True Ocean Rescue Stories

True Ocean Rescue Stories

by Susan Jankowski, Library

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Children's Literature - Marilyn Courtot
In this new series "True Rescue Stories" designed for reluctant readers, the adage that truth is stranger than fiction applies. Some of these true stories are pretty incredible. What a way to learn some history by retelling the story of the Mary Rose and its sinking right before the eyes of King Henry Tudor VIII; the only other true story that comes close to that is about the Vassa in Stockholm which sunk on it launching. The story of the Peter Iredale and its running aground ends on a positive note with all hands rescued and the Captain exonerated. The weather conditions that caused the ship to run aground were truly beyond his control. I doubt if many readers including this one knew that the Titanic had two sister ships, including the Britannic, which served as a hospital ship and was carrying nurses and doctors. One of the nurses had survived the sinking of the Titanic and now she was experiencing the same on the Britannic. It was not until many decades later that the mystery of its sinking appears to be solved. Other stories tell of rescues with a diving bell, rescues by dolphins, human airlifts and the like. Sections end with safety tips. The vocabulary section has an intriguing title—"Words to Survive By." There is a list of additional titles that readers might want to try and web site references to learn more about these actual events. There is an index and a final page which presents the other titles in the series. The books are well written and should appeal to a broad range of both good and reluctant readers and especially boys. Reviewer: Marilyn Courtot
VOYA - Angi Barnard
From a ship lost in the heat of battle to a baby trapped in a well, Young and Jankowski regale readers with tales of survival that will amaze even the most reluctant readers. Adventure-seeking literary enthusiasts need not look beyond this informative series of books, tailor-made for an interesting and satisfying read. Those who enjoy these mini-masterpieces will be moved by the accounts of the stunning rescues that show how well it pays to lend a hand to someone else. These books are a must-have for thrill seekers, fact-lovers, and the adventurer in all of us. (True Rescue Stories) Reviewer: Angi Barnard, Teen Reviewer

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True Rescue Stories Series
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