The Ultimate Dictionary of Dream Language

The Ultimate Dictionary of Dream Language

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by Briceida Ryan

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One-third of our lives are spent in the dream world where our subconscious carries messages about love, success, and money that can help us in our waking hours. The Ultimate Dictionary of Dream Language offers readers the ultimate guide to uncovering the secret meaning of their dreams.

The largest and most comprehensive dream dictionary ever published,

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One-third of our lives are spent in the dream world where our subconscious carries messages about love, success, and money that can help us in our waking hours. The Ultimate Dictionary of Dream Language offers readers the ultimate guide to uncovering the secret meaning of their dreams.

The largest and most comprehensive dream dictionary ever published, The Ultimate Dream Dictionary of Dream Language includes 25,000 dream symbols and interpretations--from sex and love to lucid dreaming, nightmares, and premonitions in dream.

Dream interpreter Briceida Ryan explains how dreams send messages about our past, present, and future that can help direct us in our lives. More than just a dictionary of symbols, Ryan explains the benefits of dreams: how they help us face our fears, understand our needs and priorities, and plan for the future.

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A You will discover that you possess an unexpected level of power and authority in an area you did not suspect. You will become acutely aware of this within three days. Because of an extraordinary set of circumstances that will occur, you will be able to visualize new lifestyles that you will be eager to adopt as your own. This will bring you a new set of friends and a new source of income. This new way of living will agree with you and cause you to flourish in all areas you desire. You will also be very successful when dealing with any emotional issue. Keep all communications open with others in order to quickly and completely resolve all stressful issues.

aardvark Avoid all family disputes and attempt to get along with all family members, especially older ones.

Aaron (from the Bible) Leave yourself open to hear a message or to gain the expertise needed to enhance your career for the next three days. This message will come from an unexpected source and will lead to a brilliant lifestyle that will enrich you throughout life. Expand your horizons.

abacus Do whatever is necessary to steer your life in a more positive direction. Review your friends and lifestyle and let go of all immoral friends and those with loose morals because they will only lead you to a lifestyle of wickedness.

Abaddon (place of the dead/angel of hell) Motivate yourself in such a way that you do not forsake your desires and your deep emotional feelings. Do what you can to connect with those feelings that are important to you. Develop tenacity, do not abandon your deepest wishes, and do not allow yourself to be forced into making promises you are unable to keep. Do not compromise your feelings.

abalone There will be an additional family member (baby) unless precautions are taken for the next week.

to eat abalone You will receive a gift of jewelry within two days.

divers, or diving for For the next two days be cautious and careful of the choices you make. Make no decisions that will restrict you from moving forward. Remain alert and carefully think through all alternatives.

the shell of Your relationship with another needs to have some excitement added. With some effort on your part, you can replace what is missing. You will also have the enthusiastic support of a special person. Once this process has begun you will experience a greater closeness than ever before.

abandon to abandon yourself, self hatred For the next few days avoid placing yourself in any situation that could lead to a crippling accident. You have prior notice of this and can take steps to prevent this.

to see another acting in a hateful manner toward themselves You will need to take care of all valuable personal paperwork within the week (i.e., deeds, insurance, etc.). Make this a priority or it will lead to a problem in the future. Take the proper steps now to ensure a future of prosperity and a stress free life.

A-battery Within a two day period, make sure you realize that you are not obligated to behave in the way someone else wishes you to, and make sure that no one controls you. You will be able to permanently rid yourself of someone who feels as though they have power over the way you behave, your manner of speaking, or your way of thinking. You will be able to accomplish this with very little stress or anxiety because of your tactful and easy manner. You are headed in the right direction for a prosperous future.

abattoir The person you wish to become involved with on a certain project is not reliable and is not interested in your plans or goals although they will lead you to believe they are. Get on with your plans and look for another person to assist you. Focus on creating a stable financial base within three days.

abbé Meditate in your favorite form and, within five days, demand from your spirit what you need. Eat healthy food and drink plenty of water. You will enjoy prosperity in your life and many blessings will come to you and your family. You will also experience pleasure with the person you most desire.

abbess if she seems interested in you You will have much luck while traveling and will meet a person who will expose you to other avenues and more opportunities in life.

if you are ignored by her Do not become easily swayed by others for the next few days.

abbey You will be able to withstand anything and there is nothing you cannot achieve. You must look for ways to quickly achieve your goals.

abbot You will be able to defeat a tough adversary within a four day period if you do not allow your business plans to be known.

abbreviation Within two weeks, you will travel to a distant city to attend a special event. You will enjoy yourself immensely and have a safe return.

abdicate Practice more common sense when dealing with certain situations that will occur within the next few days.

abdomen your abdomen You will be performing physical labor, without pay, for another. Be clear whether you choose to render some of your services for free.

another person's abdomen Within a few days you must allow someone else to express their point of view. This will lead to a clearer mutual understanding and mutual happiness.

pain in You must guard your life for the next few days. You will be shocked by the appearance of a deranged person when you venture into an unfamiliar place.

someone else's pain in You should set aside more time within the next two months for natural creativity and the expression of ideas. Greater rewards will come as a result of a creative thought.

hair on or unfamiliar markings You should back off from the advice of others for the next few days. After this you will have more clarity of thought and the organizational skills needed to implement your thoughts. Powerful results will be the outcome.

abduct to dream of kidnapping someone You will be hearing from someone who is a fugitive. This person will reveal this secret to you within two weeks. Remain uninvolved. If you are considering a kidnapping in reality, seek professional help and refrain from this act.

abductee to a UFO or any other form Regardless of how many physicians you consult to determine what is taking place with you physically, you will be told that nothing is organically wrong with you. This dream is letting you know that in spite of your feelings that something is wrong, nothing is, and you need to be happy with this fact. Healing will quickly come to you if you start treating your physical complaints from a different perspective. Redirect your thinking patterns and work to change your attitude. Stop treating your body in an unreasonable way. Do what you can to schedule in more physical exercise, change your diet, and make alterations in the way you think in order to remove any form of stress. Reschedule your life to lessen physical demands on your body and remove yourself from anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable and adds extra stress. You can easily turn this into a positive situation by redirecting the way in which you live your life. It will take time but you will recover and be healthier than you were before you began this new regimen. Also take steps to change any negative event in this dream and make sure you experience only positive expressions in your life. You are headed for a prosperous future and many blessings will come to you and your family.

abduction to dream of being kidnapped You will meet someone, within the next week, with tremendous wealth who will come into your life and will be interested in involving themselves with you in some capacity. It will be up to you to determine the level of commitment you want. This person is very loyal and will stay with you for a lifetime. Take the proper steps to ensure that you are not abducted, in reality, within two days. This is preventable.

if you recognize the person This implies that someone with similar traits as the one you recognize will enter your life and want to become involved in some capacity. This person is extremely wealthy and it is your choice whether you choose to become involved or not. If there is some negative aspect to this person, you can take steps to remain uninvolved.

if you do not recognize this person Any clue you can pick up from this person's behavior will offer you a premonition of something that you will experience within two days. If this is a negative situation, take steps to prevent its occurrence in reality. If positive, make sure you bring it to its full potential. Many blessings are with you and you are headed for a brilliant future.

knowledge of an abduction Don't fight someone else's battles; it is better to give moral support in private. This is especially important for the next two days. Also, take steps to keep this dream from becoming a reality and if you do have knowledge of an abduction, seek professional help.

Abednego (from the Bible) You need to be more persuasive with a person you are now dealing with. You will have to convert them to your point of view in order to receive benefits. Act quickly on this; it must be done within a four day period.

Abel (from the Bible) Someone will be watching you closely and secretly, (i.e., an inspector of some sort) and will appear unexpectedly. Be alert to this and make sure you do not perform any illegal or illicit activity, especially for the next week.

ablution to use or see the liquid used in the religious ceremonies You will have the physical and mental capacity to complete a difficult task.

abnormality Do not behave in an uncertain and unsure manner when in the presence of someone who is interested in involving you in a certain situation. Deal with this in a direct manner and get on with your life.

aboard to go aboard a ship or train Someone will ask to move in with you temporarily, without pay, until they are financially secure. The results will be satisfactory if you choose to allow this. This will occur within a week.

ABO blood group You will be dealing with a personal issue that will demand the expert handling of a professional. Don't waste time and seek immediate help from someone who is qualified to provide this assistance. You will be completely satisfied.

abolition Be confident and do not question anything that works to your favor for the next three days. Accept whatever comes your way as your good fortune. You will achieve prosperity on every level of your life. Any opportunity presented to you will be very fortuitous during this time period, and it would be to your benefit to render a positive response. This is an extremely lucky cycle for you.

A-bomb Within three days someone will put you into a position of potential danger. Problems will arise at a place that you frequent. This evil person has not yet given you any sign of their evilness, but upon getting closer to you they will remove the mask of normalcy. It would be an irresponsible act on your part if you allow yourself to be preyed upon. You have prior notice of this and have the choice of whether you want to allow this person's involvement in your life. Otherwise, you are headed for a very prosperous future.

abominable snowman You will have an irresistible urge for sexual contact with a person you will meet within two days. This will lead to a successful long-term relationship, if you choose to pursue it.

aborigine A mystery that has been bothering you for some time will be cleared up shortly. Everything that has been puzzling you will suddenly become clear and you will fully understand what has been going on.

abortion someone else having an abortion You must be careful not to assume responsibility for someone else's problems. Someone may insist that you take on a burden within two days. Be firm in your refusal.

to work in an abortion clinic Someone will pretend to go along with your ideas in order to undermine you and gain privileged information to sabotage your plans. Be wary of this for the next three days.

to have an abortion You will enjoy prosperity in each phase of your life. Freedom from anxiety is yours and you will soon be rid of all long standing burdens. Take steps now to avoid any negativity that has been portended in this dream. Do this within the week.

abracadabra All business transactions that involve travel will be very successful for you and will allow you to develop a better lifestyle than you ever anticipated. Good luck is with you.

Abraham (or Abram, from the Bible) Someone you do not know will defend you in a time of crisis. Within two weeks someone from an agency or in a position of authority will relentlessly help to resolve your problems.

abrasion You will receive a call from someone, within three days, who lacks the courage to express their wish to rekindle a relationship. If you choose to reconcile, make sure you give this person a little push and you will reunite in a more loving and stronger relationship. Good luck is with you.

Absalom (from the Bible) You will have an opportunity to buy property at a fantastic bargain. Move on this quickly.

abscess to see an abscess This dream indicates riches.

in any other form A priceless collection will be damaged within ten days if you do not take steps to prevent it. Otherwise, this is a lucky cycle. Make sure everything you own is immediately insured.

absence to dream of someone you have not seen in a long time A faraway friend has a profitable enterprise (marketable product). You will receive a call from this friend. As a result of this call, it will occur to you that it would be profitable to start the same enterprise in your region. This hunch is correct, go for it. Look forward to this within four days.

absentee ballot Within three days, your abilities will be unexpectedly tested and challenged by someone in a position of authority. Because you have prior notice of this, you will be able to handle yourself appropriately.

absent friend to be reunited with long lost friend Do not let your imagination take control, especially for the next four days. The absent friend you dreamed about may represent someone with a similar personality whom you will be dealing with within the next three days, or may be someone you have not seen in a long while whom you may not wish to deal with. You have prior notice of this so if this person has any personality trait, character flaw, etc., that you disliked in the person you dreamed about, take steps to avoid them completely. If this person has a delightful way about them, make it a point to become better acquainted. During this time period, any negotiation you have with others will also result in success because of your communication skills and all conversations that deal with negotiations will have successful results.

to run into an absent friend whom you have not seen in a long time Think back to the time in your life when you were familiar with this person. Any good and positive behavior you were practicing at the time should be repeated and all negative aspects of your life need to be avoided during this cycle. This dream also implies that this person is someone you will want to see or will run into accidentally within five days, or you will run into friends of this person who will talk about this person to you. You will be made aware that this person wants to contact you, and there may be an important reason why you need to connect at this point in your life. Alert this individual to any negative event viewed in this dream so they can take steps to prevent it. You will also run into many other people, other than this individual, whom you have not seen in some time. You will have an enjoyable time during this cycle because you will receive many invitations to a number of events from people you have not seen in a while. You will experience a tremendous amount of joy and will broaden your horizons. This will lead to extra advantages and opportunities. Take steps to keep any negative event in this dream from occurring and make sure you only experience positive expressions in your life. You are definitely headed for a brilliant future.

absent without leave (AWOL) A problematic situation will arise within five days. Although you will feel compelled to become involved and offer assistance, refrain from this involvement. You will not have the emotional resources to cope with this issue extensively. Do not allow yourself to feel guilty, each person is able to handle only so much.

being an AWOL or of someone else being an AWOL Within three days, you will gain the freedom you have long desired. You will be able to express yourself on any level and will explore new dynamic dimensions that will bring you prosperity and happiness.


Excerpted from THE ULTIMATE DICTIONARY OF DREAM LANGUAGE by BRICEIDA RYAN. Copyright © 2011 Briceida Ryan. Excerpted by permission of Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc..
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Briceida Ryan has been a dream interpreter for over 30 years. She is also a health educator in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of California in San Francisco, St. Luke's Hospital, and San Francisco General Hospital. She lives in Pacifica, California.

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