Turbulence, Strange Attractors and Chaos

Turbulence, Strange Attractors and Chaos

by David Ruelle

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World Scientific Series on Nonlinear Science
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Table of Contents

Methodes d'Analyse Globale en Hydrodynamique1
On the Nature of Turbulence57
Occurrence of Strange Axiom A Attractors Near Quasi-Periodic Flows on [actual symbol not reproducible]85
Bifurcation in the Presence of a Symmetry Group91
Some Comments on Chemical Oscillations109
A Measure Associated with Axiom-A Attractors117
The Ergodic Theory of Axiom A Flow153
Sensitive Dependence on Initial Condition and Turbulent Behavior of Dynamical Systems175
What are the Measures Describing Turbulence?185
Microscopic Fluctuations and Turbulence193
Strange Attractors195
Small Random Perturbations of Dynamical Systems and the Definition of Attractors207
Measures Describing a Turbulent Flow223
Differentiable Dynamical Systems and the Problem of Turbulence233
On Feigenbaum's Functional Equation [actual symbol not reproducible]247
Do Turbulent Crystals Exist?253
Statistical Mechanics of Vortices in an Inviscid Two-Dimensional Fluid259
Large Volume Limit of the Distribution of Characteristic Exponents in Turbulence295
Characteristic Exponents for a Viscous Fluid Subjected to Time Dependent Forces311
Bounds on Complexity in Reaction-Diffusion System327
Two-Dimensional Poiseuille Flow341
Bowen's Formula for the Hausdorff Dimension of Self-Similar Sets343
Repellers for Real Analytic Maps351
Flots qui ne Melangent pas Exponentiellement361
Ergodic Theory of Chaos and Strange Attractors365
Resonances of Chaotic Dynamical Systems405
Resonances for Intermittent Systems409
Liapunov Exponents from Time Series427
Diagnosis of Dynamical Systems with Fluctuating Parameters437
Recurrence Plots of Dynamical Systems441
Fundamental Limitations for Estimating Dimensions and Lyapunov Exponents in Dynamical Systems447
Deterministic Chaos: The Science and the Fiction451
Is There Screening in Turbulence?459
Where Can One Hope to Profitably Apply the Ideas of Chaos?463

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