The Truth About Confident Presenting

The Truth About Confident Presenting

by James O'Rourke

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ISBN-10: 013210282X

ISBN-13: 9780132102827

Pub. Date: 05/27/2010

Publisher: FT Press

About the Author:
James O'Rourke is Professor of Management at the University of Notre Dame


About the Author:
James O'Rourke is Professor of Management at the University of Notre Dame

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Table of Contents

Introduction     vii
Some Initial Truths
Public speaking is not easy, but it's certainly doable     1
The key to success is preparation     5
Rehearsal is essential     9
Emulating good speakers makes you better     13
Establish goals for your presentation     17
A presentation is a learning occasion     21
The Truth About Getting Ready to Speak
Talk is the work     25
Know what your audience is looking for     29
There is a difference between speaking and writing     33
Preparing a presentation is a relatively simple process     37
Begin by analyzing your audience     41
Know your audience     45
The Truth About What Makes People Listen
Understand what makes people listen     49
Your speaking style makes a difference     53
Anticipate the questions your audience brings to your presentation     57
Listening matters     61
Being an active listener brings real benefits     65
You can overcome the barriers to successful communication     69
The Truth About Developing Support for Your Presentation
Develop support for your presentation     73
Understand the power of your content     77
The kinds and qualityof evidence matter to your audience     81
Structure can help carry an inexperienced speaker     85
Find support for your presentation     89
Use the Internet to support your presentation     93
The Truth About Getting Up to Speak
Select a delivery approach     97
Your introduction forms their first impression     101
Begin with a purpose in mind     105
Keep your audience interested     109
Conclusions are as important as introductions     113
Have confidence in your preparation     117
Repeat the process as often as possible     121
The Truth About Managing Anxiety
All speakers get nervous     125
Recognize anxiety before it begins     129
Deal with nervous behaviors     133
Keep your nervousness to yourself     137
The Truth About Nonverbal Communication
Most information is transferred nonverbally     141
The nonverbal process can work for you     145
Nonverbal communication has specific functions     149
Nonverbal communication is governed by key principles     153
Nonverbal communication has an effect on your audience     157
The Truth About Visual Aids
Visual aids can help your audience understand your message      161
Understand visual images before you use them     165
Choose the right visual     169
Use PowerPoint effectively     173
Consider speaking without visuals     177
The Truth About Handling an Audience
Assess the mood of your audience     181
Answer the audience's questions     185
Handle hostility with confidence     189
The Truth About What Makes a Presentation Work
Know as much as possible about the location     193
Use the microphone to your advantage     197
Know your limits     201
References     205
Acknowledgments     207
About the Author     209

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