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Turbulence (1.5)

Turbulence (1.5)

4.8 10
by Whitney G,

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A short continuation of Jake & Gillian's love story from the USA Today Bestselling novel, Turbulence.


A short continuation of Jake & Gillian's love story from the USA Today Bestselling novel, Turbulence.

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Whitney G,
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18 Years

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Turbulence 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous 17 days ago
The characters worked well together, will definitely read more of her books
Mrs-Jones 5 months ago
I Loved This Book!!! Jake Weston is an emotional unavailable pilot who begins a no strings attached relationship with Gillian, a flight attendant who has never had a one-night stand. If that isn’t a recipe for emotional drama; I don’t know what is. They break all the rules during their whirlwind affair and I loved every single second of it. What I liked: Jake Weston is my new favorite alpha-hole book boyfriend! He’s sexy, rude, arrogant, and absolutely perfect! This book is everything I love about romance. It’s funny, full of drama, and SO VERY HOT. I read this book in one sitting, but don’t worry… my husband, children, and pets weren’t ignored (much) during the reading of this book. What didn’t work for me: There were a few minor editing issues. Also, I’m not a fan of bouncing back and forth chronologically, but none of that matters with a book this good. If you haven’t purchased this yet; you are missing out! Overall, Whitney G. outdid herself with this one! I really liked her Reasonable Doubt series, but totally I LOVE this one! I rate it: 4.5 Mile-High Stars
Anonymous 7 months ago
Amazingly awesome! Turbulence in the sky. Turbulence in the relationship between Jake, a pilot and Gillian a flight attendant; carrying on a forbidden affair that goes against company policies. Their relationship was a stormy mess. Terrible breakups and sexy steamy makeups. There were no doubt as to who these two were. Jake, an arrogant, hard headed, mind-blowing, sexy alpha male, refused to share a lot of himself with Gillian, even though he was always honest with her. As for Gillian, she was a sweet and trusting person; often times taking a lot of crsp from her family. She had put up with a lot from Jake too, when all she wanted to do, was to love Jake and be a part of his life. If you want to find out why I would give Turbulence a 5 star rating, you'll have to go read the book for yourself. All I can say is that, I liked that the author kept it honest with these characters. You either loved them or you don't. For me Jake came off as kind of a jerk and I'm sure that was what the author intended. There were a couple of things that could've made me not like them but that's what made them so much more appealing. That's what made me freaking loved them. Whitney G's with great character building skills, had me thinking that I knew all there were to know about these two but I'd still sensed a certain kind of mystery surrounding them. Like there were more to there stories. I could never have predicted what was revealed towards the end of the book. Great read! Loved it! Great job Withney G.
Anonymous 9 months ago
I loved Jake and Gillian! ? Great story!!!
Anonymous 11 months ago
Love this author's style of writing.
Anonymous 11 months ago
A really great read
Anonymous 12 months ago
This book was great! The characters were realistic, and relatable. I truly felt like (if given the opportunity) I might make some of the same choices. It was deliciously steamy without being over the top. I find myself skipping sex scenes a lot while reading, but these scenes were hot without being unrealistic or eye-roll worthy. Ending was satisfying without going on forever. 5 stars!
cest 12 months ago
I LOVE this author and am so happy that she is back after being away from the book world for a bit. I missed her words and her stories and I loved Turbulence! This is the first book I have read with a pilot and just WOW - I see them in a whole new light and want one of my own lol
starznstripes24 12 months ago
There has never been a more fitting title for a book as far as I'm concerned. Jake is the typical man scorned - not just by a woman but also his family. (I'm not going to give away details about any of this because it would ruin your reading experience.) As luck would have it, he has the perfect occupation for getting laid easily without the need for commitment...until he meets Gillian. Gillian is equally bitter about her past and has no desire to hook up with anyone - ESPECIALLY a pilot. When they meet, she has no knowledge of his actual occupation, but the attraction and chemistry is off the charts. She's committed herself to a one night stand for the sake of moving on with her own life. That doesn't go as planned, but Jake being Jake - there is sex involved before their abrupt end of the evening . That is until they run into each other again. Their "relationship"/agreement/commitment to each other is (in the kindest words) turbulent. I loved how they attempted to be unaffected and remain unattached emotionally while having the best sex of their lives. She gradually begins an attempt at knowing him and becoming friends. This doesn't go as she thought it would, but it was delightful to witness when some things worked and others didn't. The two of them never tried to manipulate the other and did their best to leave their feelings out of the situation. Unfortunately the more interactions that occur, the less successful that can be. There's a whole lot of sex, texts, email and banter so that we really connect with the characters. Whitney has a special way of doing this where we learn about each as the characters themselves do - and usually during conversation or actions so that we (as readers) never get pulled from the story while the characters are being developed.The ending threw me a bit, and I was hoping for a little more of something (I'm really not sure what though.) I would see the percentage and panic as the book neared the end without the outcome I wanted. BUT, as readers, we don't always get what we want (and hopefully, we get what we don't expect). Their ending was perfect for them. The party scene was classic for the reunion. There were a lot of ups and downs, twists and turns, and unexpected actions that left my jaw dropped as well as laugh out loud moments. I highly recommend this read. Whitney G. may have been away for a bit, but she definitely came back with a read that'll make you want to stay up in the clouds but grateful for a less turbulent life. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
busymama49 12 months ago
Author Whitney G. is back in full force! Turbulence is a book you will not put down until THE END. The story is compelling on so many levels... It is an unusual love story; no, it is a story of secrets and lies; no, it is a story of deceit and loyalty. No matter how you want to label it, this story is about all of the above. Our author tells this story with her unique signature style. Facts are uncovered not in chronological order, but at a storyteller's timeline for full impact. Two seemingly opposites immediately share an attraction. Serenpidity has a hand as they find out how closely their lives have been dove-tailing until that fateful night when their paths intersected. As they begin an unusual and casual affair, the estrangement of personal connection and emotions in their affair allows them to focus on the carnal joys. This impossible attraction only grows until it has no place else to go except deeper. Casual hook-ups are no longer possible as their emotions grow undetected by the lovers themselves. Be ready for plotline twists and turns you will not see coming. This is one book that deserves 10 stars for unpredictability! Bravo, Whitney G.! I felt fireworks when I read this book!