Turbulence Structure and Vortex Dynamics

Turbulence Structure and Vortex Dynamics

by J. C. R. Hunt

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ISBN-10: 0521175127

ISBN-13: 9780521175128

Pub. Date: 03/03/2011

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Edited volume on turbulence, first published in 2000.


Edited volume on turbulence, first published in 2000.

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Table of Contents

1. Motion and expansion of a viscous vortex ring: elliptical slowing down and diffusive expansion Yasuhide Fukumoto and H. K. Moffatt;
2. Stretching and compression of vorticity in the 3D Euler equations J. D. Gibbon, B. Galanti and R. M. Kerr;
3. Structure of a new family of vortices of stretched non-axisymmetric vortices Stéphane le Dizès;
4. Core dynamics of a coherent structure: a prototypical physical-space cascade mechanism? Dhoorjaty S. Pradeep and Fazle Hussain;
5. Fundamental instabilities in spatially-developing wing wakes and temporally-developing vortex pairs C. H. K. Williamson, T. Leweke and G. D. Miller;
6. Vortex lines and vortex triangles in superfluid helium Carlo F. Barenghi;
7. Evolution of localized packets of vorticity and scalar in turbulence A. Leonard;
8. Vortical structure and modelling of turbulence E. A. Novikov;
9. The issue of local isotropy of velocity and scalar turbulent fields Z. Warhaft;
10. Near-singular flow structure: dissipation and eduction J. C. Vassilicos;
11. Vortex stretching versus production of strain/dissipation Arkaday Tsinober;
12. Dynamics and statistics of vortical eddies in turbulence J. C. R. Hunt;
13. Stability of vortex structures in a rotating frame Claude Cambon;
14. LES and vortex topology in shear and rotating flows Marcel Lesieur, Pierre Comte and Olivier Métais;
15. Conditional mode elimination with asymptotic freedom for isotropic turbulence at large Reynolds numbers David McComb and Craig Johnston.

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