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Twist of Fate

Twist of Fate

3.5 4
by Mary Jo Putney, Natalie Ross (Narrated by), James Jenner (Narrated by)

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Rob Smith is the kind of guy—and lawyer—Val Covington knows she should avoid: mysterious, handsome, haunted. But when he tries to help her save a man from being executed, she discovers long hidden secrets-along with an irresistible passion.


Rob Smith is the kind of guy—and lawyer—Val Covington knows she should avoid: mysterious, handsome, haunted. But when he tries to help her save a man from being executed, she discovers long hidden secrets-along with an irresistible passion.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publishers Weekly
In contrast to the rewarding emotional intensity of Putney's previous romance, The Spiral Path, her latest stumbles under the weight of predictable plotting and a romance that fails to ignite. Corporate attorney Val Covington resolves to turn her life around by starting her own practice and focusing on cases she cares about. While working out of a remodeled church, she meets the troubled but warm-hearted Rob Smith, who arouses both her desire and her innate wariness. He pitches in to help when Val's longtime assistant asks her to save her former lover, who's facing execution for a crime he claims he didn't commit. While the race-against-the-clock plot proceeds by the numbers, Val becomes Big Sister to an emotionally scarred young girl who bonds with her remarkably fast. The romantic relationship, meanwhile, charts a talky course that forces Val to confront some emotional insecurities instilled by her unsupportive father. Along the way, complex problems find glib solutions-in one instance, a teenage mugger reforms after a single lecture-and all loose ends are neatly tied. Putney's fans will enjoy her smooth prose and likable cast of characters, but the serious social issues she tackles cry out for a more honest treatment. (Aug.) Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.
Diana Tixier Herald
“With fully realized characters and a finely designed plot, Putney presents a convincing look at what is right and what is wrong with our system of justice.”
* Diana Tixier Herald, Booklist
Heide Katros
“Twist of Fate is electrifying. Ms. Putney achieves the perfect balance between the heart of the matter and matters of the heart. Twist of Fate is a testimony to Ms. Putney's extraordinary writing skills and her courage to tackle challenging topics a lesser author might shy away from.”
* Heide Katros, Winter Haven News Chief
Jill M. Smith
“Twist of Fate takes on the increasingly timely topic of the death penalty. By continuing to tackle difficult subjects while delivering amazing entertainment, Putney is becoming one of the most potent voices in fiction today. Powerful emotions and unforgettable characters make Twist of Fate one of the best books of the year.”
* Jill M. Smith, Romantic Times, 4+ review and Top Pick
Susan Lantz
“I highly recommend Twist of Fate, the third book in the Circle of Friends series (after The Burning Point and The Spiral Path.). It's an emotionally-charged story of honor, courage, and the healing power of love, with complex, multi-layered characters -- a book readers will remember long after the last page is turned.”
* Susan Lantz, Romance Reviews Today

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Meet the Author

A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USAToday bestselling author, Mary Jo Putney was born in Upstate New York with a reading addiction, a condition for which there is no known cure. Her entire romance writing career is an accidental byproduct of buying a computer for other purposes.

Her novels are known for psychological depth and intensity and include historical and contemporary romance, fantasy, and young adult fantasy. Winner of numerous writing awards, including two RITAs and two Romantic Times Career Achievement awards, she has five times had books listed among the Library Journal’s top five romances of the year, and three times had books among the top ten romances of Booklist, the magazine of the American Library Association.

Her favorite reading is great stories, but in a pinch she’ll settle for the backs of cereal boxes. She’s delighted that e-publishing can now make available books that have been out of print.

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Twist of Fate 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
As a long-time fan of Ms. Putney's, I found this book very disappointing. I think, in her efforts to raise social consciousness, Ms. Putney tried to tackle too many hurdles in one story - and with perfectly predictable outcomes. She spent too much time on her soapbox about these issues - and not at all subtly. In one single novel she decried racism, the death penalty, parental abandonment, the effects of violence on society and children, legal injustice, promoted becoming a Big Sister/mentor (a PERFECT relationship with instant love where our heroine must rescue not only her 'sister' but the extended family, as well), shed light on the effect of drugs on society, the Quaker religion, the need for prescription drug coverage, etc. The plot line was predictable, the dialogue forced and superficial, and the outcomes just too good to be true. I applaud Ms. Putney's enthusiasm but lament the fact that her forays into the side issues detract from the plot and made the story-line secondary to the preaching. I admire her convictions, and share many of them - but by the end of the book, I was ready to say, 'Enough, already!'
Guest More than 1 year ago
Val Covington gets tired of the fast paced corporate life, so she turns her back on her law firm to open her own office. Idealistically, she dreams of helping the downtrodden, taking on hopeless cases, and having a slower paced life. ................ Two out of three is better than nothing. Her life becomes even more fast paced after openig her office in a newly renovated church. It is not long before she has taken on a case at the behast of her assistant, one that may be her first case and first defeat in private practice. She has the challenge to get her assistant's former lover off of death row where he was sent after a false conviction. Helping her untangle the legal snares that trapped an innocent man is her new lover, Rob Smith, a man haunted with his own secrets. As they fight the legal system and the clock, Val and Rob find something wonderful in their own hearts. .............. ***** This is Ms Putney's best contemporary book in a while. The story is complex and touching with detailed characterization.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In Baltimore, a close friend offers attorney Val Covington an opportunity to open her own practice that would include office space in a former church owned by Rob Smith. Val leaps at the chance and offers a job to her sometime paralegal assistant at her old firm. Kendra Brooks accepts on the condition that Val represents pro bono her former lover and father of her child, a death row inmate that the assistant insists is innocent.

Seventeen years ago Daniel Monroe was convicted of killing a cop. His appeals are running out and soon the state will execute him unless a miracle occurs. Though believing that Kendra is seeing her beloved through the rose colored glasses of love, Val agrees to work the case. Surprisingly, Rob has investigative experience and skills and assists Val as they seek a smoking gun to prove her client¿s innocence while falling in love with one another.

TWIST OF FATE is a powerful legal thriller that assaults the current capital punishment system that focuses on convictions not guilt or innocence in a due process in which the prosecutor is always right. The story line contains a romantic subplot, but is clearly a call for action, not against the death penalty, but to insure that the wrong person is never executed. Though Rob¿s skills are too convenient as the cost of an investigator is extremely high (a key prosecutor advantage), the cast is multi-dimensional especially the courageous lead couple and Kendra. Mary Jo Putney condemns a blind system that often fails to catch the guilty by expeditiously going after a convenient victim.

Harriet Klausner