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Tribute: The Songs of Andrae Crouch

Tribute: The Songs of Andrae Crouch


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Release Date:
Warner Bros / Wea


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Susan Ashton   Vocals
Kim Boyce   Vocals
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir   Track Performer
Steve Camp   Vocals
O'Landa Draper   Vocals
Bryan Duncan   Vocals,Track Performer
First Call   Track Performer
Tramaine Hawkins   Vocals
Donna McElroy   Background Vocals
Larry Norman   Vocals
Twila Paris   Vocals,Track Performer
Janet Paschal   Vocals
Michael W. Smith   Piano,Track Performer
Randy Stonehill   Vocals
Take 6   Track Performer
Steve Taylor   Vocals
Wayne Watson   Vocals,Track Performer
Steve Wiggins   Vocals
Winans   Track Performer
Patti Austin   Vocals
Greg Mathieson   Keyboards
Michael James   Vocals
Michael O'Brien   Vocals
Rose Banks   Background Vocals
Simon Phillips   Drums
Adrian Smith   Vocals
Phil Madeira   Hammond Organ
Angelo & Veronica   Vocals
Eric Darken   Percussion
Billy Sprague   Vocals
Ron Winans   Background Vocals
Jeoffrey Benward   Vocals
Mark Baldwin   Guitar
Bob Carlisle   Vocals
Bruce Carroll   Vocals
Babbie Mason   Vocals
Ron David Moore   Vocals
Andraé Crouch   Vocals
Jeff Bailey   Horn
Lisa Bevill   Vocals
Gregg Bissonette   Tambourine
Steve Brewster   Drums
Mike Brignardello   Bass
Cedric Caldwell   Multi Instruments
Victor Caldwell   Multi Instruments
Bill Cantos   Background Vocals
Alvin Chea   Vocals
Merry Clayton   Vocals
Dave Cleveland   Guitar
Kenneth Crouch   Organ,Piano
Cedric Dent   Vocals
Mark Douthit   Horn,Saxophone
Russell Ferrante   Piano
Kim Fleming   Background Vocals
Isaac Freeman   Vocals
Barry Green   Horn
Fred Hammond   Vocals
John Hammond   Drums
Michael Haynes   Horn
Tom Hemby   Guitar
Jerry Hey   Horn
Yvonne Hodges   Background Vocals
Dann Huff   Electric Guitar
Dave Ivory   Vocals
Paul Jackson   Guitar
James Katina   Vocals
Jesse Katina   Vocals
John Katina   Vocals
Joseph Katina   Vocals
Sam Katina   Vocals
Bonnie Keen   Vocals
Joey Kibble   Vocals
Mark Kibble   Vocals
Abraham Laboriel   Bass
Michael Landau   Guitar
Alex MacDougall   Vocals
Blair Masters   Bass,Percussion,Keyboards
Marty McCall   Vocals
Chris McDonald   Horn
Claude V. McKnight   Vocals
Jerry McPherson   Guitar
Michael Mellett   Background Vocals
Karl Ney   Vocals
Michael Omartian   Piano
David Pack   Synthesizer,Percussion,Piano,Strings,Keyboards,Electric Drums,Synthesizer Bass,Electronic Drums
Tony Palacios   Vocals
John Pena   Bass
Chris Rodriguez   Background Vocals
Cheryl Rogers   Keyboards
Jamie Rowe   Vocals
Walter Settles   Vocals
Scott Sheriff   Piano,Background Vocals
Jackie Street   Bass
Veronica   Vocals
Tony Vincent   Vocals
Wilson Waters   Vocals
Biff Watson   Acoustic Guitar
Brian Williams   Vocals
Yvonne Williams   Background Vocals
Chris Willis   Background Vocals
Carvin Winans   Background Vocals
Marvin Winans   Background Vocals
Michael Winans   Background Vocals
Jonathan Woodby   Piano,Hammond Organ
Clay Crosse   Vocals,Track Performer
Kim Stratton   Vocals
Bobby Bowen   Vocals
Darren Humphrey   Vocals
Kent Humphrey   Vocals
Dana Key   Vocals
Kim Keyes   Background Vocals
Jessica Simpson   Vocals
Nicol Sponberg   Background Vocals
Duawne Starling   Background Vocals
Beverly Crawford   Vocals
CeCe Winans   Track Performer
Greg Long   Vocals
Brian Barrett   Vocals
Ken Holloway   Vocals
Kim Rutherford   Vocals
Rebecca St. James   Vocals
Tim Akers   Synthesizer
J.D. Blair   Drums
Tabitha Fair   Background Vocals
Ann McCreary   Background Vocals
George Pirelli   Percussion,Drums,Snare Drums
Dana Reed   Vocals
Roz Clark Thompson   Background Vocals
Paul Jackson   Guitar
BeBe Winans   Vocals
Vestal Goodman   Vocals
Bob Farrell   Vocals
Billy Gaines   Background Vocals
Brian Williams   Vocals
Gary Oliver   Vocals
Terri Lynn   Vocals
Gwen Dingle   Vocals
Alvin Fruga   Vocals
Calvin Hunte   Vocals
Paul Vann   Vocals
Loren Mulraine   Vocals
Randy Williams   Vocals
Spence Smith   Vocals
Joyce Hayes   Vocals
Regie Hamm   Percussion
David Ivey   Vocals
Ann Bailey   Background Vocals
Aaron Benward   Vocals
Neal Coomer   Vocals
Calvin Hunt   Vocals
Mark Oakley   Guitar
Matt Pearson   Bass
Tiffany Palmer   Background Vocals
David Thomas   Vocals
All-Star Choir   Track Performer
Brian Williams   Vocals
Robert Hamlett   Vocals
Abe Laboriel   Drums
Shane McConnell   Background Vocals
Rick Heil   Vocals
Mark Hill   Bass
James Hill   Vocals
Larry Williams   Horn
David Back   Vocals
Schloma Brown   Vocals
Serene Campbell   Vocals
Damon Carter   Vocals
Eric Draken   Percussion
Rose Hanks   Background Vocals
Patrick Kemp   Vocals
Grover Levy   Vocals
Tommie Lewis   Vocals
Pamela Pride   Vocals
Kelli Riesen   Vocals
Danielle Rosado   Vocals
Kim Rutyerford   Vocals
Michael Black   Background Vocals
Eric Coates   Vocals
Daniel O'Lannerghty   Bass
Bobby Jones   Vocals
Michael Anderson   Vocals
Matt Pierson   Bass

Technical Credits

O'Landa Draper   Director
Michael W. Smith   Arranger,Producer
Steve Taylor   Contributor
Phil Madeira   Contributor
Jeoffrey Benward   Contributor
Andraé Crouch   Liner Notes
Mike Brignardello   Contributor
Ronnie Brookshire   Engineer
Cedric Caldwell   Arranger,Producer,Engineer,Vocal Arrangements
Victor Caldwell   Arranger,Producer,Engineer,Vocal Arrangements
Terry Christian   Engineer
Keith Compton   Engineer
Carol Cymbala   Director
Jim Dineen   Engineer
Dan Garcia   Engineer
Gary Hedden   Engineer,Contributor,Mobile Recording Engineer
Jeff Hendrickson   Engineer
Jerry Hey   Horn Arrangements
Neal Joseph   Producer
Mark Kibble   Arranger,Producer
Brent King   Engineer
Bryan Lenox   Engineer,Contributor
Chris McDonald   Arranger,Horn Arrangements
Scott Meeder   drum programming
Norman Miller   Producer
Terry Nelson   Engineer
Michael Omartian   Producer
David Pack   Producer,Vocal Arrangements
Dan Posthuma   Producer
Cheryl Rogers   Arranger,Producer,Engineer,drum programming
Barry Rudolph   Engineer
Doug Sarrett   Engineer
Scott Sheriff   Arranger,Producer,Vocal Arrangements
Tony Vincent   Contributor
Mervyn Warren   Vocal Arrangements
Angie Winans   Arranger,Vocal Arrangements
Marvin Winans   Arranger
Scott Lenox   Engineer
Aaron ?   Contributor
Buddy Jackson   Art Direction
Glenn Spinner   Engineer
David Jehnsen   Engineer
Shelton Morgan   Engineer
Regie Hamm   Arranger,Producer
Damien Bell   Engineer
Rob Burrell   Engineer
JB   Engineer
Anpelo   Contributor
Robert Hamlett   Contributor
Rick Heil   Contributor
Pearl Barrett   Contributor
Schloma Brown   Contributor
Serene Campbell   Contributor
Damon Carter   Contributor
Tommie Humphrey   Contributor
John L. Katina   Contributor
Patrick Kemp   Contributor
Grover Levy   Contributor
Tommie Lewis   Contributor
Scott Linox   Engineer
Terry Melson   Engineer
Pamela Pride   Contributor
Kelli Riesen   Contributor
Danielle Rosado   Contributor
Dezarria Smith   Contributor
Eberhard Ramm   Contributor
Michael Anderson   Contributor

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