Turning Wood with Richard Raffan

Turning Wood with Richard Raffan

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by Richard Raffan

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Richard Raffan demonstrates the moves that are so important to skillful woodturning. He then leads you through six useful projects from his companion book, Turning Wood with Richard Raffan.


Richard Raffan demonstrates the moves that are so important to skillful woodturning. He then leads you through six useful projects from his companion book, Turning Wood with Richard Raffan.

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It is hard to improve upon perfection, but Raffan does, bringing his classic introduction to woodturning up-to-date. Readers are introduced to the lathe, the methods of attaching wood to it, and (most importantly) turning tools and their proper care and use. Woodturning is arguably the most difficult woodworking discipline because proper technique is so important (a slip or moment of inattention and the project is gone, sometimes flying directly toward one's face). Raffan is a gifted instructor whose years as a production turner have developed a pragmatic style and an economy of motion. By mastering these techniques, one can move on to any style of woodturning. This is the standard title on the subject and an essential purchase; even libraries that own the original edition should consider this update, since many changes have occurred, especially in the area of equipment. Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information.

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Taunton Press, Incorporated
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Fine Woodworking DVD Workshop Series
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2nd ed.
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8.52(w) x 10.84(h) x 0.54(d)

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Richard Raffan is an internationally respected woodturning artisan and teacher. Collectors prize Raffan's gallery-quality production pieces, and he is the author of "Turning Wood, Turning Boxes, "and "The Complete Illustrated Guide to Turning,"

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Turning Wood with Richard Raffan 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
As a brand new wood lather owner, I wanted a book that would give me some basic instruction, some exercises and a simple project or two. I was not disappointed in Turning Wood by Richard Raffan. Mr. Raffan writes with humor although what he is saying is not to be taken lightly. He cautions again the things that can harm a new turner and even one who has worked on a lathe for years such as wrapping a rag around your fingers when applying oil to a project or an even better one: ¿Don¿t work when you are tired¿. Turning Wood begins with an explanation of the parts of the machine and continues with the extras one could buy to enhance/make your turning easier. He discusses chucks, drives, faceplates and adhesives. There is even a chapter on sharpening the tools which is very important as a dull tool can get you hurt. He also recommends getting The Complete Guide to Sharpening by Leonard Lee which I plan on purchasing. He does speak to safety many, many times and I have to agree that this is one area that cannot be over emphasized. The projects offered were a Pencil Pot, a Vase and even a Lidded Box. He does recommend ¿wasting¿ wood so you become familiar with the best way to make grooves, coves¿ turn your square blank to a cylinder, create your grooves, coves and bead and turn it back to a cylinder again and keep repeating until there is nothing left. Simply stated PRACTICE, PRACTICE and more PRACTICE! As in all woodworking, dust and wood chips are a constant. Mr. Raffan describes how to make a Handmade Vacuum System. I did find several proofing errors in the book like the one on page 62: ¿Over the years I¿ve had four lots of stitches mending my face and forehead¿¿ and a photo reference on page 14 that refers to page 65 (the actual graphic is on 67). I also found a sentence split by the Vase project which took me a bit to figure out where the end of the sentence was. It was four pages over. I thought a glossary of terms would have been useful to the novice turner. And it would have been nice if the book were ring/wire bound as it would stay flat on my workbench so I could reference the exercises and projects as I used the lathe. All in all, this is one book that every beginning turner should invest in. If you do nothing other than look at the photos and read their captions, you will get a small part of what this book is all about. It is packed-full of all the do¿s and don¿ts of turning wood.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed the section on tool shapening and found it to be very helpful in producing a quality product with ease. The book gives lots of valuable information on the art of turning wood. All new wood turners should have this book for it is a good referance manual. The book has many useful projects to do to help hone your turning skills.
Guest More than 1 year ago
An excellent, practical book on wood turning by a recognized master. Predicated on the principle that practice makes perfect, Raffan takes one from beginning to end in a series of woodturning exercises designed to familarize the novice with the woodturner's art. This is a well-written book with numerous, helpful photographs, and I would highly recommend it as an essential title to be included in any woodturner's library