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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
A splendid, detailed, and instructive tone that would grace any gay man¿s library. It is incredibly helpful for todays rainbow warrior, an adventure that enlightens and opens up a whole new world ( not to mention anatomy ! ) to exploration. Related in a pacy , witty and instructive style the author handles the various facets of technique. What I found so readable was that he writes from so much obvious experience. His helpful candour is so beneficial and packed with practical advice eg where a miners helmet to help see what your doing, don¿t¿ smoke whilst ¿drilling¿, its inflammable and explosive !, and take off your diamond rings before ¿drilling¿. I received a standing ovation when I reviewed this book at a cheese and wine organised by the Wichita South chapter of Scat Men of North America. Humerous narritive and practical advice mingle to produce a most readable book, tips include, what to do when your partner has fists the size of Hulk Hogan, and combining fisting and felching, how to catch those tricky rodents. My girlfriend, Pierre, an Air France flight attendant, told me that continued dilation of his love ring, drinking fizzy drinks, and low aircraft cabin pressure results in `trouser trumpets¿ of some magnitude. Pierre just made it to the concorde toilet on time to relieve some L¿air du buttocks that unfortunately triggered the smoke detector, causing his Concorde to divert to London Heathrow. If only the author knew what his book had caused ! Another friend, a patient at San Fransisco¿s Larousse AIDS Hospice and member of the patients¿ fine arts committee, told me that since lending his copy out to fellow patients he¿s not seen it in 10 months. One patient wants a copy buried with him for when he reaches the great bathhouse in the sky ! What I also like is how the author , bless his cotton socks, challenges the homophobia surrounding fisting. Sure the American Medical Assocation has warned this is an extremely dangerous activity, and sure some gays have been forced into a lifetime of nappies due to injury to their love ring, but it¿s not the practice but the lack of education that¿s at fault. Overcome the bigotry, overcome the problem ! He contrasts the warning with more recent research by the Bathhouse Users Fraternity that says it¿s harmless with caution, care, and practice with your partner. This is a voracious primer that should be not just compulsory reading for all gay men but for all junior grade school kids and indeed the entire education system. A masterpiece of understanding of the pleasures of homosexuality and also as a tool to fight homophobia. So what can I say 5/5 and don¿t leave for the bathhouse without it ! Have fun !