True Mountain Rescue Stories

True Mountain Rescue Stories

by Glenn Scherer, Library

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Children's Literature - Marilyn Courtot
In this new series "True Rescue Stories" designed for reluctant readers, the adage that truth is stranger than fiction applies. Some of these true stories are pretty incredible. The book like others in the series opens with some interesting facts. Then there is a retelling of several true disaster stories. The first one is set in 1910 and it tells of two railway trains caught in a blizzard in the Cascade Mountains. The eventual snow storms turned to rain and an avalanche carried the two trains and most of the passengers hurling to their deaths—the stories of those that survived are riveting. Mountain climbing is a very dangerous sport and it has become popular. Along with this sport is the growth of search and rescue teams that help climbers in trouble. Several stories relate tales of amazing rescues both by these teams and by individuals who were given up for dead. Like other sections this one also ends with safety tips. The vocabulary section has an intriguing title—"Words to Survive By." There is a list of additional titles that readers might want to try and web site references to learn more about these actual events. There is an index and a final page which presents the other titles in the series. The books are well written and should appeal to a broad range of both good and reluctant readers and especially boys. Reviewer: Marilyn Courtot
VOYA - Madelene Rathbun Barnard
True Rescue Stories is an interesting series. Even though the reader may become overwhelmed by the battering ram of fatalistic statistics, the heartwarming survivor stories soften these harsh realities. The stories span the globe from the Appalachian Trail to Nepal. Especially miraculous is the story of Saving Private Wilson. He was the lone plane crash survivor of an army training mission. Even though he became an amputee, "he had done more and better things with his life since the (1944 bomber) crash than most people would accomplish in a life without the burden of artificial limbs." From heroic rescues to amateur attempts, these life experiences will grip the attention of even the most reluctant reader. Like a vamped-up version of the Discovery Channel, there is a myriad of sensational facts as well as basic safety tips. Each title in the series lists additional reads. Last, but not least, the end section of each book has a "words to survive by" glossary. This recommended nonfiction series not only increases the reader's vocabulary, but also encourages the reader to learn more. Reviewer: Madelene Rathbun Barnard

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True Rescue Stories Series
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