Trauma / Edition 6

Trauma / Edition 6

by David Feliciano, Kenneth Mattox, Ernest Moore

ISBN-10: 0071469125

ISBN-13: 9780071469128

Pub. Date: 12/29/2007

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing

The most trusted, widely used guide to managing the trauma patient—now in a 2-color format with added algorithms

A Doody's Core Title ESSENTIAL PURCHASE for 2011!


"Practitioners at any level will benefit from this work originating from major trauma programs in the United States with selected contributions from the international


The most trusted, widely used guide to managing the trauma patient—now in a 2-color format with added algorithms

A Doody's Core Title ESSENTIAL PURCHASE for 2011!


"Practitioners at any level will benefit from this work originating from major trauma programs in the United States with selected contributions from the international trauma community....This book remains the standard against which other works in the field may be judged. Content has been expanded and updated from the previous edition (2004) and the quality of artwork improved."—Doody's Review Service

"This comprehensive text on trauma and its complications is an important treatise, which belongs in the library of all students, residents, and practitioners who care for or wish to be informed about care of the injured patient."—Charles E. Lucas, MD, Wayne State University Department of Medicine (from the foreword)

This definitive one-stop resource begins with an informative look at the history and epidemiology of trauma surgery, as well as injury prevention, before moving into core topics such as trauma systems, triage, and transport, and managing shock. It then delivers a clear, organ-by-organ overview of the treatment of traumatic injuries, from the cranium and brain to pelvic fractures, while covering need-to-know subjects such as anesthesia and infection.


  • The general surgeon's most trusted clinical companion—with expert, high-yield guidance on the standard treatments and modes of management of traumatic injuries
  • Encyclopedic coverage of all clinical issues related to trauma, from pre-hospital care, initial assessment, and airway control, to ensuring optimal trauma outcomes
  • Indications and techniques of thoracotomy and laparotomy
  • Specialized chapters on alcohol and drug-related trauma, pediatric trauma, geriatric trauma, and trauma related to domestic and gang violence
  • Commentaries on each chapter from experts in the field
  • NEW! Additional management algorithms that guide you through the proper diagnosis and management of the trauma patient
  • NEW! 2-color design that makes the content even easier to navigate
  • NEW! Brand-new chapters including “Acute Care Surgery,” “Gastrointestinal Failure,” “Military Trauma,” and “Weapons of Mass Destruction”

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McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
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Trauma (Moore) Ser.
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Older Edition
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8.70(w) x 11.30(h) x 2.03(d)

Table of Contents

Contributors Foreword Preface
1. History of Trauma Care, Basil A. Pruitt, Jr., and Jeffrey H. Pruitt
Commentary, Donald D. Trunkey
2. Epidemiology, Ellen J. MacKenzie and Carolyn J. Fowler
Commentary, Karen J. Brasel
3. Injury Prevention, Ronald V. Maier and Charles Mock
Commentary, Edward E. Cornwell, III
4. Trauma Systems, Triage, and Transport, David B. Hoyt, Raul Coimbra, and Bruce M. Potenza
Commentary, Lawrence Lottenberg
5. Injury Severity Scoring and Outcomes Research, Patrick D. Kilgo, J. Wayne Meredith, and Turner M. Osler
Commentary, John Fildes
6. Trauma Outcomes, Michael Pasquale and Michael Rhodes
Commentary, Richard J. Mullins
7. Kinematics of Trauma, John P. Hunt, Sharon L. Weintraub, and Alan B. Marr
Commentary, David V. Feliciano
8. Prehospital Care, Jeffrey P. Salomone and Joseph A. Salomone, III
Commentary, H. Scott Bjerke
9. Trauma Care in Mass Casualty Incidents, Asher Hirshberg and Michael Stein
Commentary, James g. Cushman
10. Rural Trauma, Charles F. Rinker, II and G. Douglas Schmitz
Commentary, Robert L. Coscia
11. Initial Assessment and Management, Christoph R. Kaufmann
Commentary, Jameel Ali
12. Airway Control, Eric A. Toschlog, Scott G. Sagraves, and Michael F. Rotondo
Commentary, Ronald I. Gross
13. Management of Shock, Brian G. Harbrecht, Raquel M. Forsythe, and Andrew B. Peitzman
Commentary, Dennis W. Ashley
14. Transfusion, Autotransfusion, and Blood Substitutes, Scott R. Petersen and Jordan A. Weinberg
Commentary, Lena M. Napolitano
15. Emergency Department Thoracotomy, C. Clay Cothren and Ernest E. Moore
Commentary, Bradford G. Scott
16. Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Luana Stanescu, Ken F. Linnau, Tom Burdick, and F.A. Mann
Commentary, Stuart F. Mirvis
17. Surgeon-Performed Ultrasound in Trauma and Surgical Critical Care, Christopher J. Dente and Grace S. Rozycki
Commentary, Alexander L. Eastman and Heidi Frankel
18. Anesthesia, James C. Duke
Commentary, Sally Raty
19. Infection, Philip S. Barie, Soumitra R. Eachempati, and Fredric M. Pieracci
Commentary, Mark A. Malangoni
20. The Brain, Peter Letarte
Commentary, Jack Wilberger
21. Injury to the Eye, Geoffrey Broocker, Maria E. Aaron, and Joung Y. Kim
Commentary, Terry Kim
22. Face, Robert M. Kellman and Matthew L. Rontal
Commentary, Vincent J. Perciaccante and Sam E. Farish
23. Management of Acute Neck Injuries, L.D. Britt, Leonard J. Weireter, Jr., and Frederic J. Cole, Jr.
Commentary, Ali Salim
24. Injury to the Vertebrae and Spinal Cord, Ronald W. Lindsey, Zbigniew Gugala, and Spiros G. Pneumaticos
Commentary, Lisa K. Cannada
25. Indications for and Techniques of Thoracotomy, Matthew J. Wall, Jr., Joseph Huh, and Kenneth L. Mattox
Commentary, Ricardo Ferrada
26. Chest Wall and Lung, David H. Livingston and Carl J. Hauser
Commentary, Kenneth L. Mattox
27. Esophagus, Trachea, and Bronchus, Riyad Karmy-Jones, Douglas E. Wood, and Gregory J. Jurkovich
Commentary, J. Wayne Meredith
28. Trauma to the Heart, Juan A. Asensio, Luis M. Garcia-Nunez, and Patrizio Petrone
Commentary, Raul Coimbra
29. Thoracic Great Vessel Injury, Kenneth L. Mattox, Matthew J. Wall, Jr., and Scott Lemaire
Commentary, Aurelio Rodriguez
30. Indication for and Techniques for Laparotomy, Demetrios Demetriades and George C. Velmahos
Commentary, C. Clay Cothren
31. Injury to the Diaphragm, James W. Davis and Babak Eghbalieh
Commentary, Michael L. Hawkins
32. Liver and Biliary Tract, Timothy C. Fabian and Tiffany K. Bee
Commentary, H. Leon Pachter
33. Injury to the Spleen, Robert C. Jacoby and David H. Wisner
Commentary, Joseph P. Minei
34. Stomach and Small Bowel, Lawrence N. Diebel
Commentary, Ronald M. Jou and Susan I. Brundage
35. Duodenum and Pancreas, Jeffry L. Kashuk and Jon M. Burch
Commentary, Eddy H. Carrillo
36. Colon and Rectum, George C. Velmahos
Commentary, Kathryn M. Tchorz
37. Abdominal Vascular Injury, Christopher J. Dente and David V. Feliciano
Commentary, Brent Eastman and Sunil S. Rayan
38. Pelvic Fractures, Thomas M. Scalea, Deborah M. Stein, and Robert V. O'Toole
Commentary, Lewis Flinta
39. Genitourinary System, Michael Coburn
Commentary, Fernando J. Kim
40. Reproductive System Trauma, M. Margaret Knudson and Jennifer J. Wan
Commentary, Mary C. McCarthy and A. Peter Ekeh
41. Trauma Damage Control, Amy D. Wyrzykowski and David V. Feliciano
Commentary, Michael B. Shapiro
42. Upper Extremity Injury, Steven L. Peterson and Thomas P. Lehman
Commentary, Mark Wilczynski and Gary McGillivery
43. Lower Extremity, Wade R. Smith, Philip F. Stahel, Steven J. Morgan, and Peter G. Trafton
Commentary, Bruce H. Ziran
44. Peripheral Vascular Injury, Eric R. Frykberg and Miren A. Schinco
Commentary, Ian Civil
45. Alcohol and Drugs, Larry M. Gentilello and Chris Dunn
Commentary, Carol R. Schermer
46. Pediatric Trauma, David W. Tuggle and Jennifer Garza
Commentary, Steven Stylianos
47. Geriatric Trauma, Carl I. Schulman, Reginald Alouidor, and Mark G. McKenney
Commentary, Heidi L. Frankel and Mark Gunst
48. Family and Youth Violence, Kathleen R. Liscum, Edward E. Cornwell, III, H. Scott Bjerke, and David C. Chang
Commentary, Gerald B. Demarest
49. Wounds, Bites, and Stings, Charles A. Adams, Jr., Walter L. Biffl, and William G. Cioffi
Commentary, Kimberly A. Davis
50. Burns and Radiation Injuries, Jong O. Lee and David N. Herndon
Commentary, Richard L. Gamelli
51. Temperature-Associated Injuries and Syndromes, R. Lawrence Reed, II and Larry M. Gentilello
Commentary, David H. Ahrenholz
52. Organ Procurement for Transplantation, Aditya K. Kaza and Max B. Mitchell
Commentary, David A. Gerber
53. Reconstructive Surgery After Trauma, Albert Losken and Timothy G. Schaefer
Commentary, David A. Kappel
54. Rehabilitation, Elliot B. Bodofsky and Steven E. Ross
Commentary, R. Stephen Smith
55. Modern Combat Casualty Care, Peter Rhee, John B. Holcomb, an,d Donald Jenkins
Commentary, Ari Leppaniemi
56. Weapons of Mass Destruction, David L. Ciraulo
Commentary, M. Gage Ochsner, Jr.
57. Genetic Influence on Response and Outcomes, Grant E. O'Keefe
Commentary, Bradley D. Freeman
58. The Convergence of Trauma, Medicine, and the Law, Anna M. Ledgerwood, Kathryn A. Lucas, JD, and Charles E. Lucas
Commentary, Rochelle A. Dicker
59. Acute Care Surgery, Gregory J. Jurkovich
Commentary, Russell J. Nauta
60. Principles of Critical Care, Robert C. Mackersie, Jean Francois Pittet, and Rochelle A. Dicker
Commentary, Andrew J. Patterson and David A. Spain
61. Bleeding and Coagulation Complications, Samir M. Fakhry and Christopher P. Michetti
Commentary, Ernest F.J. Block
62. Cardiovascular Failure, Ankush Gosain, John Santaniello, and Fred Luchette
Commentary, Robert D. Barraco and Michael Pasquale
63. Respiratory Insufficiency, Jeffrey L. Johnson and James B. Haenel
Commentary, Walter Biffl
64. Gastrointestinal Failure, Rosemary A. Kozar, Norman W. Weisbrodt, and Frederick A. Moore
Commentary, Jeffrey M. Nicholas
65. Acute Renal Failure, H. Gill Cryer
Commentary, Christopher J. Dente
66. Nutritional Support and Electrolyte Management, Kennneth A. Kudsk and Gordon S. Sacks
Commentary, Jeffry L. Kashuk and John B. Moore
67. The Immune Response, Eugen Faist and Heiko Trentzsch
Commentary, Michael A. West
68. Multiple Organ Failure, David J. Ciesla, Frederick A. Moore, and Ernest E. Moore
Commentary, Michael Chang

David V. Feliciano, MD

Professor of Surgery


University School of Medicine

Chief of Surgery

Grady Memorial Hospital

Atlanta, Georgia

Kenneth L. Mattox, MD

Professor and Vice Chairman

Department of Surgery

Baylor College of Medicine

Chief of Staff, Chief of Surgery

Ben Taub General Hospital

Houston, Texas

Eugene E. Moore, MD

Professor and Vice Chairman, Department of Surgery

University of Colorado and Health Sciences Center

Bruce M. Rockwell Distinguished Chair of Trauma Surgery

Rocky Mountain Regional Trauma Center

Chief of Surgery

Denver Health Medical Center

Denver, Colorado

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