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Ubiquitous and Mobile Learning in the Digital Age

Ubiquitous and Mobile Learning in the Digital Age

by Demetrios G. Sampson (Editor), Pedro Isaias (Editor), Dirk Ifenthaler (Editor), Michael Spector (Editor)

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​ThiseditedvolumewithselectedexpandedpapersfromCELDA(CognitionandExploratoryLearningintheDigitalAge)2011(http://www.celda-­‐conf.org/)willfocusonUbiquitousandMobileInformalandFormalLearning in


​ThiseditedvolumewithselectedexpandedpapersfromCELDA(CognitionandExploratoryLearningintheDigitalAge)2011(http://www.celda-­‐conf.org/)willfocusonUbiquitousandMobileInformalandFormalLearning in theDigitalAge,withsub-topics:MobileandUbiquitousInformalandFormalLearningEnvironments(PartI),SocialWebTechnologiesfornewknowledgerepresentation,retrieval,creationandsharinginInformalandFormalEducationalSettings (PartII),VirtualWorldsandGame-­‐basedInformalandFormalLearning(PartIII),Location-­‐basedandContext-­‐AwareEnvironmentsforFormalandInformalLearningIntegration(PartIV)Therewillbeapproximatelytwentychaptersselectedforthiseditedvolumefromamongpeer-­‐reviewedpaperspresentedattheCELDA(CognitionandExploratoryLearningintheDigitalAge)2011ConferenceinRiodeJaneiro,BrazilinNovember,2011.

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Meet the Author

Dr. Sampson holds a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Demokritus University of Thrace and a PhD in Multimedia Communications from the university of Essex, UK. He is an Associate Professor at the University of Pireaus, Greece. His main research interests are in the area of Technology Enhanced Learning. Dr. Isaias holds a PhD in information management from the New University of Lisbon. He is a Professor at the Universidade Aberta (Portuguese Open University) in Lisbon, Portugal. His current research interests include Infomration systems, e-Learning, e-Commerce, and all www-related areas. Dr. Ifenthaler is acting Chair of the Department of Educational Science, Mannheim University.his primary research interests include the learning-dependent progression of mental models, complex problem-solving, decision making, situational awareness, anad emotions, he has developed automated and computer-based methodologies for the assessment and analysis of graphical and natural language representations as well as course management software and educational simulation games. Dr. Spector is Professor at the Learning and Performance Support Laboratory, University of Georgia, Athens, GA. His research interests include technology integration in learning and instruction, assessment of learning in complex domains, simulation-based learning environments and instructional design support.

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