Turns in the Road: Narrative Studies of Lives in Transition / Edition 1

Turns in the Road: Narrative Studies of Lives in Transition / Edition 1

by American Psychological Association

ISBN-10: 1557987734

ISBN-13: 9781557987730

Pub. Date: 01/28/2001

Publisher: American Psychological Association

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American Psychological Association
Publication date:
Narrative Study of Lives Series
Edition description:
1 ED
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7.30(w) x 9.90(h) x 1.20(d)

Table of Contents

The Narrative Study of Lives: Introduction to the Series
Turns in the Road: Introduction to the Volume
Ch. 1Narrating Life's Turning Points: Redemption and Contamination3
Ch. 2The Crime, Punishment, and Ethical Transformation of Two Radicals: Or How Katherine Power Improves on Dostoevsky35
Ch. 3De Profundis: Prison as a Turning Point in Oscar Wilde's Life Story67
Ch. 4Ever Upward and No Turning Back: Social Mobility and Identity Formation Among First-Generation College Students91
Ch. 5Moving Up and the Problem of Explaining an "Unreasonable" Ambition"121
Ch. 6Serendipity and Agency in Narratives of Transition: Young Adult Women and Their Careers151
Ch. 7The Setback of a Doctor's Career177
Ch. 8Women's Understandings of Their Own Divorces: A Developmental Perspective203
Ch. 9Adolescents' Representations of the Parent Voice in Stories of Personal Turning Points227
Ch. 10Living in the Amber Cloud: A Life Story Analysis of a Heroin Addict253
Ch. 11Sense of Place and Its Import for Life Transitions: The Case of HIV-Positive Individuals279
Author Index297
Subject Index303
About the Editors309

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