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Tudor Anthems

Tudor Anthems

by Clare College Choir, Cambridge

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  1. Ave Maria for 5 voices
  2. Let thy merciful ears
  3. This day Christ was born, anthem for 6 voices (SSAATB)
  4. Call To Remembrance
  5. O Lord, in thy wrath rebuke me not, anthem for 6 voices
  6. Lord, for Thy Tender Mercys Sake (attrib Farrant)
  7. Salvator mundi (I) (also set as "Arise O Lord" and "With all our hearts"), motet for 5 voices, P. 216
  8. Hosanna To the Son of David, anthem for 6 voices
  9. Give alms of thy goods
  10. Hosanna to the son of David, anthem for 6 voices
  11. When David heard (O my son Absalom), sacred madrigal in 2 sections for 6 voices
  12. Ave verum corpus (also anthem: "O Lord, God of Israel"), motet for 4 voices (SATB)
  13. When David Heard That Absalom Was Slain, for 5 voices
  14. Haec dies, motet for 6 voices (SSATTB)
  15. O Lord, arise, anthem for 7 voices
  16. Ascendit Deus for 5 voices
  17. Factum est Silentium for 6 voices & continuo
  18. O Lord, the Maker of All Things, anthem for 4 voices
  19. If ye love me, anthem for 4 voices
  20. O nata lux de lumine, motet (hymn) for 5 voices, P. 209
  21. Sing Joyfully, anthem for 6 voices (SSAATB)

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