Transport Networks in Europe: Concepts, Analysis and Policies

Transport Networks in Europe: Concepts, Analysis and Policies

by Kenneth J. Button

ISBN-10: 185898582X

ISBN-13: 9781858985824

Pub. Date: 01/01/1998

Publisher: Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.

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1European Transport Networks: A Strategic View1
2Assessing Changes in Integrated European Transport Network Operations15
3Synergy in Networks: Concepts35
4The Concept of Network Synergies in Economic Theory: Policy Implications57
5Managing Openness in Transport and Regional Development: An Active Space Approach84
6Traffic Congestion and Behavioural Reactions: Policy Implications Exemplified for the Dutch Case103
7Models and Tools to Design Strategies for Freight Transport: An Example for the Netherlands123
8Risk Behaviour, Network Adoption and Use under Uncertainty and Externalities140
9Measurement and Measures of Network Accessibility: Economic Perspectives161
10The Public-Private Nexus in Financing Infrastructure Investment183
11Partnerships and Responsibilities in Transport: European and Urban Policy Priorities202
12Public Transit Subsidy: From the Economics of Welfare to the Theory of Incentives224
13Public Transport Efficiency and Effectiveness: Metro de Madrid248
14Network Impacts of Changes in the European Aviation Industry265
15Borders and Barriers and Changing Opportunities for Border Regional Development291
16Design and Assessment of Long Term Sustainable Transport System Scenarios307
17Transport at the Edge of Mobility and Sustainability333

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