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Travels with My Lovers

Travels with My Lovers

5.0 3
by Erica Miner

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Travels with My Lovers 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
European love in the summer time: it¿s as hot as a Florentine cobblestone in July. Erica Miner¿s Travels with My Lovers delves the reader into a treasure trove of emotional highs and lows as her protagonist experiences a new side to herself. The novella starts off in Florence, Italy in the 1970¿s. Travel¿s protagonist is travelling through Italy alone with her two small children. Her orchestra conductor husband, Eric, has chosen to spend the summer in New York City. Emotional tumult lies ahead as she discovers her husband¿s secret. Sensing a break-up in their future, she throws caution to the wind and allows herself to be pursued by a gorgeous Italiano, Carlo, in his mid-twenties. Just a few years older than he, the protagonist experiences intense sexual love that breaks open her heart and awakens her sexual being at once. The novella is neatly organized into five easily digestible stories, each packed with a new discovery on her emotional horizon. The reader finds herself wishing each of the protagonist¿s five loves would be fulfilled in a happy-ever-after ending. But that is hardly the point of the book. Miner shows with great alacrity the protagonist¿s struggles to unearth her very self through these romantic escapades. The author interweaves music, architecture, emotion and physicality in a beautiful blend of scenes and moments that cannot last. The bittersweet realization that one¿s longings can only be fulfilled through one¿s own sense of self, not through the Other, is handled with genuine grace. Miner orchestrates the various romantic duets between American woman and foreign man (Italian, French, Swiss ¿ take your pick!) with an unmatchable musicality. At moments, the reader believes to be in an opera by Puccini, witness to the indelible impact of Italian architecture and passion. Erica Miner¿s book makes the reader long for warm summer nights along the Seine or the Riviera, arm in arm with a lover, gazing at life¿s beauty and the romance that can explode like a shooting star and then be gone in the wink of an eye. I highly recommend her book for its authenticity, its honesty, and its remarkable benediction to the human spirit. Christine Louise Hohlbaum, American author of Diary of a Mother: Parenting Stories and Other Stuff, lives near Munich, Germany, with her husband and two children. www.diaryofamother.com
Guest More than 1 year ago
¿Travels with My Lovers¿ ¿Now it was time to explore my own needs for adventure, my own sources of happiness, my own sexuality ¿ to write the opera of my life. And I was ready to do it with a vengeance.¿ Thus the intimate, most private self-discovery begins in ¿Travels with My Lovers¿, by author Erica Miner. Former violinist turned poet, and screenwriter Erica Miner has already been awarded the 2003 Direct from the Author Book Award Grand Prize in fiction for this first book of hers. This book was inspired by the author¿s own experiences of discovery, when her husband leaves her for another man. She does this in such a deeply, personal way, the reader forget they¿re reading fiction. This remarkable journey takes us through Florence Italy, to the chateaux of Paris, to the monastic cells of Tuscany. The vivid imagery of these places is portrayed so eloquently that they leap from the page with their breathtaking beauty. Each trip is wrought with incredible romance and exhilaration, that she leaves each time with a new profound sense of self. Author Erica Miner takes us past a romantic tale, but into a deeply personal look at life, love, heartache, and emotions. She transposes the reader to see what she sees, feel what she feels, and learn what she learns. Her words flow like wine: hypnotic, and rich to your senses. Their poetic nature fills this book with such depth and passion. Not just a sexual passion, but a passion to feel every emotion completely. It¿s impossible to put this book down. I found myself drawn to the words, and felt compelled to read over them several times. To me, it¿s no wonder this book has already won an award. Never has a book overwhelmed me, like ¿Travels with My Lovers¿ did. I look forward to reading more by Erica Miner.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Travel with My Lovers brought back delicious memories of trips to Italy and France. Miner's description of the music, museums - and men - of Europe made me want to book the next flight there. Her narrative combines self-discovery and insight with wit and realistic resignation about being a woman, a mom and a professional. I had planned to read only a chapter or two at a time but literally kept going back to read more and more. I ended up reading the book in one day. I know it sounds like a cliche, but I didn't want the book to end.