Two Worlds of the Welsh Harp

Two Worlds of the Welsh Harp

by William Taylor

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Dorian Recordings

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  1. Gosteg Dafydd Athro (Gosteg of Master David)  - Robert Ap Huw  - Brian M. Levine
  2. Y ddigan y droell (Erddigan of the spindle-whorl)  - Robert Ap Huw  - Brian M. Levine
  3. Troiad y Droell (The Whirling of the Spin-ning Wheel)  - Edward Jones  - Brian M. Levine
  4. Kaniad y gwynn bibydd (Caniad of the white paper)  - Robert Ap Huw  - Brian M. Levine
  5. Kaniad San Silin (Caniad of St. Silin)  - Robert Ap Huw  - Brian M. Levine
  6. Tôn y Brenhin (The King's Note)  - Edward Jones  - Brian M. Levine
  7. Tyb y Brenhin Siarles (King Charles's Fancy)  - Edward Jones  - Brian M. Levine
  8. Hoffedd y Brenhin (The King's Fancy)  - Edward Jones  - Brian M. Levine
  9. Kaniad ystafell (Caniad of the chamber)  - Robert Ap Huw  - Brian M. Levine
  10. Distyll y Donn (The Ebb of the Tide)  - Edward Jones  - Brian M. Levine
  11. Kaniad bach ar y gogower (Little caniad on the gogywair tuning)  - Robert Ap Huw  - Brian M. Levine
  12. Sidanen (The Silken-fair)  - Edward Jones  - Brian M. Levine
  13. Canu yn iâch i Dwm bâch (Little Tom's Adieu)  - Edward Jones  - Brian M. Levine
  14. Kaingk Dafydd Broffwyd (Cainc of David the Prophet)  - Robert Ap Huw  - Brian M. Levine
  15. Caingc Dafydd Brophwyd (Cainc of David the Prophet)  - Edward Jones  - Brian M. Levine

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