Tris and Izzie

Tris and Izzie

2.8 25
by Mette Ivie Harrison

“I don’t want him to love me because of a potion,” she said.
Izzie loves Mark, and why shouldn’t she? As the captain of the basketball team, he is kind and loving and he’s everything she’s ever wanted in a boyfriend. Her BFF loves . . . somebody, but she won’t say who. So when a hot new guy, Tristan,


“I don’t want him to love me because of a potion,” she said.
Izzie loves Mark, and why shouldn’t she? As the captain of the basketball team, he is kind and loving and he’s everything she’s ever wanted in a boyfriend. Her BFF loves . . . somebody, but she won’t say who. So when a hot new guy, Tristan, shows up at school, who better for Izzie to fix up her friend[LL1]  with? And what better way to do it than with a love philtre? 

But even the best of magic has a way of going awry—and Izzie finds she’s accidentally fallen in love with Tristan herself. And that’s a problem. First of all, there’s Mark. Second, Tristan comes with baggage—like the supernatural creatures that keep attacking whenever he’s with Izzie, and the fact that he comes from the place where Izzie’s father was killed, years ago, by an enormous, evil serpent that’s still around—and it knows Izzie is out there.

Like Mettie Ivie Harrison’s The Princess and the Hound, praised by Orson Scott Card as “powerful, surprising, moving, and deep—a classic,” Tris and Izzie rings the changes on a timeless legend, this time in a contemporary high school setting.

Editorial Reviews

VOYA - Katie Bickley
Featuring unbelievable characters, prose that is mediocre at best, and a painfully obvious plot, there is little to recommend this book. Its attempts at humor are sour, and its "serious" scenes fall flat. If there is any potential audience here, it is the younger sisters of rabid Twilight fans, but surely even they will be able to recognize this misogynistic, stereotypical tripe for what it is: a book that probably should not have been published. 1Q, 2P. Reviewer: Katie Bickley, Teen Reviewer
VOYA - Heather Christensen
In her newest book, Harrison gives the classic story of a love potion gone wrong a modern setting. Izzie has everything going for her: a loyal best friend, the high school "king" for a boyfriend, and a witch mother who secretly practices magic in their small town. When a new boy shows up at their high school—a handsome young man named Tristan who speaks like he stepped out of an old-fashioned book of fairy tales—Izzie decides he would be perfect for her best friend, Branna. Going against her mother's warnings about the cautious use of magic, Izzie steals a love philtre, which she plans to slip into Tristan and Branna's drinks. Of course, her plan backfires, and in an unbelievable twist, she ends up sharing the drink with Tristan. Though the epic tale has made its way into everything from medieval romances to operas, Harrison's contemporary version falls flat. Starting with unsympathetic characters—Tristan's stiff, formal behavior overshadows his good looks, and Izzie comes off as a spoiled, silly child—followed closely by stale dialogue and romance scenes that lack sizzle, the book fails on multiple levels. The love triangle too quickly and easily turns into a boring square. A few action-filled battle scenes between magical creatures like giants and dragon-serpents create some page-turning moments, but these fail to redeem the book from its deficiencies. Reviewer: Heather Christensen
Kirkus Reviews

Torn between two boys, 16-year-old Isolde also finds herself caught between a normal life and her recently rediscovered magical legacy in this modernization ofTristan and Isolde.

Izzie lives a charmed life as girlfriend to basketball captain Mark King and a member of his "court" at Tintagel High. When she brings a "love potion" to school to help her lovelorn friend Branna and quash her own attraction to new boy Tristan, her matchmaking scheme backfires and leads Mark, Izzie, Branna and Tristan into a romantic quandary. Soon, Izzie must fight not only hormones but also monsters sent by the villainous Gurmun as she reclaims her magical powers and uncovers the truth about her father's death. High school and high-stakes action blend poorly, and the quartet's romantic problems often overshadow the fantasy plot. Moderately inventive worldbuilding gets lost amid teen–paranormal-romance clichés; Izzie's apt complaint, "I had always though love triangles were lame," is regrettably ignored. Though Harrison's (The Princess and the Snowbird, 2010) update lacks the epic passion of the original tale—of which little mention is made—the blend of action, mythology and romance will probably find an appreciative audience anyway.

MoreHigh School Musicalthan Wagneriansturm und drang.(Fantasy. 12 & up)

ALAN Review - Virginia Hornblower
In many respects, Izzie's life is already a fairy tale. She reigns as queen bee of Tintagel High with best friend Branna and perfect basketball captain boyfriend Mark always at her side. Beautiful, brainy, and beloved, Izzie seems to have it all. But Izzie has a secret. Beneath picture perfect appearances exists a mysterious, unpredictable world of magic. And when Tristan, a strikingly handsome stranger, arrives at Tintagel, Izzie's two worlds collide, and a supernatural adventure begins. One love potion, or "philtre" gone awry sets the tone for Harrison's brew of high school drama mixed with a legendary love story. Izzie must face magical foes and heartache alike as she unravels the truth of her past. In so doing, she seeks her true place between two worlds. Reviewer: Virginia Hornblower
School Library Journal
Gr 7–10—Harrison crafts a modern retelling of the "Tristan and Isolde" story with magic love potions and all. Isolde, Izzie to her friends and family, is dating the "king" of her high school, Mark, and has a BFF, Branna. Everything is going along swimmingly and non-magically, despite the fact that her EMT mom makes potions that she occasionally slips to the patients transported in her ambulance. But all of that changes when Mel Melot brags of having a magical never-empty wine bottle. Suddenly Izzie's normal life is turned upside down. Now she is "burning" for the new boy, Tristan, and battling slugs and serpents on school grounds. The idea of a retold fairy tale is intriguing, but this offering falls totally flat. A slow buildup is followed by a rushed ending, and the story is filled with unlikable characters, poor narration, and out-of-place dialogue. Mark is drawn as a typical all-American prom king, and Tristan is a pale, brooding antihero. Branna has been pining for Mark for years (of course she has). Libraries are best advised to pass on this one.—Elaine Baran Black, Georgia Public Library Service, Atlanta

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Meet the Author

Mette Ivie Harrison is the author of The Princess and the Hound and several other novels for young adults. She has a Ph.D. in German literature from Princeton University. She lives with her family in Utah. You can visit her online at and

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Tris and Izzie 2.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 25 reviews.
eternalised More than 1 year ago
This isn’t exactly a retelling. None of the characters from the old fairytale keep their personalities – not even the story stays the same. I would’ve been able to live with all that, had it not been for how these new characters were completely and utterly immature, especially Izzie. Dialogue was cringe worthy, and overall, I had to force myself to continue reading. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I find myself reading these types of books a lot. Take it from a very openminded book nerd. This book? STAY AWAY. It's... naive..the author cant portray real teenage behavior and....come already posted a long review of this book on goodreads. Read my review...then you will save yourself the face palm..
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is very good. It shows you how true love really exists this is by far one of my favorite books and hope everyone who reads it likes it as much as i do! Tris and izzie will keep you flipping the page to see what happens next!
Book_Bite_Reviews More than 1 year ago
Tris & Izzie was an interesting story. I loved the romance element of it and I loved the characters Tris and Izzie. They were wonderfully done and I wouldn't change anything about them. I didn't like Brangane at all, but the fact that I didn't like her didn't take away from the story at all. Some of the fantasy elements were a little too farfetched for me, but that was only cause I am not a big fan of fantasy in the first place. I think fantasy fans will love them though. I recommend this novel to those who already love the story of tristan and isolde, love retellings or love fairy tales. Rating: 3.5/5
My_Eclectic_Bookshelf More than 1 year ago
I was really excited when I started this book. I loved the idea of a Tristan & Isolde retelling. Sadly this one just did not live up to it's potential. I could not connect with any of the characters. Even for teens they seemed exceptionally naive and showed incredibly poor judgement to the point of being extremely annoying. I just could not relate to them at all and many times I found their actions to be confusing. Harrison didn't always explain very well why they were doing what they were doing...which also increased my frustration. As a reminder, I am a 30-something adult reading some YA. Perhaps this might appeal to a younger audience.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I honestly thought this book was great another well writtten story. Also it is a great story to read if you enjoy romance and action. This is the kind of book where the character discovers something new about themselves...just my style.
Meg-ABookishAffair More than 1 year ago
This book is a retelling of the Wagner opera Tristan and Isolde with a paranormal twist. It definitely sounded like an interesting premise but the execution was not great. I really do love retelling of classic stories but I like when the story blends into whatever is the new time period is. With this story, it just seems like it was plopped into modern times with no real adaptation. The names have been modernized a little bit but not much, which sort of takes you out of the world of the book. The paranormal element of the book really has to do with the different powers that some of the characters have. Izzie's mother is a witch who can make magic potions for a variety of maladies. Izzie steals a love potion meaning to get her best friend, Branna, together with the guy of her dreams. But instead she and Tristan, the new guy at school, inexplicably drink it instead and fall in love, which is sort of strange. The magic is sort of sprung on you and isn't really woven into the story at all. Also, none of the characters are really likable. Izzie is sort of naive and doesn't seem to care that her best friend, Brenna, seems to really hate her. Tristan is just a little strange. Not long after she gives Tristan the potion, she's trying to figure out ways to get rid of him, which is also very strange. This book was just not my cup of tea.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
There's a lot of slapping... i can't really relate to the characters. It takes a while to understand the main problem.
Regina_Linton More than 1 year ago
This book is a cute new twist on the old tale. I love the little nosy witches that get themselves in trouble because they are wanting to help someone else. I just wonder if Izzie needed a potion in the first place to enhance the pull to Tris. Izzy being right where she thought she wanted to be finds herself wanting her cake and to eat it too with Mark and Tris in the beginning. But by the end she knows what will work out the best for everyone. Even her bestie, Brangane. Also I love the Knight in Shining Armor image that I get with Tris. He is wonderful and knows the true meaning of being blinded for love. The connection pulls you in and wanting you to follow them on their quest. I recommend this book to YA Paranormal lovers.
majibookshelf More than 1 year ago
As you can see from how i rated it, which is 1 star out of 5, i have not enjoyed this book. It felt childish for me, and unbelievable. The way how Tris and Izzie fell in love, EVEN though it was by a love potion, still didnt sound that convincing. It was too dramatic, and i felt like i was reading Romeo & Juliet. A book that was not from this century. Sometimes i would be reading, and i wouldnt even understand what happened. She would be doing something, and then suddenly she is somewhere else doing something else, and im just like, what? While i was reading, everything was expected. I actually knew everything that would happen. There was no action, suspense, excitement or anything that gave me an adrenaline rush like some books do. There was nothing to keep you wanting to keep going on and finish the book. Overall, i didn't even want to finish it, because it was very unrealistic. I am disappointed, and i truly expected that it would be much better. Therefore i do not recommend this book if you have the same taste as me. But, go ahead and read it if you want :)
pagese More than 1 year ago
I confess, I'm not really familiar with the story of "Tristan and Isolde." The idea sounded interesting, but what really got me was the cover. And this book proves that a book I didn't like can be hidden by a beautiful cover just a much as the opposite is true. When I finally decided to read this book, I decided to look up it's rating. I was shocked by this one, and thought to myself it can't really be that bad. For me, it really is. I disliked Izzie from the start. For a young adult book, Izzie is shockingly immature. She makes rash decisions regarding just about everything. The whole situation surrounding the love potion just proves how she really only thinks of herself. She goes over what her mom has told her about them and how they can take away free will and still decides that its perfect for her best friend. I really don't think she a very good remodel in the female heroine category. I didn't like Mark anymore. He's like everything a bad boyfriend is, but yet Izzie still sees him as this perfect guy. I'm not sure if this is what she thinks a normal relationship should be, or is using him as an excuse to prove she's normal in the first place. I was indifferent to Brangane. I didn't like how it seemed like she was plotting against Izzie. But, I understood her feelings. I did like Tristan. The only bright spot in a very dismal story line. He seemed to genuinely care for Izzie. Although he professions of love seemed very out of place when compared with Izzie's immaturity. I also thought the subject matter of magic was really trivialized. I understood the constant need to hide it from regular people, but the way it was done seemed really bizarre and fake at times. I also feel like it was thrown in there for a way to bring Izzie and Tristan together. Overall, a huge disappointment for me. I hate writing negative reviews, but sometimes they happen. I hope this story works for someone more than it worked for me.
Book_Sniffers_Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I couldn't stomach it long enough to finish it, I only made it to page 160. One minute Izzie is in love with Mark, her super hot, popular b/f (gag) and the next minute she is shacking up with Tris. Not to mention after her BFF confesses her love for Mark, he professes his feelings for her in return. Badda Bing Badda Boom, swapparoo! Uh... excuse me, what just happened? No joke, this all went down in about a page and a half, and that was pretty much how the entire books consistency went. Izzie is superficial and shallow, so much so that she makes the Housewives of Orange County seem humble. I don't know who talks or even thinks like this but all the references to "exile" another kid from their group of "popular" friends just because you don't get along with them seems a bit extreme and unreal. Another thing that irked me was that Izzie does a love potion for her friend, Branna, because she doesn't think that she can attract any guys on her own. Since she doesn't wear make-up, dresses or do her hair. REALLY!? Not to mention her and Branna's bullying scene where they smash this kid's magic wine bottle. I just could not seem to get around the pettiness of this book. Even with the bad guys attacking Izzie and Tris, I just could not seem to care. I kept reading hoping that at some point it would get better but in the end I had to call it quits to keep my sanity.
LiederMadchen More than 1 year ago
I love Arthurian legends, so when I heard that this was a re-telling of Tristan and Isolde I jumped at the chance to read it. Tristan and Isolde was never one of my favorite stories, but I was very interested in how an author would modernize it. I must say that Mette Ivie Harrison did a good job of keeping to the original in many ways while making it much less depressing. I liked how she worked all the names and places into the story. In many other ways, though, she failed completely. The characters are just as idiotic as they were in the original. Izzie was an irritating heroine. I wanted to yell at her many times because she was just so stupid, especially at the beginning. She is in a steady, solid relationship with Mark, who is a great guy and possibly my favorite character in the story. She is so oblivious to her best friend's feelings that she tries to give her and the new boy, Tristan, a love philter. Of course, she messes this up and ends up taking it herself. I could sympathize with her fighting the effects of the potion, but she still ended up treating Mark terribly. Tristan was not a very interesting hero. He was naive and not very believable. The romance in this book was weird, with couples breaking up and switching around in a matter of minutes, even without the interference of a love potion. The abrupt changes left me unsatisfied; the characters were too quick to recover from heartbreak. It would have been better if there had been a little more development when it came to the main character's relationships.
KrisbyUT More than 1 year ago
Tris and Izzie is a great story about life and love and the magic we all wish we had a little bit of. It is a quick read but there are lessons of how we should treat each other and the importance of people and relationships in our lives. I highly recommend this book.
iheartyabooks More than 1 year ago
Tris & Izzie has a beautiful cover. I have to say that's what pulled me in to read this book. I'm not familiar with the German fairytale of Tristan and Isolde, but what I did find out about it was that it's close to the story of Lancelot and Guenevere, but with a love potion. Tris & Izzie is a good read, but for me, the storyline is written too young. I would recommend this book for younger YA (12, 13, and 14) The older teens will probably find it too gushing and ridiculous to take serously. I know I did. I found myself laughing and rolling my eyes, but that's not to say that the younger teens might find Tris & Izzie's story an interesting one. I'm just too old for this kind of flowery romance lol! Izzie's mother has hid Izzie from Gurmum, a serpent that killed Izzie's father, because he wants Izzie's magic. Tristan has come to help Izzie fight and save the people of Curvenal from the serpent Gurmum. Tristan is Izzie's shiny knight in armor to stand by her. Izzie had no problem with self-confidence and her sexually, that's for darn sure. I found myself agreeing with Branna who was suppose to be Izzie's best friend (could have fooled me) that Izzie is a selfish, self-centered little witch ( no punt intend their lol). I think this book would've been more believable if it was done in a fantasy setting instead of a contemporary. I recommend Tris & Izzie to younger YA readers, and for those who are older that like overly dramatic, somewhat cliche' romance.
BooksWithBite More than 1 year ago
I had some really high expectations about this book. I thought it was going to be all lovey dovey and it was, but just not in the way I expected it to be. What I like most about this book are the characters. Fresh out this world, the characters are what makes this book. I loved their loyalty, the fierceness to fight, and their willingness not to give up. I loved that this story is not only filled with love but with magic. The plot line of this book is what got to me. I felt like the pacing of it was too slow and so I hard a hard time keeping up with it. I found myself just wanting to turn the pages to get to the good stuff. What I also didn't like was that it had to do with magic and whole other world. I guess my expectations for this book was that there will be no magic but more of a fierce undying love. Overall, this book is good. I loved watching the characters grows and become who they are meant to be. It does take a while to get into the story. But if you give it a chance, you will find action, magical creatures and undying love.
StarcrossedReviews More than 1 year ago
Alright, first off I absolutely adore the cover of this novel! I think it's one of my favorites! It's so beautiful in a romantic, serene kind of way. It definitely gets an A+ in my eyes. It's everything I'd want a cover to be (for this story anyway). I was introduced to this novel a little while ago on other book blogs. It was being reviewed and author interviews were popping up everywhere. As soon as I took a look at the cover, I knew I wanted to read it. So to GoodReads I went. The summary for Tris & Izzie had me hooked as well. I desperately wanted to read this book. So after a little research, and finally delving into the world of NetGalley, it was once and for all in my hands (or on my computer screen, I should say...). When I opened it up, I quickly lost myself within the pages. I could not stop reading it. I was instantly hooked. I ended up sitting on the computer for hours doing nothing but reading Tris & Izzie. I finished it the same day and was a little sad when I was done. I wanted to keep reading. There was so much about this novel to love; interesting characters, romance, magic, and teenage angst. I have to admit though, the romance and magic is what got me and held my attention. When I read the first few chapters, I was instantly intrigued by the magic and how it was used and portrayed. It made the story desirable and even more interesting to the reader. The only thing I can think of that could have made the book better is if it had gone a little more slowly. I feel like the book itself, as well as the characters and the situations they were put in, were a little bit rushed. Everything happened a bit quickly. But hey, I don't know anything about other-wordly beasts and a magical whirlwind romance. I loved this novel.
Beverly_Stowe More than 1 year ago
TRIS AND IZZIE (Review) By Mette Ivie Harrison EBook courtesy of Net Galley and Egmont Take witches, magic, and love potions, add tangled romance along with two-headed dogs and giant serpents, and you have a magical tale that will likely leave you dreaming about weird creatures that devour their victims, if you dream at all. In author Mette Ivie Harrison's ya novel, TRIS AND IZZIE, Isolde's (AKA Izzie) mother is a witch, but no one knows it. Izzie is just a normal girl. Or is she? Anyway, her best friend, Branna, needs help with love. So Izzie, of course, decides to take matters into her own hands and find true love for Branna. To do this, she makes a love potion. Things don't work out the way she planned, however. And what about Izzie's relationship with her boyfriend, Mark? It's suddenly changing and Izzie doesn't want it to. Or does she? After all the new guy in school, Tristan, is a hottie that she can't keep her hands off of. The lesson here, I think, is don't mess in your best friend's love life because you may end up discovering things you don't want to know. Humor, well-crafted monsters, and a likeable heroine make for an interesting read. Even with the monsters and disasters at the school, the tone of this story is light and fun. If you're in the mood for a quick read with characters that are sometimes as confused as real teens are, I think you'll enjoy Ms. Harrison's TRIS AND IZZIE. Why don't you pick up a copy and see for yourself. ###
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Readergirl_Reviews More than 1 year ago
My feeling about this book was a little mixed. First, I'm not really sure how much of this story was actually a retelling. I have read pretty much all of the various literary writings on the story of Tristan and Isolde, and I didn't really see many parallels, except for the names really. That could, however, be due to bad back cover copy. Sometimes whoever writes that back cover blurb doesn't always have a thorough understanding of a book's actual storyline, as they should. Setting that aside, the book had a lot of entertaining elements that got me interested and kept me going. I always enjoy a story with a little bit of magic in it, and this one definitely had that...and it had it in some unique ways that I havent' seen a lot of books previously. The characters were good, but I did feel that a couple of them could have been a bit more thoroughly fleshed out. I have read some reviews from other people who felt that the two protagonists (Tristan and Isolde "Izzie") fell in love with each other a little bit too quickly. I don't agree. Their quick love didn't really stop me or pull me out of the story, and due to their background, it actually made sense. What did give me some pause was the speed in which one of the other characters (a guy) fell out of love with one girl, and instantly into love with another girl just as soon as he found out she had feelings for him. So much so that he was willing to actually "punch" the first girl in the face?? Really? Five seconds ago, he was expressing deep love for her and now he's punching her in the face for the other girl? Sorry, that one stopped me a bit and stretched my suspended disbelief a little too far. It was too quick of a switch, and on top of that, I'm never going to like a guy that hits a girl. And yet, we're supposed to forgive him just as quickly as the girl who was hit forgave him. She almost didn't react at all. Once I got past that, things got better again, and all in all, I did enjoy the book. Once things got back on track and the story shifted back onto the important elements, things got good again, and I was able to root for the characters. Depsite one or two small hiccups, this was a good, entertaining story. I would recommend it and its author.
Alaiel_Kreuz More than 1 year ago
Review By Alaiel Kreuz: True to be told, I've never read "Tristan and Isolde"'s legend, of course I've heard of it, but never truly look for it since I believe the end is not going to be happy, how can it be? But after reading this book I think I can handle a sad ending. This book is going to be the happy ending I need. The book was engaging and a complete new story using the names of characters and places of the original legend. A fresh start. One that I liked a lot. We are set with Izzie, a teenage girl that is 16, has the perfect boyfriend (hot guy of the school, basketball leader and of course, the popular guy) Mark King. Her best friend is Brangane or Branna (ringing bells already?), a tall girl who is part of the swimming team. Izzie's past is sad, her dad died of a flu and she herself was about to die but luckily for her her mom was a witch and she managed to save Izzie, but not her dad, it was too late for him. Since then her mom had be single, and for a very good reason: Izzie's parents had drunk a love philter which in their case was completely normal, they were deeply in love and knew that nothing was going to change that... but love philters are for ever and if one of them dies the other one will never fall in love again. Pretty hard, huh? I think it is... The story begins with Izzie thinking that, since her love life is so perfect she is the one that can help her bestfriend to find a boyfriend. Why not? She can even give them a love philter to make sure they have their happily ever after, right? Right? Wrong. First of all, she has no magic, for some reason magic skipped her generation so she can't make a love philter. Second, hello?! You can't go and decide someone else's life!!! But well, I think she didn't get that part... and she didn't need to do a love philter... her mom had one on her cabinet, so why not go and take it? And so she did. But the day she was going to give it to Branna and the boy Izzie thought was the right for her - she still needed to figure out wich one was that- a new boy had transfered to their school: Tristan. Yes, our handsome hero had finally arrived! But after a few misunderstandings Tristan and Izzie are the ones who drink the love philter. What to do now? She already had the best boyfriend ever and although Tristan was handsome, very attractive and well, PERFECT, she needed to stay away from him. Somehow. On top of that, there was a two-headed dog going after her, Branna was acting very strangely, Mark was very sweet and nice to her (and that annoyed her so much!) and Tristan had a magic sword. Oh, and there was a giant, a naked giant going after her too. Don't forget to add the truth behind her dad's death. Maybe the only thing that I didn't like too much was the final battle. Too quick and a little simple for my taste I think. But still, I'm sure I'm going to buy this book as soon as it comes out. And don't let me begin with the cover because I think it's gorgeous!
Bridget_Jones More than 1 year ago
I was absolutely ECSTATIC to get this book for review from Netgalley because the cover was so pretty and I loved the movie Tristan and Isolde. So needless to say I had high expectations for this book. When I finally got through with it, I was so so disappointed. The first thing that bugged me was Izzie. I hated how she was such a snob in the beginning. With just the snap of her fingers she could get her oh-so-popular-captain-of-the-basketball-team-king-of-the-school boyfriend the outcast anyone she wanted just because she didn't like them. That's so awful! I already don't like snobby popular people in real life, so why would I like reading about them? I feel like this part of her personality was so out of line with who she really was in her relationship with Tristan and how she acts for the rest of the book. It just didn't make sense. What also didn't make sense was the introduction to the whole magic aspect of the book. At first, it seemed like this book was a normal YA book, but then WHAM! Izzie and her mom know magic! What what? It was just really random and didn't flow at all with what was happening in the beginning. I wish it wasn't all so oh, but they way and that the book started with the magic instead of just threw it in there. I really liked how the book ended, I just didn't like the build up to it. What happened seemed way to easy to actually have happened in the end. I feel like it should have been more of a struggle and adventure than it actually was. The idea and relationships of Tris & Izzie were really good, but the book as a whole did not meet the high expectations I had for it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
KawaiiDelights More than 1 year ago
This book was a remake of the legend "Tristan and Isolde", which is a very cute, classic love story. I felt like the story itself wasn't really that similar to the legend aside from the names and love triangle. I enjoyed the style of writting, and I felt like all of the characters were strong and well written. My only problem was with the main character. At 16, I was very responsible and I like to think of myself as being mature for my age because I was very involved in my community, and I hardly acted out. Izzie was the complete opposite. Her character complained a lot, was whiny, and was very immature. She didn't really act like a 16 year old, in my opinion. Also, everything was very abrupt. Relationships happened in a snap without any backing. Yes, I know a love potion is involved, but it was still strangely fast. But on the other hand, the story didn't drag on, which is a plus for me. I hate when I hate when books just drag on and on and on and on and on and on get the point. The scenes were abrupt, but it didn't drag on. Overall, it was an enjoyable read.