Triceratops and Other Forest Dinosaurs(Dinosaur Find Series)

Triceratops and Other Forest Dinosaurs(Dinosaur Find Series)

by Dougal Dixon, James Field, Steve Weston

There are plenty of plants to eat in the forest, and plenty of places to hide. Discover forest dinosaurs and learn what they had in common with today's leaf-loving animals.


There are plenty of plants to eat in the forest, and plenty of places to hide. Discover forest dinosaurs and learn what they had in common with today's leaf-loving animals.

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Children's Literature
The eight dinosaurs featured in this book lived in the forested areas of the earth millions of years ago. An Argentinosaurus ate shoots and leaves from trees by stretching its long neck up high above its large body. A Huayangosaurus had narrow, pointed plates on its back. The chicken size Microraptor flew through ancient forests searching for insects to eat. The Parasaurolophus was a plant-eater that was about the size of an elephant. The odd looking Stygimoloch had small arms, long legs, and many horns and spines. The large Therizinosaurus used its long claws to tear open ant nests and tree branches searching for a meal in the forest. Horns and armor protected the head of a Triceratops. This large animal bit off plants with its strong beak. The huge meat-eating Tryrannosaurus had tiny arms and large teeth-lined jaws. Each dinosaur is pictured in detail in its natural environment, and its size is compared to a chicken, a human or an elephant. A modern day animal that may have some similarities to each dinosaur is shown. The back of the book offers library references and a web site. This is an excellent choice for an elementary school library. 2005, Picture Window Books, Ages 6 to 10.
—Sally Niezgoda
School Library Journal
K-Gr 3-In each book, two-page chapters give very basic information about eight dinosaurs that shared a type of environment. Three or four short sentences provide a few interesting facts. Each title includes at least one item related to the common habitat, such as noting that Paralititan's "huge flat feet were perfectly shaped for mud walking." A full-page illustration shows each dinosaur in action, while a smaller photo beneath the text depicts a modern animal that shares a common feature. The Ankylosaurus entry, for instance, shows a rhinoceros that also has armorlike skin. Small silhouettes indicate the size of each dinosaur compared to a chicken, human, or elephant, although Corythosaurus is incorrectly undersized. Occasionally, theories, such as the notion that Amargasaurus used their neck spines for signaling, are presented as actual fact. The habitats represented are fairly broad: "shoreline" species include those that lived near rivers, oceans, swamps, and deltas. There's no exploration of the commonalities among dinosaurs that lived in similar environments, and many of the species lived in vastly different time periods, but that's appropriate in a series for beginners. Generally, the habitat theme serves well in a presentation of basic facts about several species in ways that young readers can easily grasp.-Steven Engelfried, Beaverton City Library, OR Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

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Dinosaur Find Series
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5 - 8 Years

Meet the Author

Dougal Dixon has written more than 120 books, including many on dinosaurs, fossils, and Earth science subjects. Since 1980, Dougal has been a full-time freelance writer and editor. He enjoys researching out in the field. In 2004, he spent time in Montana excavating a Stegosaurus skeleton.

His books have won the Times Educational Supplement, Primary School Book Award for Science in 1996, the Helen Roney Sattler Award from the Dinosaur Society in 1993, and the Educational Press Association of America Distinguished Achievement Award in 1993.

Dougal lives in Wareham in Dorset, England, with his wife Jean. He has two children, Gavin and Lindsay.

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