Trust in Society

Trust in Society

by Karen Cook

ISBN-10: 087154248X

ISBN-13: 9780871542489

Pub. Date: 01/28/2001

Publisher: Russell Sage Foundation

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Russell Sage Foundation
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Russell Sage Foundation Series on Trust Series
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Table of Contents

Trust in Societyxi
Part IConceptions of Trust1
Chapter 1Conceptions and Explanations of Trust3
Chapter 2Solving the Problem of Trust40
Chapter 3Trust as a Form of Shallow Morality89
Part IITrust: Social Bases and Social Consequences119
Chapter 4Trust as a Form of Social Intelligence121
Chapter 5Trust in Signs148
Chapter 6Reputations, Trust, and the Principal Agent Problem185
Chapter 7Clubs and Congregations: The Benefits of Joining an Association202
Chapter 8Patterns of Social Trust in Western Europe and Their Genesis245
Part IIITrust: Network, Organizational, and Institutional Bases283
Chapter 9Why Do People Rely on Others? Social Identity and Social Aspects of Trust285
Chapter 10Why Is Trust Necessary in Organizations? The Moral Hazard of Profit Maximization307
Chapter 11Trust in Social Structures: Hobbes and Coase Meet Repeated Games332
Chapter 12Social Norms and the Rule of Law: Fostering Trust in a Socially Diverse Society354
Chapter 13Trust in Ethnic Ties: Social Capital and Immigrants374

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