Twilight of the Assholes

Twilight of the Assholes

by Tim Kreider

Tim Kreider refuses to let the Bush administration off easy.See more details below


Tim Kreider refuses to let the Bush administration off easy.

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Publishers Weekly
Created during two overseas wars, rising inequity, a city lost under flood waters, skyrocketing public debt and the largest economic crisis since the Great Depression, this collection is the pained scream of a frustrated liberal trapped in a nation whose zeitgeist, he feels, spent much of the decade steadfastly marching in lockstep to the Right. The excesses of a neo-Gilded Age provokes Kreider with often hilarious results; Kreider finds targets for his ire and contempt ranging from willfully ignorant Americans to the peculiar way in which a despicable dictator like Saddam Hussein became almost pitiable once in American hands. Even the eclipse of the Republicans and the rise in 2008 of Barack Obama offers a dismal respite; Kreider's Steadmanesque cartoons illuminate a paranoia worthy of Nixon, that the Republicans will simply refuse to relinquish power or decide that America's first African-American President could also be the first African-American President to be assassinated. Sometimes vulgar and crude but often insightful, always passionate, Kreider's essays and illustrations offer a voice for a nation seemingly without hope. Illus.
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The New Haven Advocate
“Kreider's stuff is not all political, but most of what he does packs outrage:
oppressors, bigots, overlords, fools. Not for the squeamish, unless they’re passive and need a wake-up call.”
Myla Goldberg
“He is funny and crazy and brave enough to proclaim as truths the things the rest of us are too chickenshit to say out loud.”
David Foster Wallace
“Kreider rules.”
Mark Crispin Miller
“[Kreider] is to the satirical cartoon what Stanley Kubrick was to cinematic satire.”

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Tim Kreider's was born and educated in Baltimore, MD and lives in an undisclosed location on the Chesapeake Bay. His articles have appeared in Film Quarterly and The Comics Journal. His cartoons appear every week in the Baltimore City Paper and the Jackson Planet Weekly. Kreider's books include Twilight of the Assholes, Why Do They Kill Me?, and The Pain—When Will It End?

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