Turning the Tables

Turning the Tables

by Daniel Burstein

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
In this provocative look at Japanese-American business relations, Burstein ( Yen! ) analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the two countries' economic practices. He suggests turning confrontational politics into a mutually beneficial alliance, which he believes both countries are ready for. Citing Machiavelli's advice to distinguish between virtues that are ruinous and vices that are profitable, he recommends that the U.S. welcome increased Japanese investment in its plants and worker training, while at the same time demanding increased Japanese use of U.S. parts and supplies. While deploring monopolistic practices, he thinks American business should encourage more industrial networking: instead of pursuing confrontation on rice exports of Japan, U.S-based companies should focus on more productive technological cooperation and on developing a genuine Pacific free market. He advocates federal support of some fledgling industries and calls for well-formulated government industrial policy. He sees an opportunity for estabishing a productive alliance now while Japan's economy is in the doldrums. (Feb.)
Library Journal
The author of the best-selling Yen! (S. & S., 1988; Columbine: Fawcett, 1990. reprint) and Euroquake ( LJ 4/1/91) continues to provoke thought on America's best strategy for global competitiveness in the 21st century. Currently, Burstein says, the United States suffers from a ``competitiveness gap.'' While Japan builds better, cheaper cars, Washington tries to strong-arm Japan into buying less competitive American autos. Instead, he argues, we should be trying to open markets for the American goods that can compete, like software and biotechnology. The United States should also establish a Trans-Pacific free trade area with Japan. By trading on each others' strengths, instead of weaknesses, both sides could win the game. Burstein's book, which will be in demand in both popular and academic business collections, presents complex issues clearly. Highly recommended.-- Kris Swank, American Graduate Sch. of Internat. Management Lib., Glendale, Ariz .

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