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Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health

by Liz Pearson, Mairlyn Smith

Be healthy, eat well and indulge your sweet tooth.

Several years ago, registered dietitian Liz Pearson and home economist Mairlyn Smith developed The Ultimate Healthy Eating Plan. This best-selling book provided guidance for optimal health and the prevention of diseases including cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health is a

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Be healthy, eat well and indulge your sweet tooth.

Several years ago, registered dietitian Liz Pearson and home economist Mairlyn Smith developed The Ultimate Healthy Eating Plan. This best-selling book provided guidance for optimal health and the prevention of diseases including cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health is a welcome follow-up book about disease-fighting powerhouse foods. The authors describe how often to eat these foods and in what quantities. Filled with great tips for eating on the run, dining out and snacking wisely, the book combines the 50 best recipes from the first book with 90 new ones — all nutrition-packed and fabulous.

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Liz Pearson is a registered dietitian with a passion for peanut butter sandwiches and an undying love for chocolate. Mairlyn Smith is a multi-talented home economist who creates recipes that are super nutritious and incredibly delicious. Together these two wrote The Ultimate Healthy Eating Plan... that still leaves room for chocolate, an award-winning national bestseller. Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health... and don't forget the chocolate! is the next level—the next generation. It answers more questions, gives more advice, and highlights more disease-fighting powerhouse foods. And that's not all! In addition to containing 50 "best of the best" recipes from the original book, it contains 90 brand new, tasty, nutrition-packed recipes. Here are 10 ways that Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health is certain to boost your health and well-being:

1 How to Eat Healthy in an Unhealthy World

We live in an unhealthy world. We're bombarded with high-calorie, fat-laden, sugar-loaded, nutritionally-barren foods at every turn. Obesity is considered one of today's most visible-yet most neglected-public health problems. The prevalence of type 2 diabetes is predicted to get worse before it gets better. Our children may be the first generation with a lower life expectancy than their parents. If ever there was a time to take action, that time is now. Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health is designed to help you make healthy choices in an unhealthy world. Whether dining out, grabbing food on the run, or making meals at home, we provide specific, realistic, and achievable advice on your best food choices.

2 DispelsMyths and Clarifies Misconceptions

If you're confused, discouraged, or disheartened about what you should or shouldn't eat, join the crowd. Nutrition headlines seem to change with the weather. One day, a particular food is good for you, the next day it's harmful to your health. One person says eat it, the next says don't. Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health does its best to make sense of the complex and ever-changing world of nutrition. Our recommendations are based on the best evidence available from our extensive review of the research and interviews with leading scientists in the field. These questions and more are answered:

  • Can you get all you need from food or must you pop a pill?
  • Is soy a miracle food or have we been misled?
  • Do canned fruits and vegetables really deliver?
  • Fish is supposed to be good for you, but is it safe to eat?
  • Should we build our bones with milk, or is there a better way?
  • Are organic foods worth the money?

Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health simplifies complex issues, tackles controversial subjects, and provides specific advice.

3 Packed with Super Nutritious, Disease Fighting Foods

Twenty-five hundred years ago Hippocrates said, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Today, research confirms that certain foods and food combinations have the ability to slash your risk of heart disease and cancer, protect against diabetes and osteoporosis, shield against aging and Alzheimer's, cut your risk of eye diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts, and alleviate inflammatory disorders like arthritis. Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health highlights foods that are the most potent disease fighters like pomegranate juice, cinnamon, green tea, broccoli, berries, extra virgin olive oil, and almonds. Foods are ranked based on their overall nutrient contribution as well as their health-protecting ability. How much of these foods do you need to eat to significantly reduce your risk of disease? Does it matter whether you eat them raw, cooked, peeled, or chopped? Are some foods more beneficial when eaten alongside other foods? Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health gives you the goods on the nutritional world superstars.

4 Highlights Dietary Villains You Need to Avoid

Sugar consumption is skyrocketing around the world. Artery-clogging trans fats and saturated fats lurk in unlikely places. Refined grains, like white bread, can be harmful to your health. Too much red meat can significantly boost your risk of colon cancer. Soft drinks or "liquid candy" are tied to ballooning waistlines and a higher rate of type 2 diabetes. Some specialty coffees made with whole milk, syrups, and whipped creams have enough calories and fat to sink a small ship. Portion sizes are out of control. Most fast foods are a landmine of sodium. Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health helps you avoid the worst of the worst—the foods most harmful to your health. It also provides healthy alternatives that satisfy. Does it get any better?

5 Helps You Lose Pounds and Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

Maintaining a healthy body weight is one of the most important things you can do for your health. You lower your risk of heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and osteoarthritis. Yet in the 21st century, managing a healthy weight is more challenging than ever before. Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health is designed for reducing waistlines and satisfying hunger. It's loaded with great tasting ideas that are low in fat, low in calories, and high in fibre. It will please your taste buds, keep you on track, and motivate you. Great taste, wholesome eating, and healthy weight loss—all in one.

6 Super Nutritious, Incredibly Delicious Recipes!

Fact: people don't want to compromise taste when it comes to eating healthy. Fact: you don't have to. Mairlyn makes it possible to enjoy every single bite of a very healthy day. The Rotini with Feta and Tomatoes tastes like summer. The Grilled Salmon with Raspberries is divine. The Orange Avocado Black Bean Salsa Salad overflows with flavour. The Awesome Lentil and Rice Salad should win a prize. The Jamaican Spiced Marinade with Pork Tenderloin simply couldn't be better. And the lemon-zest sugar topping on the Wild Blueberry Muffins is to die for. When it comes to recipe creation, Mairlyn is the master. There are kid-friendly recipes, impressive-enough-for-entertaining recipes, and, most importantly, tons of super-fast and easy recipes. Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health—super tasty, super nutritious, super wonderful!

7 Realistic and Achievable (includes Seven-Day Meal Plan)

You know you should eat more fruits and vegetables, but you don't. "Top Ten Tips for Meeting Your Fruit and Veggie Quota" (page 23) is guaranteed to help you get there. You've heard that beans are good for you, but how do you eat more of them? "Ten Great Ways to Say Hello to Beans" (pages 60-62) will guide you. The cereal aisle is overflowing with options, but what cereal should you choose? "Ten Terrific Tips for Building a Beautiful Bowl of Cereal"(page 43) makes it easy to pick the best. Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health is loaded with top 10 lists, best of the best lists, and how-to-get-more lists. The ideas are practical and doable. There's even a Seven-Day Meal Plan that ties together all of the advice and recommendations. Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health tells you why, but, most importantly, it shows you how.

8 Provides Top Tips for Life in the Fast Lane

We live in a fast-paced, hectic world. Eating on the run, skipping meals, and frozen dinners are a way of life. No time to shop for food. No time to prepare food. We dine at our desks. We dine in our cars. The result is often a nutritional catastrophe-a diet of unhealthy fats, excess calories, and sodium, and not enough nutrition. A busy lifestyle is no excuse for a lousy diet, and neglecting our health, no matter how crazy life gets, is simply not an option. Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health is geared for life in the fast lane. We provide fast food survival tips, like the two-slice pizza rule, and snacking on the run tips, such as the healthiest snacks to pack. There are also label reading tips, a frozen dinner checklist, and top tips for dining out. With Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health your life can be healthy and high-speed.

9 Gets You Off the Couch

Our generation is the most sedentary in history. We've engineered activity out of our lives. We sit in cars. We stare at computer screens. We're glued to the tube. Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health gives you 55 incredible reasons to move your body. Participation isn't optional. We provide 12 easy ways to build movement back into everyday life and 14 top tips for incorporating activity into your day. Recommended activities are provided, as well as tips for keeping your kids off the couch. Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health is more than just an eating plan, it keeps you moving.

10 Still Leaves Room for Chocolate!

They say there's nothing better than a good friend... except a good friend with chocolate. It's true. Chocolate is calming, delectable, heavenly, intoxicating, irresistible, sexy, and sinful. The best news is that this mouth-watering food is actually good for you. Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health

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