Treasures in Darkness: A Grieving Mother Shares her Heart

Treasures in Darkness: A Grieving Mother Shares her Heart

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by Sharon W. Betters
Grief can be so debilitating that it blinds you to God’s presence. Many who grieve struggle to face the sudden loss, much less embrace it and rest in it. In this remarkably honest book, Sharon Betters tells us the story of her teenage son’s sudden death in a car accident. Excerpts from Sharon’s journal express her raw grief, anger, and hunger to


Grief can be so debilitating that it blinds you to God’s presence. Many who grieve struggle to face the sudden loss, much less embrace it and rest in it. In this remarkably honest book, Sharon Betters tells us the story of her teenage son’s sudden death in a car accident. Excerpts from Sharon’s journal express her raw grief, anger, and hunger to understand how God can be good and loving and still take away her youngest child.

Sharon Betters draws readers to a passage from Isaiah that carries God’s promise to provide treasures for his people in the very midst of darkness and trouble. Whether they’re suffering from recent or loss from the distant past, readers of Treasures in Darkness will see how they can experience God’s presence and love even during the darkest times.

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Bryan Chapell
No hope is real if it fails to recognize the reality of the pain and the necessity of pressing through darkness with nothing but faith to find our way. Sharon Betters squarely faces personal pain and tenderly offers the realities of faith to provide a journey to hope even through our darkest nights.
Tammy Maltby
In twenty years of women’s ministry, I have never read such a compelling, painfully real, transparent perspective on grief. Sharon Betters brings hope to a broken heart in the midst of profound loss. Do you know of someone struggling with grief and loss? This treasure needs to be the first gift you place in their hands.
Rose Marie Miller
Betters’s world turned upside down when her son died in an automobile accident. She tells her story with candor, honesty, and hope. This book is helpful to anyone who has lost a loved one . . . an extremely helpful guide to grieving parents.
Marilyn Heavilin
Treasures In Darkness will guide you from your deepest sorrow into a positive and productive walk with God. Sharon will help you learn to believe, trust and live again.
Elyse Fitzpatrick
Recognizing that our lives here on this side of heaven will be fraught with darkness and sorrow, Betters’s experience with grief will encourage and comfort you. With biblical wisdom and gentle insight, she’ll draw your broken heart up to where hers is resting: safely in the arms of the Savior. I heartily recommend this book.

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Sharon Betters is a mother of four and grandmother of nine. She is a nationally known conference and retreat speaker and has also spoken to women’s groups in Africa and Japan. Author of Treasures of Encouragement and Treasures of Faith, she has also contributed articles to Today’s Christian Woman, Virtue, and Christian Parenting Today.

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Treasures in Darkness: A Grieving Mother Shares her Heart 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book, in conjunction with the CD "Learning to see when the lights go out: Loss of a Loved One", was the only resource that brought me any relief after the tragic death of my daughter. Even thought I have never met Sharon Betters, I consider her my very best friend. This book is raw. Sharon is transparent about the horrors of her own feelings of grief. Sharon is the only person in the world who knows what I feel like, and I am forever grateful for this resource that gave me permission to grieve, to feel pain, and to rest in God's grip. Thank you, Sharon.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Other than the Bible, this book has sustained me through the darkest season of my life. Sharon is honest with her struggles after loosing her son. I lost my own son 2 years ago and have read and re-read this book many times. God has used this book to bring me comfort from another mom who has survived a parents worst nightmare! I highly recommend this book to anyone in the darkness of grief. There IS light at the end of this journey. Thank you Sharon for giving me HOPE.
Guest More than 1 year ago
When I read this book, I found validation for the way I was grieving and how I felt. The process that Sharon Betters had gone through mirrored my own. It helped to know that I wasn¿t the only one who had experienced the overwhelming heartache that comes with the loss of a child. As Sharon quoted extensively from her journal, I watched her struggle with God and then accept her life¿s circumstance. Sharon embraces God¿s promise of eternal life for His children. think that anyone who has experienced a significant loss can benefit from Sharon¿s book. She allows grief and points the reader toward healing and comfort in the Lord. The book is also for those who want to help and minister to people who are grieving. In a chapter titled Who¿s Bearing Whose Burden, Sharon writes, 'The challenge of Paul in Galations 6:2, ¿Bear ye one another¿s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ,¿ teaches us that God expects us to not only need each other but also reflect the love of Christ by helping each other. Grief is not a pathway we should attempt to walk alone.'
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am 23 years old and 10 years ago I lost my older brother. When I got done reading this book I looked at it again and was in awe at how truly amazing it was that though she lost her son she could write in her journal and praise God like she did. I realized that it not only talks to people who have lost a loved one but it talks to people who are struggeling with life (and we all have those times). I loved the book! There were many places that I related to and felt again the pain and the grief. But then there was also the hope. And that is what this book is all about. A mother¿s struggle but also a hope that beyond the darkness there is light and with that light you begin to find those treasures that God has laid out.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Using personal journal entries and exposing her personal struggle with God, Sharon Betters demonstrates how people can deal with the agonizing heartaches of our lives. All through the book, the reader can relate to the questions and longings that many of us go through when faced with life-changing challenges. The honest and open writing helps ease the often lonely confusion that someone in grief experiences. This book shows the faithfulness of God even when He appears to be very very far away.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Thank God for Treasures in Darkness I had experienced chronic pain for years, as a result of a severe motorcycle crash in 1987, but I was stunned last August to learn that this had progressed into physical depression. All of a sudden I encountered unexplained crying, anxiety and insomnia. After three straight nights of no sleep, I told my wife that I could now understand how, even someone who loves the Lord, could contemplate suicide as a result of the feeling of hopelessness. Each night I cried out to God for help and a reason for this trial, but God was silent. But once again, God¿s answer came in a unique way. On Sunday I purchased a copy of Sharon Betters' new book, Treasures in Darkness. I began to read it immediately, and instead of trying to figure why, I focused on praising the Lord, and giving thanks in all things. Her book drove me into the Psalms, and they seemed to open the windows of heaven for me. My perspective changed to one of pursuing obedience and trusting the Lord¿s promises. God was gracious to later reveal His purpose for this trial, and now nine months later I am totally off any anti-anxiety or sleep medication.
Guest More than 1 year ago
TREASURES in DARKNESS: A Grieving Mother Shares Her Heart - In 1985 I was faced with the sudden death of my wife. As I struggled with tears, pain, lonliness and loss I found that only others that had gone thru the grief were of any use in helping me. Sharon's book of her struggles, in some details different, yet in substance the same is so powerful. If you have a friend going thru this kind of tragedy, give them a copy. It will help them know they are not alone.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is an excellent book for anyone that needs to find treasures in the midst of a broken heart. It could be because you are dealing with grief of a love one or because you are coming to terms with your own broken past. It helps you realize that it is Ok to feel the pain and to question God. This book will teach you how to look for your own treasures in the darkness and lead you to the path of healing your own broken heart. It helps give you the hope and trust needed to have Faith in our Savior.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am a licensed counselor in Houston TX. Many of my clients come to me with grief and loss issues. This is truely the first book that I have come across, which honestly addresses grief and loss and all that goes with this. Anyone who has lost a loved one should read this. This is a spiritual and personal journey that filled me with awe.