Transplants: Today's Medical Miracles

Transplants: Today's Medical Miracles

by Gerald Leinwand

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Jim Jeske
Leinwand presents an information-rich update of his 1985 introduction to the phenomenon of organ transplantation and its accompanying medical and ethical dilemmas. He provides a clear, balanced synopsis of arguments for and against fetal transplants (the use of aborted fetuses as sources of usable tissue), the buying and selling of organs, and the role of the free market in prosthesis development. Additionally, he reprises the history of skin grafting and organ transplantation and explores such issues as the medical definition of brain death and the heavy costs of organ transplant surgery. While the summaries are thought-provoking and not at all simplistic, the absence of photos diminishes the book's visual appeal. A helpful index backs the text, along with a short bibliography.

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Scholastic Library Publishing
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Impact Books Series
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12 Years

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