Try Me

Try Me

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by Diane Alberts

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A sexy category romance novella from Entangled's Brazen imprint...

She was off-limits...until now.

Marine Jeremy Addison is lost in the desert outside of Vegas. He's brutally hungover, bruised and bloodied, and dehydrated as hell. Must've been a helluva night. The silver sports car that pulls over should have been his salvation.

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A sexy category romance novella from Entangled's Brazen imprint...

She was off-limits...until now.

Marine Jeremy Addison is lost in the desert outside of Vegas. He's brutally hungover, bruised and bloodied, and dehydrated as hell. Must've been a helluva night. The silver sports car that pulls over should have been his salvation. Insead, it's Erica Jones-his ex-best friend's sister...and the girl who broke Jeremy's heart seven years ago.

While she wants to help Jeremy-and okay, maybe run her hands and tongue along the hard, muscled planes of his body-Erica's wary of getting too close. Giving in to her libido is a bad idea. After all, she's no longer the girl Jeremy once knew. Unfortunately, Erica never could hide herself from Jeremy, and this time around, she's ready to try him...even if it's the biggest gamble of her life.

Previously released on the Ever After imprint in May 2012.

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Try Me 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 35 reviews.
Noelani808 More than 1 year ago
Try Me is a short, but very cute love story which took me about a day to read, stopping to tend to my 2 childred. A guy and a girl become friends and fall in love. But a big misunderstanding and lies ruins their friendship. Years later the find each other and fight their attraction to one another, thinking they are not good enough or are too damaged for the other. This story captivated me from the beginning to the end. I can't wait to read other stories from this author.
TanaT More than 1 year ago
Try Me (Take a Chance, #1) by Diane Albert Reading Try Me by Diane Albert’s has lead me to go find out if she has written more books, I enjoyed this story it is a fast read and quite enjoyable. Oh and did I mention a sexy looking Marine. Diane’s writing is good, words flowed well, I thought both characters had great chemistry together, plus the cover wow, I probably shouldn’t admit half the reason I signed up to read and review this was because of the cover…but it was worth it. We meet Jeremy who is off on leave, drinking and fighting he wakes up in the desert bruised and bloody. Knowing he needs to get moving before he dies for dehydration he sticks his thumb out for a ride. Erica driving down the highway stops to help someone out and cannot believe her eyes when she sees its Jeremy the man she loved and rejected. This story is fantastic, sexy Sergeant Jeremy Addison still loves Erica, Erica still loves Jeremy ….but can they put the past behind them and start over? Does true love conquer all? All you can do is go purchase Try Me to find out! I would recommend Try Me to anyone who loves romance a bit of heartbreak and finding lost love and starting over. Diane Albert’s is one fantastic author and I cannot wait to read more of her books.
debkm More than 1 year ago
Come for the abs… stay for the book. Try Me, by Diane Alberts is so much more than it’s smoking hot cover. Alberts created two very likable characters in Jeremy and Erica, and the tension between them is as steamy as the book’s cover. They story pulls you in from the first page and leaves you tapping at the screen of your eReader hoping for more.
shirley_frances More than 1 year ago
3.75 stars Jeremy had a rough night and by the looks of his surroundings it seems he is bound to have even a rougher day. Taking a chance that a stranger might help him out, he tries to hitch a ride. Even in his dazed state he recognizes the voice of the woman who stopped to help -- Erica, the woman he never forgot. I enjoyed the emotions brought to the page by the Diane Alberts. Each emotion that was portrayed by both Jeremy and Erica felt real and revealed a lot about their personalities, struggles and hesitations. It was what truly helped me relate to the characters in a more personal level. Jeremy and Erica's interactions were honest and emotional and their chemistry was easily palpable throughout the book. This was what truly sold me the story. I appreciated the way the time the author spent bringing their stories to the front so that there couldn't be any more misunderstandings between them so that they could move forward once and for all. Try Me, the first story in the Take a Chance series is a touching story about second chances with great mix of drama and romance. I look forward to reading more about Erica's brother, Thomas, in Love Me . I want to get to the bottom of the conflict between Jeremy and Thomas and maybe see him moving on in his life now that he had the chance to make amends with Jeremy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ok. But only 66 pages
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A good, easy read. It is very short so there are many gaps in the plot and it is hard to build a close relationship with the characters, but its a sexy, romantic book about unconditional love that bridges time and emotional barriers.
tia303 More than 1 year ago
I loved this story. It was well written, and I caught myself laughing out-loud a few times.. It was such a fun little love story.My only complaint is that the story was not long enough. I was sad to see it end. I have read all of Diane Albert's books so far and have enjoyed them all. Oh and keep the smokin' hot covers coming, Diane!
AnjV More than 1 year ago
Entangled Publishing has completely changed my opinion about novellas. They really are perfect for when you're looking for a quick read, especially if it's romance. A few weeks ago, I read Divinely Ruined by Diane Alberts. It was the first book that I had read that was written by Diane and I absolutely loved it. Try Me was just as good and in some ways, even better. Try Me is the story of Jeremy and Erica, two people who have loved each other forever but lost their chance (or so they thought)..until 7 years later when, call it fate/destiny or co-incidence, something brings them together again. This book has everything from friendship, childhood crushes and unrequited love to tragedy, insecurities and some serious emotional turmoil. Diane has once again written a deep and wonderful love story involving two people you can't help but root for. Jeremy and Erica are from different worlds. Sure, they were close as children but Jeremy has had a rough life while Erica's was mostly smooth sailing. Yet, despite their differences, Erica's the one girl who has always been on Jeremy's mind, the one who makes him wear his heart on his sleeve. Their shared past, even if not exactly romantic, just made the chemistry between them all the more intense and I loved that. Although individually they both have their issues, together, Jeremy's raw emotions somehow balance Erica's doubts and fears. Believe me, sparks were flying. Try Me is a sweet, heart-warming story about two people that were just meant to be together trying to find their way back to each other.
Book_WhispererJO More than 1 year ago
Try Me was an wonderful and captivating love story. Young and in love Erica and Jeremy both made mistakes. Confident that their futures will never be together; they have lived the past eight years trying to move forward. Even though this is proving harder than anticipated; neither of them though. It they would find one another on a lonely desolate road in the desert. Erica is a wounded and fragile woman after what life has unfolded for her in the past few years. Determined that Jeremy will be like every other man she has known; she is determined to keep herself at a distance. This proves harder than planned when Jeremy begins pressing her boundaries, and searching for a way into her future. This story was very short, and over in a blink of the eye, but not without securing me as a new fan. I am anxious to see what else the Take a Chance series has to offer.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was the most amazing story! Jeremy is so hot (and omg those abs that cover I want him for that alone the tats so sexy!) and he's a total hero type, and he wants to rescue Erica but she's afraid she's not good enough for him. And so many misunderstandings when they used to be childhood sweethearts! It adds just enough conflict to give them something difficult to struggle through to a rewarding end. Loved this book!
LauraKayeAuthor More than 1 year ago
I read this all in one sitting, and stayed up to 1:30 a.m. to finish it! I loved the hero, Jeremy, completely. A boy from the wrong side of the tracks and from the worst possible family background who feels he's not good enough for the women he's loved since childhood, a woman who now has secrets she believes makes her unworthy as well. Watching the two of them come together and find the acceptance and love they've been longing for was a great emotional ride! I love friends-to-lovers stories, but this one also had a bit of a twist on that theme by inserting a major crisis into their friendship that made them believe they were no longer friends. I liked that variation, as it added another layer of conflict between them. A great read!
micharch More than 1 year ago
Jeremy and Erica meet after many years apart.  He is stranded on the side of a ride in the Vegas desert after a night out that he can't remember.  She stumbles upon him and takes him to her house to clean up and get re-hydrated.  Both of them are circling around their feelings for each other.  Jeremy decides to take what he wants and Erica brushes him off due to her own feelings of inadequacy due to an accident she had that left her scars, both physical and mental.  Jeremy finally finds out what is holding Erica back and gets her to realize that he can see past all of that to her true self and he doesn't care about anything else.  It was nicely done and had a good epilogue.  It was very short so it tried to cram a lot into it. Would have liked to have seen more of the couple together but was pretty good for such a short story. 
awesomesally More than 1 year ago
Excellant story felt like I was there watching the whole thing. Diane can really write her books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good read, always like to read about men in the military and this one was about unconditional love. There was an ending and an HEA!!!!!! Would Recommend!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Many people don't understand about servicemen. I have to say I am one and this author has done justice to them. Thank you for this. I enjoyed this book it was short but great.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was a great idea, but I would have loved to have had more of a story for how much I paid for it. There could have been much more added to this story.
ljtljtljt More than 1 year ago
Good Book! Try Me (Take a Chance #1) by Diane Alberts is a well-written, seductive novella. I have read all of the books in the Take a Chance series and enjoyed each and every one of them. This story is about Marine Sergeant Jeremy Addison and attorney Erica Jones. Erica and Jeremy have known each other since childhood and fell in love somewhere along the way. Immediately before Jeremy deployed for the first time, he had a falling out with Tommy, his best friend and Erica's older brother. It has been seven long years since Erica, Jeremy and Tommy have seen or even talked to each other. Now Jeremy is home on leave, and he runs into Erica on the side of the road. Erica and Jeremy still have tremendous chemistry and they both finally foresee a future together. However, Erica has a secret which she believes will prevent Jeremy from loving her completely. Luckily they are able to work things out. I really liked this novella, especially the unexpected ending. Erica and Jeremy are real and their love is tangible. In addition, the build up to their lovemaking is both seductive and sensual. Don't pass up the opportunity to read Try Me and the entire Take a Chance series.
Muffet More than 1 year ago
I Loved this book . Jeremey and Erica where two great People to get to know. It is a short fast read. I have to say that I find all Dianes books so good I cannot put them down once I start them. It is short as people said ,but that is what these books are short reads. I love that I care about what is going to happen to these two people. The people surrounding them are just as interesting. Get this for a quick read on the beach or plane you won't be sorry. Thank Diane your books make me laugh, cry, anger and sigh. You make me feel all this in such a short time. Thank you!
Lisa-Lou More than 1 year ago
Try Me by Diane Alberts My rating: 4 of 5 stars Try Me by Diane Alberts is the first book in her Take a Chance series. This book starts with Jeremy, our hunky Marine stranded in the Las Vegas desert, beat up, thirsty and hungover. His savior is none other than the one that got ran away seven years ago, Erica. This is a story full of life's strange coincidences, people's misunderstandings of situations, and how they make what turns about to be the wrong decision based on that misunderstanding. It's about second chances, and lasting love for who the person is and not just how the person looks on the outside. Once again a book from Entangled publishing has been a thoroughly enjoyable read. This book has a Happily Ever After and no cliffhanger. Up next... Love Me (Take a Chance #2)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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