Treatise on the Law of Trusts and Trustees / Edition 6

Treatise on the Law of Trusts and Trustees / Edition 6

by Jairus Ware Ware Perry

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ISBN-10: 158798041X

ISBN-13: 9781587980411

Pub. Date: 09/28/2000

Publisher: Beard Group Inc.

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Beard Group Inc.
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Table of Contents

Volume 1
Index to Cases Citedxxvii
Chapter I.Introduction.--Origin, History, Definition, and Division or Classification of Trusts1
Chapter II.Parties to Trusts; and what Property may be the Subject of a Trust28
Chapter III.Express Trusts, and how Express Trusts are created at Common Law, since the Statute of Frauds, and in Personal Property, and herein of Voluntary Conveyances or Settlements in Trusts73
Chapter IV.Implied Trusts112
Chapter V.Resulting Trusts124
Chapter VI.Constructive Trusts166
Chapter VII.Trusts that arise by Equitable Construction in the Absence of Fraud231
Chapter VIII.Trusts that arise by Construction from Powers248
Chapter IX.Appointment, Acceptance, Disclaimer, Removal, Resignation, Substitution, and Number of Trustees, and Appointment under a Power259
Chapter X.Nature, Extent, and Duration of the Estate taken by Trustees298
Chapter XI.Properties and Incidents of the Legal Estate in the Hands of Trustees321
Chapter XII.Executory Trusts357
Chapter XIII.Perpetuities and Accumulations377
Chapter XIV.General Properties and Duties of the Office of Trustee401
Chapter XV.Possession--Custody--Conversion--Investment of Trust Property, and Interest that Trustees may be made to pay438

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