The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game

The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game

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by Braddock, Mr. M

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Picking up young, beautiful women is changing. Phones, texting, and social media are much bigger parts of women’s dating lives than they were five years ago. Attention spans are shorter. If you’re not relevant to her – day to day, not just on “date night” – someone else will be.

That’s why we’re giving


Picking up young, beautiful women is changing. Phones, texting, and social media are much bigger parts of women’s dating lives than they were five years ago. Attention spans are shorter. If you’re not relevant to her – day to day, not just on “date night” – someone else will be.

That’s why we’re giving you the top secret techniques that the world’s top pickup artists have been using and refining for the past two years. Now you can use them too. Here’s what you’ll be able to do after just the first few pages:

- Get a woman’s phone number almost EVERY TIME using the “magic words” that make flaking nearly impossible even if she’s drinking.

- Avoid the one fatal error that 60% of guys make after getting her phone number that kills their chances right then and there.

- Know whether to use phone or text and how long to wait to get in touch for every situation.

- Use “callback humor” to make sure your first phone call has her dying to see you again… but only if you set it up properly when you first met her.

- Text her while you’re still talking to her so that your conversation continues ‘naturally’ even after you leave — and leads to a same night encounter or a date. Choose from among dozens of scripted messages to send.

- Building attraction, qualification, and comfort through text.

- How to use “push/pull”, “role playing”, and Demonstrations of Higher Value (DHVs) to show you’re different from ‘random guys’ she gives her number to – with dozens of actual scripts and conversations.

- 5 all-too-common comfort-building mistakes revealed from studying thousands of text conversations.

- Tests to tell how much work you have to do with a woman before she’ll meet up with you again on your terms.

- The magic “mass text” phrase that will get women to meet you without even trying.

- The RIGHT and WRONG days and times to call or text – this can easily be the difference between success and failure…

- How to get her to make the first move.

- Responding to “bad behavior” (not answering or returning calls, etc.).

- Voicemail messages to leave that are guaranteed to get her to call you back.

- When to “sexualize” phone or text calls, and when NOT to.

- Scripts to sexualize every conversation – both low-risk “baiting” and progressively increasing until sex is virtually guaranteed on your next date.

- And lots, lots more.

And something else very, very powerful:

- How to use Phone and Text Game so that all of the “work” on your date is done – she will meet up with you already in the mood to “party.”

Editorial Reviews

"...There was some information in here which blew my mind. It's hard to explain it in words, but some theories are covered with brilliance. By saying or doing the smallest thing on the phone or by text, it has the biggest effect and that was one of the most amazing aspects of this book for me... Without a doubt, this book has filled a huge gap in the market and I'm happy it's out because I really needed this as I'm sure many other guys did."
Ba Mofo
"...Contained inside is an expertly done text and phone walkthrough of the emotional progression model that is highly insightful. Also, there is an interactive segment that has you develop your own call back humor skills. A key point that should be mentioned is that everything is so clearly explained so that it is really easy to understand and apply... These actual real life exchanges are not only an amazing resource to look upon, but also hilariously funny and entertaining too..."

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Meet the Author

Braddock is a guy who couldn’t get a date a few years ago, until he found Love Systems. In his words, “I read every Love Systems book. I listened to every audio. I soaked up all the knowledge I could, and I practiced. A lot.” It paid off.

He became so successful with beautiful women that he got ranked among the top 10 pick up artists in the world. He was invited to join Love Systems as an instructor – an elite honor for the world’s top pick up artists only.

Braddock saw that the game was changing, so he spent a year and a half recording, studying, and testing thousands of phone calls and text (sms) conversations. He’s found the “glitches in the matrix.” He’s used all the shortcuts.

In short, he’s proven that what used to be an annoying necessity can actually be an amazingly powerful tool to pick up beautiful women – all building on the internationally successful Love Systems approach to picking up women.

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Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I dont think so.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a must read book! There is a huge gap between the initial meeting of a girl and establishing your value in her eyes to the final step of entering into a romantic and sexual relationship with that girl. The beginning and end parts are fairly straightforward in their logical structure, but the middle period of getting the initial attraction in her mind to stick and then build to the point where you've become a live romantic option for her is variegated, complex, and often involves the subtlest of skills in progressing from stage-to-stage. This book provides many of the tools necessary in moving from those initial opening and attraction phases into setting up dates and hookups with the phone numbers you have acquired. The subtlety involved depends on the specific girl involved, your mindset in progressing, as well as your technique, because one false step or overreach in this stage can spell failure. Or not. As this book helps you also realize…there are some factors beyond your control despite your best game. But these techniques and concepts taught in this book will turn many of those numbers into dates and relationships where previously they would be fizzled or turned into flakes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So I was reading my diary (shut up, diaries are cool) to see if I can actually give this book a positive review. Here's the thing: participating in self-help is like walking through a minefield of nice-but-useless advice. But statistics never lie. Long story short, in a month I had a little under thirty (...fine, low 20s) numbers. I got them during the day and at night, so the sample size is pretty solid. Some of the girls were kind of flaky to begin with, but lots of them were keeners (one of them asked me to go to a show, another wanted to take me rock climbing). Of all of them, using my normal text game, I met up with zero and only had three answer the first text (ironically neither of the girls who I almost had plans with). Then, in a fit of panic, I read Phone and Text Game. And now I have a 100% success rate. Jokes. But there was a notable improvement. One month later I had roughly the equivalent amount of numbers from the same variety of girls. I met six of them and slept with three of them (and BESIDE one, if that counts), one being almost exclusively because of text game (at a club called Tiger Tiger trying to find her again, "come here so I can watch you walk away"). Since then text game is almost my staple, and I love it dearly. When I re-read the book recently I realized that all of the little things that I was doing were from Phone and Text Game. But I wasn't using lines, tricking girls or just using flashy BS to feel a rush. The concepts in this book work. Anyway, go enjoy it irresponsibly. You've earned it :)