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The Triceratops Pops Mystery (Cam Jansen Series #15)

The Triceratops Pops Mystery (Cam Jansen Series #15)

4.3 3
by David A. Adler

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The Cam Jansen series is perfect for young readers who are making the transition to chapter books. The first ten books in the series have received updated covers, bringing new life to these perennial bestsellers. Now the series redesign continues with five more books, giving Cam a cool, modern look!


The Cam Jansen series is perfect for young readers who are making the transition to chapter books. The first ten books in the series have received updated covers, bringing new life to these perennial bestsellers. Now the series redesign continues with five more books, giving Cam a cool, modern look!

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature
Jennifer Jansen, better known as Cam Jansen because of her photographic memory, cannot wait to purchase the new Triceratops Pops CD. Nevertheless, when she and her friend, Eric, arrive at the store, all of the CDs are gone! But how can this be? According to the clerk, he just put six new T-Pops CDs on the shelf. Have they already sold the CDs, or did someone steal them? Wherever Cam goes, she is sure to find a mystery. Throughout the text, Alder uses great detail to represent Cam's photographic memory. For instance, at the beginning of the book, using words Cam paints a picture of an old birthday card and recites a poem that is printed in it. Cam teaches children the value of paying attention to details. Like others in the "Cam Jansen Adventures" series, this book moves quickly. Something is always happening, which makes readers want to stay alert and continue reading the book to see if they can crack the case before Cam does. 2004 (orig. 1995), Puffin Books/Penguin Group, Ages 7 to 10.
—Jennifer Hoover
Children's Literature - Michelle H. Martin
As in the other "Cam Jansen" series books for young readers, this brief chapter book capitalizes on Cam's expert photographic memory. Cam and her buddy stumble upon a mystery at a local mall music shop while in search of a Triceratops Pops CD. The two sleuths track down the criminal who stole the six CDs, and return the merchandise to the store. As a reward, the store owner grants them a few free CDs. Providing positive role models for young readers, this text features two strong child protagonists who solve a mystery with little adult assistance. Though neither text nor illustration is of outstanding quality, Adler makes the plot complex enough to offer several possible solutions to the problem, which keeps readers guessing. This book and others in the series provide entertaining mysteries for children who are beginning to read chapter books, which could spark an interest in other, more challenging mysteries. 1997 (orig.
School Library Journal
Gr 2-4-When Cam Jansen and fellow sleuth Eric Shelton go to the local mall to get the latest Triceratops Pops CD, they uncover their next mystery instead. Cam cannot locate the CD in the music store, although one of the workers is convinced that no copies were sold. Cam and Eric put their sharp clue-gathering skills together and land a suspect, gather evidence against him, and ensure his arrest. Adler has created yet another well-structured mystery. Cam continues to be an enthusiastic detective, using all of her keen sensibilities and ingenuity to solve the case. Full-and half-page black-and-white illustrations appear throughout.-Cheryl Cufari, N.A. Walbran Elementary School, Oriskany, NY
Carolyn Phelan
Cam and her friend Eric visit the mall looking for music by her favorite music group. When all of the new Triceratops Pops CDs disappear from the music store, Cam uses her photographic memory and logical mind to solve the mystery and bring the thief to justice. The contemporary setting, light humor, and mild mystery will appeal to Cam's fans. Like the other books in this popular series of beginning chapter books, this will be illustrated by Susanna Natti.
From the Publisher
Action-packed from the seemingly innocent beginning to the satisfying end. (School Library Journal)

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Penguin Young Readers Group
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Cam Jansen Series , #15
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Penguin Group
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3 MB
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7 - 10 Years

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From the Publisher
Action-packed from the seemingly innocent beginning to the satisfying end. (School Library Journal)

Meet the Author

I've always been a dreamer.

A few years ago I was at Open School Night for my middle son. His fourth grade teacher was the same one my eldest son had seven years earlier and the same teacher I had sometime in the 1950s. The teacher looked at me, smiled, and then told the roomful of parents, "A long time ago, when I just started teaching, David was in my class." She smiled again and said, "I went to the principal and asked, 'What should I do with Adler? He's always dreaming.' 'Leave him alone,' the principal answered. 'Maybe one day he'll be a writer.'"

That's her story, not mine. But I know I did dream through much of my early school years and I did become a writer.

Dreamers become writers and for me, being a published writer is a dream come true.

I write both fiction and non-fiction.

I begin my fiction with the main character. The story comes later. Of course, since I'll be spending a lot of time with each main character, why not have him or her be someone I like? Andy Russell is based, loosely, on a beloved member of my family. He's fun to write about and the boy who inspired the character is even more fun to know. Cam Jansen is based even more loosely on a classmate of mine in the first grade whom we all envied because we thought he had a photographic memory. Now, especially when my children remind me of some promise they said I made, I really envy Cam's amazing memory. I have really enjoyed writing about Cam Jansen and her many adventures.

For my books of non-fiction I write about subjects I find fascinating. My first biography was Our Golda: The Life of Golda Meir. To research that book, I bought a 1905 set of encyclopedia. Those books told me what each of the places Golda Meir lived in were like when she lived there.

I've written many other biographies, including books about Martin Luther King, Jr; George Washington; Abraham Lincoln; Helen Keller; Harriet Tubman; Anne Frank; and many others in my Picture Book Biography series.

I've been a Yankee and a Lou Gehrig fan for decades so I wrote Lou Gehrig: The Luckiest Man. It's more the story of his great courage than his baseball playing. Children face all sorts of challenges and it's my hope that some will be inspired by the courage of Lou Gehrig. I am working now on another book about a courageous man, Janusz Korczak.

My book One Yellow Daffodil is fiction, too, but it's based on scores of interviews I did with Holocaust survivors for my books We Remember the Holocaust, Child of the Warsaw Ghetto, The Number on My Grandfather's Arm, and Hiding from the Nazis. The stories I heard were compelling. One Yellow Daffodil is both a look to the past and to the future, and expresses my belief in the great spirit and strength of our children.

I love math and was a math teacher for many years, so it was fun for me to write several math books including Fraction Fun, Calculator Riddles, and Shape Up! Fun with Triangles and Other Polygons.

In my office I have this sign, "Don't Think. Just Write!" and that's how I work. I try not to worry about each word, even each sentence or paragraph. For me stories evolve. Writing is a process. I rewrite each sentence, each manuscript, many times. And I work with my editors. I look forward to their suggestions, their help in the almost endless rewrite process.

Well, it's time to get back to dreaming, and to writing, my dream of a job.

David A. Adler is the author of more than 175 children’s books, including the Young
Cam Jansen
series. He lives in Woodmere, New York.

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The Triceratops Pops Mystery (Cam Jansen Adventure Series #15) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was as awesome seens in your head.