Trinity on Tylos

Trinity on Tylos

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by Pamela J. Dodd

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Whiskey Creek Press
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Trinity on Tylos 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
MalcolmCampbell More than 1 year ago
At 26, Venice Dylenski is the youngest member of the executive staff of the colonization ship Excalibur. Under pressure to keep up with the more experienced officers, she often wonders if the Excalibur's Captain McPherson gave her the assignment to ensure her husband Steve would sign on as the executive officer. Dodd gives her readers little time to catch their breaths and her complex heroine little time to nurse her damaged ego after a climbing accident that begins the novel. Our collective attention is soon diverted by the arrival of the Archeonite III, an alien ship with superior fire power and with Azareel, a captain following an expedient plan. Venice raises security concerns when the friendly Archeons request a cooperative information exchange. Captain McPherson refuses to listen and soon finds Venice and enlisted crewmember Alathea Duke taken captive, then spirited away aboard the alien ship to parts unknown. We know from the novel's back cover blurb that Azareel captures two females for use as surrogate mothers to rebuild an Archeon race decimated by plague. Dodd's intent, then, isn't surprising the reader with this event, but weaving a fast-paced story about how a strong, complex heroine copes with her abduction. Venice is a duty-oriented marine with a high degree of skill in martial arts, weapons, and tactics. Azareel, from a military tradition where women are viewed as the spoils of war, believes his single-minded mission of creating an Archeon colony on Tylos justifies any means necessary for success. He tells Venice and Alathea, "whatever roles you played on your old ship were insignificant compared to being the mothers of a new Archeon race." While Alathea, who served as an agricultural technician on the Excalibur, shows early signs of adapting to her circumstances, Venice remains openly defiant. In her opinion, her responsibilities are to destroy the Archeonite III, communicate with the Excalibur, and escape-or, if necessary, to die fighting. Azareel mockingly tells her she's playing the role of the oppressed captive and Alathea urges her to face facts and not make life needlessly more dangerous. "With all due respect, Major, we're stuck," Alathea tells Venice. "We might as well get used to the idea of staying here for a long time." In Trinity on Tylos, Dodd reprises and expands upon the captive woman theme she explored in her first novel. While Angela Donaldson in The Gift Horse comes from a dismal existence of poverty and loss and makes, as Dodd once said, "a deal with her devil" in exchange for a better life, Venice Dylenski sacrifices a rewarding career and a happy marriage to save the lives of others. Malcolm R. Campbell for "Living Jackson Magazine"
Guest More than 1 year ago
On the Excalibur, Security Chief Major Venice Dylenski and her spouse Steve, Chief Executive Officer Lieutenant Commander, love one another and appreciate working together on a mission to bring colonists to a new planet. Both know the hazards of venturing into sectors where humanity has never been before. --- The Excalibur crew is unprepared for the Archeons, an alien race who seemingly comes out of nowhere. Mission Captain McPherson accepts the word of peace and friendship from Archeon Captain Azareel and agrees to exchange information over the objection of some of his officers. He should have as the Archeon prove cleverly duplicitous and take control of the Excalibur. They quickly return the ship back to the humans, but take two females of ¿breeding¿ age, Venice and Agriculture Technician 1st Class Alathea Duke to serve as revered Lady surrogate mothers to the next generation rugrats. --- The fact that a veteran senior officer who earlier warned Venice about safety violations would literally ignore security and hand over his data base is inane. However ignoring that key decision (if you can¿t skip the book), TRINITY ON TYLOS is a fascinating science fiction thriller starring a courageous heroine and a desperate race on the eve of extinction. The dilemma confronting Azareel grips the audience as he does deeds he hates, but considers for the greater good of his species supersedes his personal feelings interestingly Venice is his ethical mirror as she struggles with what to do. This is a strong morality drama that requires one enormous light year leap of faith well worth the jump. --- Harriet Klausner