Transport and Land Use

Transport and Land Use

by Joseph Berechman

ISBN-10: 1858981093

ISBN-13: 9781858981093

Pub. Date: 01/28/1997

Publisher: Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.

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Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.
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Modern Classics in Regional Science Series
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Table of Contents

Series Preface
Introduction by the editors
1The Structure of Urban Equilibria: A Unified Treatment of the Muth-Mills Model3
2Toward a Dynamic Theory of Urban Land Use28
3The Sizes and Types of Cities61
4On the "Exclusion Theorem"78
5On the Relationship Between Trade Theory and Location Theory88
6Dynamic Aspects of Land Use Pattern in a Growing City101
7Land Use and Zoning in an Urban Economy116
8Congestion Cost and the Use of Land for Streets127
9Mode Choice, Transport Structure and Urban Land Use147
10A General Framework for the Integration of a Land-Use Model with a Transportation Model Component166
11A Framework for Constructing Network Equilibrium Models of Urban Location185
12A Matrix Formulation of the Lowry Model for Intrametropolitan Activity Allocation205
13Urban Simulation Models in Regional Science209
14A Model for the Distribution of Residential Activity in Urban Areas232
15A Combined Land Use-Transportation Model When Zonal Travel Demand is Endogenously Determined248
16Seven Models of Urban Development: A Structural Comparison262
17A Land Use Plan Design Model288
18Linear Programming and Locational Equilibrium: The Herbert-Stevens Model Revisited297
19A Long Run Economic Effect Analysis of Alternative Transportation Facility Plans - Regional and National309
20Rail Rapid Transit Investment and CBD Revitalisation: Methodology and Results336
21The Value of Time Spent in Travelling: Some New Evidence352
22A Theory of the Economics of Time364
23Transport Investment and Optimal Space-Time Development383
24General Equilibrium Analysis of the Benefits of Large Transportation Improvements401
25The Optimum Allocation of Public Investment Using An Interregional Input-Output Programming Model422
26Measuring the Development Impact of a Transportation System: A Simplified Approach453
27Scale and "Industrial Reorganisation" Economies of Transport Improvement470
28Infrastructure and Regional Development: A Multidimensional Policy Analysis491
29Employment Effects of Changes in Transportation Infrastructure: Methodological Aspects of the Gravity Model512
30The Appraisal of Road Construction: Two Calculation Schemes524
31A Structural Model of Peak-Period Congestion: A Traffic Bottleneck with Elastic Demand535
32The General Welfare in Relation to Problems of Taxation and of Railway and Utility Rates554
33Optimal Peak-Load Pricing, Investment, and Service Levels on Urban Expressways582
34Relation Between Optimum Congestion Tolls and Present Highway User Charges607
35The Incidence of Congestion Tolls on Urban Highways621
36Peak Loads and Efficient Pricing643
37Congestion Theory and Transport Investment669
38The Theory and Measurement of Private and Social Cost of Highway Congestion679
Name Index703

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