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4.9 13
by The Mars Volta
When At the Drive-In decapitated itself, it basically split a whole into two halves; the Mars Volta took up the more ethereal, spacy, and experimental one. This project seems to pretty much abandon the nearly radio-friendly station they had previously taken up with Relationship of Command by creating an epic-length masterpiece of


When At the Drive-In decapitated itself, it basically split a whole into two halves; the Mars Volta took up the more ethereal, spacy, and experimental one. This project seems to pretty much abandon the nearly radio-friendly station they had previously taken up with Relationship of Command by creating an epic-length masterpiece of quirky, spacious sound rather than the more upfront rock aspects (the half of which is now embodied in the other ATDI offshoot band, Sparta). With Tremulant, the Mars Volta threaten to outdo the sizzling body of work of their past lives with the creation of something seething and timeless, melding their more beautiful and transcendent styles with rhythmic battery and shimmering gloss. Cedric's vocals mesmerize, as always, backed with the odd lust of Omar's melody and the powerhouse rhythm section and keys. If this EP is only a taste of what is to come, listeners have quite a bit to expect from this outfit.

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Gold Standard Labs


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Tremulant EP 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
this 3 track ep by the mars volta is great. i was suprised that a 3 track cd could be this good and last that long. it's the transition stage from punk(ATDI) to their new style. i would buy it
Guest More than 1 year ago
A great precursor to the full length. You definetly need to buy this and De-loused as well. Then get their new one when it comes out. Mars Volta are the best band I have heard in a long time.
Guest More than 1 year ago
For years and years, the quest for music that would blow me away, inspire me musically in new directions, and at the same time be enjoyable has finally ended. From the moment of intro to outro, I was thouroughly immersed in a whole new futuristic world of music. Track one, titled "Cut that city" starts off a little bit slow, but at the two minute mark dawns the beginning of something that you've never even dreamed of. Fast pace, dynamic music. Fast and complex drum beats, gleaming guitar melodies, piercing vocals, and grooving bass set this song in a highly energetic movement. To slow things up a little, I mean just a tad, is "Concertina" This has got to be the best song that I've ever heard. The slow moody and heartfelt verse is complemented by a momentous loud and driving chorus, the bridge of this piece steps into a sort of techno realm that greatly adds to the genius of this work. Last but not least is the last song, which in a way, combines the first two into the song to end all songs. The drums in this song kill as so does the guitarwork, the only downside I could find in this whole album was at the very end of this song. An outro of ambiance.... A measly four minutes, but the rest of the album more than makes up for it! An awesome purchase!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Among many people who are not band purists or die-hard fans, short EPs are looked down upon. However, it should be noted that recordings such as Tremulant are entirely worth buying. The Mars Volta and Gold Standard Labs tend to set the record low on CD pricing, as well, so you won't be bleeding your wallet dry just for 3 songs. The price is quite reasonable. But really, the money isn't what I'm here to discuss. My point is, Tremulant offers very high quality music. While you can hear murmurings of De-loused in the Comatorium (The Mars Volta's first full length album which was released a year later) in this CD, the songs here are truly unique. The elements of progressive rock and jazz stylings that have set the band's lofty reputation make their presence known here in more raw tones and with a clearer Latin influence than in De-loused (this holds true not only of the guitar and bass but also of the lyrics: see "Concertina"). It should be noted that Flea is not on this album, and some people consider that a good thing; others a bad thing; and most don't notice. Regardless, the bass work on this album is exactly what you would hope for, if not more, from such musicians as these. In fact, many bassists consider Tremulant superior to De-loused in terms of technique. All three songs relate to subjects previously tackled by At the Drive-In and those same subjects preparing to be weaved into a more surreal story in De-loused. Thus, anyone trying to piece together the puzzle that is Cedric's lyrics will probably need to get a hold of this. In all, Tremulant is a strong standalone piece that is held up by its powerful music. Its only flaw is its brevity. Anyone who enjoys Latin jazz-rock, jazz-blues, and/or progressive rock would be well off to buy this EP.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I rate this cd a five b/c it solidifies the sound Mars Volta made in their raw, when they first got together. There are a few intermissions filled with techno, but like the rest of their albums you can play it straight through and every track is astounding. I cannot define their music as of yet, but you can be sure it is in a category of its own. If you want to expand your listening thresholds, hear this album.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Tremulant EP is an amazing amazing cd. These guys know how to write there music every instrument is played uniquely while still being intertwined together. Each song on this cd is a masterpiece in itself. There is no way you can listen to this cd and not at least tap your foot if not busting out into a salsa dance Omar style. -JoshHignos
Guest More than 1 year ago
this album is complete awesomeness, a very heavy trip
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Tremulant EP by the Mars Volta is unlike anything you or I have ever heard before, but in a very good way. The band has a very original take on rock music which leads them through drum machines, insane rhythms, psychadelic effects, and everything else. If you find yourself looking for something new from "rock and roll music", you are probably looking for this cd. I reccomend it highly to fans of any of the bands other work, or for uninitiated fans that sorely need the psychadelic blend of salsa, prog rock, avant-garde jazzy rock, and people looking for the most energy you have ever seen crammed into three tracks.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Although very amatuer in sound, this is a great introduction to TMV, gorgeous voicings, expecially "Ikey" on the keys. listen... and enjoy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Just As At The Drive-In was on the brink of achieving new heights, they split. It was a sad day, but from the ashes rose The Mars Volta (and Sparta). The Mars Volta being the far more experimental half, brings us a new mathematical formula with each song. As chaotic as it may seem at moments, the beauty is how it all comes together, to push for the pulse pounding choruses, and the ever sporadic, yet lyrical verses, and bridges that are so crisp and clean, it will make you wonder how such musicianship is possible, but it is, for this is The Mars Volta. Their Tremulant EP is eight bucks well spent, and a disc that no modern music fan should be without.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I first heard The Mars Volta on their full length CD De-loused In The Commatorium. It blew me away. The Tremulant EP is an amazing blend of different kinds of music that create an amazing sound. I especially love the drumming. Jon Theodore is one of the most amazing drummers I have ever heard. His rythms and grooves make the music and he makes the music on every song. All I can say is this is beautiful and incredible. I must buy for any Mars Volta fan!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Tremulant is a must have for Mars Volta fans. It is a yet another step in their evolution as a band. I like this album because I can feel where they had transitioned from At The Drive-In. It's the origin of all sounds Mars Volta. Cedric was still training his voice and finding a niche for his vocal range. Omar is awesome on guitar and the incredible sounds that he creates give me chills. Jon Theodore on drums is amazing as he masters speed and agility in his rhythyms. The band as a whole is beautiful and a bit haunting. This is a must have album if you're a TMV fan! You gotta pay attention to the way this band evolves!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Tremulant EP is a wonderous work of art that any fan of The Mars Volta should buy. The rhythms and the words are breathtaking, and once again many images are created in your mind when you listen to this music.