Transportation Networks: Recent Methodological Advances / Edition 1

Transportation Networks: Recent Methodological Advances / Edition 1

by Michael G. H. Bell, Bell M. G. H. Bell, M. G. H. Bell

ISBN-10: 008043052X

ISBN-13: 9780080430522

Pub. Date: 01/20/1999

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

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Selected papers: Introduction (M.G.H. Bell, R.E. Allsop). Descent methods of calculating locally optimal signal controls and prices in multi-modal and dynamic transportation networks (M. Smith et al.). Analysis of traffic models for dynamic equilibrium traffic assignment (B.G. Heydecker, J.D. Addison). An efficient algorithm for the continuous network loading problem: A DYNALOAD implementation (Y.W. Xu et al.). Considering travelers' risk-taking behavior in dynamic traffic assignment (D.E. Boyce et al.). Price-directive traffic management: applications of side constrained traffic equilibrium models (T. Larsson, M. Patriksson). Improved algorithms for calibrating gravity models (N.J. van Zijpp, B.G. Heydecker). The stability of stochastic user equilibrium with a given set of route information (Toshihiko Miyagi). Traffic equilibrium in a dynamic gravity model and a dynamic trip assignment model (Xiaoyan Zhang, D. Jarrett). Foundations of a theory of disequilibrium network design (T.L. Friesz, S. Shah). The continuous equilibrium optimal network design problem: a genetic approach (N.D. Cree et al.). A column generation approach to bus driver scheduling (S. Fores et al.). Stochastic network models and solution methods for dynamic fleet management problems (R.K. Cheung). Periodic shipping strategies for the minimization of the logistic costs (L. Bertazzi, M.G. Speranza). An algorithm for the combined distribution and assignment model (J.T. Lundgren, M. Patriksson). Assessing the performance of artificial neural network incident detection models (H. Dia, G. Rose). Reliability measures of an origin and destination pair in adeteriorated road network with variable flows (Y. Asakura). Variational inequality model of ideal dynamic user-optimal route choice (D.E. Boyce et al.). Travel times computation for dynamic assignment modelling (C. Buisson et al.). Author index.

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