Trying Hartz

Trying Hartz

by Danielson

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Secretly Canadian

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Disc 1

  1. Now Try
  2. Body English
  3. Flip Flop Flim Flam
  4. Singers Go First
  5. Jersey Loverboy
  6. Animal in Every Corner
  7. Rubbernecker
  8. Sold! To the Nice Rich Man!
  9. Thanx to Noah
  10. Rallying the Dominoes
  11. The Lord's Rest
  12. A Meeting with Your Maker
  13. Daughters Will Tune You
  14. Runnin' to Brother

Disc 2

  1. A No No
  2. Good News for the Pus Pickers
  3. Don't You Be the Judge
  4. The Wheel Made Man
  5. Fetch the Compass Kids
  6. Idiot Boksen
  7. Nice of Me
  8. Cutest Lil' Dragon
  9. Pottymouth
  10. Southern Paws
  11. I Am My Beloved's
  12. Hammers Sitting Still
  13. Smooth Death
  14. Cheer Hart

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Danielson   Primary Artist
Danielson Famile   Indexed Contributor
George K.   Vocals,Musician
John R.   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
K   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Chris P.   Organ,Piano,Vocals,Musician
Ian W.   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Sufjan Stevens   Banjo,Musician
Melissa P. Alderman   Violin,Vocals,Musician
Robin E.   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Lenny S.   Vocals,Musician
Aaron F.   Vocals,Musician
Andrew S.   Percussion,Vocals,Musician
Becky P.   Violin,Musician
Becky T.   Bassoon,Saxophone,Musician
Brenda W.   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Daniel S.   Guitar,Vocals,Musician
David S.   Drums,Vocals,Musician
Elin S.   Violin,Vocals,Musician
Gaylord F.   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Glen G.   Baritone Saxophone,Musician
Liam W.   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Lilly S.   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Megan S.   Vocals,Bells,Musician
Now It's a Party Choir   Choir, Chorus
W. Pierce   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
W. Pierce   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Rachel S.   Flute,Vocals,Musician
Steve S.   Tuba,Musician
Ted V.   Banjo,Bass,Musician
Tom R.   Vocals,Musician

Technical Credits

Chris P.   Producer
Steve A.   Engineer
Ron E.   Engineer
Rick Moody   Liner Notes
Adam O.   Engineer
Chris H.   Engineer
Daniel S.   Producer,Engineer
Kyle K.   Engineer
Marcus R.   Engineer
Steve W.   Engineer

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