Truck Stuck

Truck Stuck

by Sallie Wolf, Andy Robert Davies

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A truck gets stuck under a bridge, creating a traffic jam. Balloons and lemonade abound as a community comes together to fix the problem. Finally, one smart kid figures out how to get the truck un-stuck.


A truck gets stuck under a bridge, creating a traffic jam. Balloons and lemonade abound as a community comes together to fix the problem. Finally, one smart kid figures out how to get the truck un-stuck.

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Children's Literature - Phyllis Kennemer
A boy and girl are shown setting up a lemonade stand in their yard near a busy freeway. They notice a big truck approaching a viaduct and call out a warning, but the driver is oblivious and gets stuck partway through. Traffic comes to a halt. Horns honk and people yell. Traffic cops arrive, then a tow truck. The stuck truck does not budge. A TV crew pushes through to video interviews with distressed drivers. When a child's balloon pops, the solution becomes clear. Let some air out of the tires. This works and the unstuck truck continues down the highway. . The text is brief, using only essential words. "Rope snaps. Dog yaps. Balloon pops. Noise stops." The bright, colorful illustrations depict a variety of vehicles—a recycling truck, an excavator, a limousine, an exterminator, etc. The people are shown in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and ages. The boy and girl sell all of their lemonade in the background. A good choice for preschool story times. Reviewer: Phyllis Kennemer, Ph.D.
School Library Journal

PreS-Gr 1- A red 18-wheeler gets stuck under a viaduct and causes a huge traffic jam. Nearby, two children who have a lemonade stand observe the incident and try to keep everyone cool by selling their wares. The police arrive and so does a tow truck, but it is too small. The traffic jam gets worse and tempers flare. The hubbub attracts news crews who interview the truck driver, and a clown hands out balloons. Eventually, a huge tow truck arrives and, after the air has been let out of the semi's tires, the road is cleared for traffic to resume just in time, because the children are out of lemonade. The bright, flat, cartoon art brings the minimal rhyming text to life and really tells the story. "Traffic cops. Whistles blow." The illustration shows the children pouring lemonade, car horns blowing, a driver losing his temper, a dog barking, police directing traffic, and a tow truck backing up. This is an excellent choice to share with youngsters, who can observe the action and name all the objects and the activities. It can also be "picture read," giving children practice in their narrative skills.-Linda Staskus, Parma Regional Library, OH

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Kirkus Reviews
Oh, no! The viaduct is too low. The big red truck gets stuck, and in no time there's a sticky traffic jam, with rubbernecking and horns honking and a virtual parade of colorful vehicles (followed a bit later by an actual parade of Boy Scouts carrying balloons). A comedy of errors ensues until a handful of helmeted traffic cops supervise the freeing of the big red truck. Wolf's rhyming text is simple but snappy, and minimal enough to be mastered by very young readers or even younger listeners. And Davies's quirky pen-and-ink illustrations should yield abundant laughter. Each vehicle (neatly identified) is a story in itself, from the long pink limousine to the exterminator's truck with the bobbing bee on top to the leaky cement mixer. A delirious age-appropriate romp. (Picture book. 3-6)

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2 - 5 Years

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Sallie Wolf is a full-time writer and artist. She fills her journal with story ideas, some of which she turns into books like PETER'S TRUCK, TRUCK STUCK, and THE ROBIN MAKES A LAUGHING SOUND. She lives in Oak Park, Illinois, with her husband, Chuck.

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