkin Finite Element Algorithm for Computational Dynamics.- T40 Simulation Analysis of Ground Liquefaction in a Soil-structures System of a Shaking Table Test.- T41 On a Class of Large Time Increment Algorithms.- T42 Flow Induced by a Fanned Out Jet Group.- T43 Modelling of Non-Steady Flow in Pipe Networks.- T44 The Transformed Viscous Boundary in Dynamic Finite Element Analysis.- T45 Analysis of Higher Order Explicit Time Integration Operators for Nonlinear Problems.- T46 Fluid-Structure Modal Analysis. New Symmetric Continuum-Based Formulations. Finite Element Applications.- T47 Dynamic Analysis for Generalized Three Dimensional Contact and Fracturing of Multiple Bodies.- T48 Dynamic Analysis of Biomechanical Systems for Occupant Trauma Assessment During Impact.- T49 Single Step Averaging Generalised Smith Transmitting Boundary in Computational Dynamics.- T50 Long Wave Problems in Harbours: Numerical Techniques and Boundary Conditions.- T51 Numerical Solution for the Total Response of Saturated Porous Media Leading to Liquefaction and Subsequent Consolidation.- T52 Stability Analysis of Dynamically Loaded Structures.- T53 Finite Elements for Highly Viscoelastic Flows.- T54 Penetration and Fracturing of Brittle Plates under Dynamic Impact.- Section C - Constitutive Laws for Engineering Materials.- C1 A Finite Element Calculation of Axisymmetrical Forging of Isotactic Polypropylene.- C2 Traversing Critical Points with Penalty Springs.- C3 Constitutive Models and Field Predictions in Geomechanics.- C4 Bifurcation Analysis of Tangential Material Operators.- C5 Domains of Behaviour and Behaviour of Reinforced Soils.- C6 An Alternative Approach to Capture Localization of Shear Band.- C7 A Simplified Cyclic Model for Sand.- C8 Predictions of Pore Water Pressures and Stress Changes during Thin Walled Tube Sampling.- C9 Description of Progressive Failure in Concrete.- C10 Yield Criteria for Brittle or Ductile Materials.- C11 Quadratic Programming with Parametric Vector in Plasticity and Geomechanics.- C12 Lower Bound Limit Analysis for Plane Problems in Soil Mechanics.- C13 Influence of Geometry on the Propagation of Elastic-Plastic Longitudinal Waves in Metal Bars using the Finite Element Method.- C14 Some Geometrical Features of the Rate-Type Plasticity Theory for Structural Metals.- C15 On Consistent Tangent Matrices for Frictional Contact Problems.- C16 A Relation between Plastic Yielding and Internal Back Stress.- C17 A Strain Tensor Polynomial Failure Criterion for Anisotropic Materials.- C18 Significance of Testing Procedure and Equipment on Determination of Constitutive Parameters for Soil.- C19 A FEM Analysis of Quasistatic Necking and Localization using an Arc Length Method.- C20 Material Model for the Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Shells.- C21 A Note on the Finite Element Simulation of Strain Localization.- C22 Numerical Simulation of Hydrogen Diffusion and Trapping in Steels.- C23 A Fully Elastoplastic Constitutive Model for Non Linear Analysis of Concrete.- C24 Constitutive Complexity Versus Simplicity : Elements of Choice.- C25 Computational Methods for Constitutive Equations with Volume Constraints in Elasto-Plastic or Elasto-Viscoplastic Finite Deformation.- C26 Influence of Grain Shape and Size on the Behaviour of Granular Materials.- C27 FEA Predictions of Residual Stress in Stainless Steel Compared with Neutron and X-ray Diffraction Measurements.- C28 Viscoplastic Model with Generalized Yield Function.- C29 Hierarchical Constitutive Models and Numerical Implementation.- C30 Some Aspects of the Numerical Modelling of Concrete and Soil.- C31 A Generalized Plasticity Continuous Loading Model for Geomaterials.

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