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Ultimate Sins
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Ultimate Sins

3.8 27
by Lora Leigh

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Three men, bound by blood, will stop at nothing to protect the women who have stolen their hearts and who they have claimed as their own-no matter what the price.

Ex-Marine Crowe Callahan has only had one obsession in life: Amelia Sorenson. She is the only one who has ever gotten under his skin. However, she is


Three men, bound by blood, will stop at nothing to protect the women who have stolen their hearts and who they have claimed as their own-no matter what the price.

Ex-Marine Crowe Callahan has only had one obsession in life: Amelia Sorenson. She is the only one who has ever gotten under his skin. However, she is also the daughter of his family's sworn enemy: a man who has sought to destroy the Callahans for generations in order to further his own nefarious agenda.

When Amelia put herself on Crowe's side and in Crowe's bed, she became her father's enemy as well. When Wayne Sorenson escapes capture, both Amelia and Crowe know it is only a matter of time before he resurfaces to exact his revenge. Now Crowe will claim Amelia in order to bait a killer and end things once and for all. But can he protect the woman he can't seem to live without from one of the deadliest enemies he has ever known? And will he survive if he can't? in Ultimate Sins.

"Leigh's books can scorch the ink off the page."-Romantic Times BOOKreviews

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Alpha-male sex and aggression saturate the pages of Leigh’s fourth Callahans romantic suspense (after Secret Sins). Crowe Callahan returns to his Colorado hometown and Amelia Sorenson, the only woman he’s ever loved, to trap the so-called Slasher, a wickedly clever serial rapist/murderer who has been terrorizing the town and the Callahan clan for decades. It so happens that the Slasher is Amelia’s father, Wayne, who’s also the county attorney. Wayne has a major axe to grind with Crowe and his cousins, Logan and Rafer—something to do with treasure that Wayne feels is rightfully his. The story is disjointed and overpopulated, and the characters’ motivation are afterthoughts. Leigh’s diehard fans might appreciate all the rough sex scenes, but the book unlikely to win her any new readers. (Sept.)
From the Publisher

“Leigh continues to do what she does best: write steamy hot love scenes, dangerous enemies and deadly revenge.” —RT Book Reviews on Ultimate Sins

“Has everything a good book should have: suspense, murder, betrayal, mystery and lots of sensuality. So rarely do you come across a book that you can lose yourself in and Midnight Sins is definitely one of them. Lora Leigh is a talented author with the ability to create magnificent characters and captivating plots.” —Romance Junkies on Lora Leigh

“Leigh delivers…erotic passion. This is a hot one for the bookshelf! ” —Romantic Times BOOKreviews on RENEGADE

“Smoldering romance, suspense, and mystery. Add to that the cast of interesting characters-and their pasts-and you have the perfect recipe for one amazing novel.” —Night Owl Romance (4 ½ stars) on RENEGADE

“Will have you breathless…gets your blood running hot with the physical attraction.” —Romance Reviews Today on RENEGADE

“Overflowing with escalating danger, while pent-up sexual cravings practically burst into flames…” —Sensual Reads on BLACK JACK

“Leigh's pages explode with a hot mixture of erotic pleasures.” —Romantic Times BOOKreviews on HEAT SEEKER

“A phenomenal read.” —Romance Junkies on MAVERICK

“Scorching-hot sex, deadly secrets and a determined assassin add up to another addicting Leigh thriller. Leigh's ability to credibly build damaged characters who are both intriguing and intense gives her stories that extra punch.” —Romantic Times BOOKreviews on MAVERICK

“Sex and violence power the satisfying second installment of Leigh's Elite Ops series.” —Publishers Weekly on MAVERICK

“Full of wrenching emotion and self-flagellation by the hero, the new series of Elite Ops promises to be even better than the sexy SEALs at this rate.” —Night Owl Romance on MAVERICK

“With her customary panache for emotionally intense, sensual characters, the author attracts readers into every world she creates. This fabulous follow-up to Wild Card is no exception to the rule.” —A Romance Review on MAVERICK

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St. Martin's Press
Publication date:
Callahans Series , #4
Edition description:
First Edition
Sales rank:
Product dimensions:
4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.10(d)

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Ultimate Sins

By Lora Leigh

St. Martin's Press

Copyright © 2014 Lora Leigh
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4668-3707-2


Two years later

Sleep wasn't happening.

Too many memories haunted her, the knowledge of too much blood and betrayal echoing through her soul.

Amelia had known her father was cruel. She'd known he was a bastard. He'd proved it over the years in so many ways.

In ways that would scar her soul forever. Yet there were days, and nights such as now, that she thanked God he'd never treated her as though he loved her, that he'd never fooled her into trusting him.

If she had trusted him—

A swift, hard strike of terror had her breath hitching at the implications of such a mistake. At what she could have lost, when she had already lost so much.

When she had lost—

"What happened to your room, Amelia? It used to have life in it."

Amelia swung around, her heart in her throat, her breath suddenly trapped there, threatening to strangle her as she stared back at the man, standing so strong and sure as he slipped past the balcony door.

Amelia had known Crowe would show up. She'd known after she'd been dumped on his porch by Amory Wyatt two weeks before, naked, helpless—oh God.

She turned away from him, staring around the room, wondering what he saw to make him say such a thing. Trying to focus on anything, everything but the memory of him finding her like that.

God, he had changed. In the seven years since the last evening they'd spent in the county attorney's office, he'd hardened. He was stronger, broader. He was colder.

But then, so was she, she thought. The difference was that she knew the chances of ever finding the warmth she had once known with this man were nil to never.

Amber-flecked brown eyes, emotionless, stared back at her from a face with a harsh, savage male beauty that still had the power to steal her breath.

He owned her heart. He owned the young girl she had once been and fought to forget until the second she'd whirled around to see him standing inside her room. The epitome of every dream she'd ever had—of every nightmare she never wanted to remember—staring around the room that once held so much more than it did now.

The full-size bed was neatly made. It hadn't really been slept in for years.

She always dreamed of Crowe when she slept in it.

Once, there had been lace on what were now plain sheets. Decorative pillows and the big stuffed mouse he'd given her weeks before he'd disappeared forever.

The small chaise in the corner of the room held the single blanket and small pillow she used when she did sleep. On the table beside it sat a glass of water, half empty, her phone, and books.

That chaise once held lace scarves, magazines, a pile of books. The table had held pictures of herself with the few friends she'd believed she'd never lose.

There were no pictures now, not of herself or of any friends she might have once had. She had learned to never reveal a weakness. A picture was the same as an arrow pointing to a weak spot, someone or something she may love.

She followed Crowe's gaze around the room.

It was nearly spartan, with few adornments or keepsakes. It resembled a hotel room more than it did someone's home.

"Is it over?" she asked.

Had they finally found what they needed to prove her father was the heinous evil behind the identity of the Slasher?

The question hung in the air as she fought to distract him from the sterility of the room.

The sterility of her life.

"It's over," he stated, not bothering to hide the satisfaction in his tone. "All we have to do now is catch him."

Amelia brushed the shoulder-length strands of hair back from her face and watched him carefully.

"Surely, he can't hide for long," she whispered, hating the trembling of her voice, the fear that wanted to rise sharp and painful inside her.

"I won't let him hide for long," he answered, his lips twisting into a sneer. "But he doesn't want to hide, does he? He wants to destroy us."

No, her father wouldn't stay hidden for long. She knew Wayne, and she knew the demonic killer known as the Slasher. She'd spent most of her adult life trying to avoid both, only to learn they were one and the same.

Unfortunately, she hadn't been certain of that until the night her father had forced her from her bedroom, rendered her unconscious, then transported her to the cabin where he had already raped and killed more than a dozen young women in the past fourteen years.

She was forced to shake her head slowly as she met his gaze once again.

"What now, then?" she asked. "How do you intend to make him show himself?"

She couldn't shake that overwhelming fear that the shadows twisting and churning beyond the stark balcony outside her window held something far more sinister than just the darkness now.

"I intend to offer the perfect bait," he stated, his tone icy, his expression hardening.

But what, Amelia wondered, confused, was the perfect bait?

Pure male arrogance tautened each plane and angle of his face. The sharp, high cheekbones, the aristocratic blade of his nose, the deliberate thinness of what she knew was a passionately full lower lip.

He was enraged though it was buried behind that veil of icy indifference. But she could sense the volcano beneath the ice, churning, ready to erupt—not with heat, but with frigid, remorseless fury.

Which way would the explosion radiate, though, without the object of his hatred to catch the fallout?

Wayne had disappeared, and Amory Wyatt, his partner in the bloodletting, had escaped without a trace. He was gone without so much as a follicle of hair to be found in the house he had lived in for more than four years.

Amory had become an indelible part of the county as director of social services. He had been seen as kind, compassionate, and generous. Yet, he was made of the same brutal cloth her father had been cut from.

"You don't seem overly upset that Daddy Dearest is gone, Amelia." Powerful arms folded across a broad chest, stretching the material of the black T-shirt he wore over the hardened muscles beneath.

Amelia could only shake her head as she fought past the trepidation rising inside her. "It doesn't seem real," she finally answered, terrified to believe in it. "For so long I prayed—"

Another hard shake of her head and she cut the thought off.

She hadn't meant to say that. She hadn't meant to reveal so much.

And of course Crowe had no intention of letting it go.

His eyes narrowed, long, thick lashes lowering over his gaze as he paced closer to her, his arms dropping from his chest, his hard body tense, as though prepared to defend himself every second of his life.

"Prayed for what, fairy-girl?" The jeering reminder of the nickname he had given her so long ago jarred her senses.

Once, he'd whispered the pet name with arousal thickening his voice. The rasping cadence had been a part of memories guaranteed to leave her aching with longing, even now.

"To be free of him." Forcing back what she'd nearly said, she shoved her hands into the hidden pockets of the dark-gold broom skirt she wore as she hunched her shoulders against the chill building beneath her flesh.

"You knew who he was." He made the accusation suddenly with knowing silkiness.

Amelia shook her head desperately, her hands immediately leaving the comforting warmth of the pockets to bury into the sides of her hair as she clenched in the strands. Fighting her fear had always been the worst part. She was such a coward, and always so terrified that her own actions would result in a friend's persecution, arrest, or, even worse, Crowe's imprisonment.

"I didn't know!" she cried out, feeling the heat of his body as her eyes jerked open to the sight of his chest far too close to her.

Immediately her hands were against the softness of his shirt, desperate to push him back, to force back her own aching needs and the dark fears she couldn't rid herself of.

Or the shadowed rage building inside her.

"Then why pray for your freedom?" Broad, callused fingers wrapped around her arms, the warmth of them sinking through the cashmere material of her sweater.

"Because he was desperate to destroy you." She had to escape his touch. "I had to pretend you didn't matter. That none of you mattered. That no one mattered. I had to search for evidence against you." Tears filled her eyes. "I had to lie through my teeth and make it sound convincing whenever I asked if the Callahans could be part of those atrocious deaths while he pretended to defend you." Her voice broke as agony rushed from the dark, once hidden depths of her soul where she had pushed it so many years ago. "I had to hate you just to be able to save you. And God help me, yes, I just wanted to be free of it."

She had sacrificed everything she was, everything she had ever wanted to be, to save him. To ensure her father couldn't destroy him.

"You knew he was the Slasher," he repeated, slicing deeper into her soul.

"You know that isn't true." A sob escaped her lips as she pulled back from him, tried to pull back from the heat searing into her flesh. "If I had known in time, I would have warned you."

Had she suspected? Was that where the fear had come from for all those years? That terrifying knowledge that something dark filled the soul of the man she was supposed to call father.

Crowe released her, but rather than backing away to give her space, he continued to move closer. She retreated until he had her back against the wall.

"I didn't know," she repeated, agony resonating through her as he caught her wrists, anchored them in one hand, then brought them slowly above her head, forcing her to the tips of her toes as she strained away from him. "What are you doing, Crowe?"

"He didn't want to kill Logan, Rafer, or me," he told her. "He wanted us imprisoned. He wanted us out of the county for the year the trusts our parents left us specified as the amount of time we could be out of Corbin County before we lost everything they wanted us to have. He wanted to watch us suffer."

"I didn't know what he was doing," she protested again, though she feared he was deliberately ignoring it, just as he would ignore any proof she had that she wasn't lying.

"He wanted to destroy everything we loved." Fury throbbed just beneath the hard growl of his voice and echoed in the silent fire beginning to blaze in his eyes. "He and his fucking partners raped and murdered any woman we touched and did everything they could to frame us for those murders."

And they had nearly succeeded more than once.

"I didn't." She had to force the protest out, because he was touching her. Whether in anger, hatred, or the intent to harm, still, he was touching her and God help her but she had ached for so long ...

A whimper left her lips as his hard chest pressed against her breasts, his hips into her lower belly, and the raging erection beneath his jeans angled at her navel.

She could feel how hard he was, remember how hot, how intent he could be while pushing inside the wet, aching depths of her body.

"He almost took everything we cherished, Amelia," he reminded her, his eyes brilliant in the darkness of his face, in the sudden arousal that suffused it. "He nearly destroyed Rafe and Logan and the women they loved, and he made certain he tracked down every woman we may have even considered having as a lover."

"I didn't know!" she cried out again as his free arm wrapped around her hips and pulled her up his body until he jutted his hips between her thighs, the denim-covered erection notching against her sex. "Please, Crowe, I would have stopped him if I could have. I swear. If I had known, you would have known."

"He dangled you beneath my nose like a fucking piece of steak before a hungry wolf, Amelia," he told her, his tone brutal. "He was daring me to take you."

She couldn't think about that; she didn't dare.

"Please, Crowe. Let me go." The plea was whispered but no less desperate for its lack of force.

Her loss of strength against him was terrifying. The feel of his body, all lean hard muscle and raging male hunger, was more than she could deny herself.

She had ached for so long.

Ached for his touch. Ached for the perfection of pleasure she had found in his arms so many summers before.

"Let you go?" His head lowered, his lips brushing against the line of her jaw. "Do you really think that's going to happen, Amelia? After all this time, after the effort he went to in teasing me with you?" Strong teeth nipped at her jaw before the warmth of his tongue eased over the little ache. "Dared me to take you. Have you considered why? Have you considered the punishment he had in store for you if I ever dared to take what was so subtly offered and he learned of it?"

She couldn't—

"Please don't do this to me." Her head fell back against the wall, tilting to the side as his lips moved slowly down the sensitive column of her neck.

So slowly.

His tongue licked against the nerve-ridden flesh, his teeth scraped against it, sending pleasure racing with fiery force along her tender nerve endings.

He was going to break her in ways Wayne had never been able to break her. He would destroy that last dark, hidden place where she had stored the most important memories, the deepest depths of her love for him.

"Don't do what to you, sugar elf?" he whispered, one hand sliding beneath her skirt to her bare thigh as his hips rolled, the hard wedge of his cock pressing against her suddenly swollen mound. "Don't pleasure you the way I've been tempted to pleasure you? Don't take what I was offered every fucking time you stared up at me with those pretty eyes?"

A moan escaped her lips as he gripped the flesh of her neck in his hard teeth, his tongue lashing at the skin there with exquisite hunger. He refused to give her a chance to catch her breath, or a chance to deny him. Just as he refused to allow her to place any distance between them.

"God, I've hungered for you." His fingers slid farther along the inside of her thigh, finding the elastic edge of her panties and rubbing against it erotically. "Have you been hungry for me, Amelia? Have you been wet for me, baby?"

Wet for him? She had been so wet for him over the years that it had been all she could do to keep her panties dry.

His fingers slipped beneath the elastic edge of the silk-and-lace panties and found the slick heat covering the swollen lips of her sex.

Amelia froze, her lashes immediately rising, focusing on Crowe's as he lifted his head and stared down at her.

Lust burned in the dark depths, predatory and filled with a heat that seared her to her soul.

"Crowe ... please ..."

Suddenly his fingers were no longer just caressing her; the tips of two pierced her entrance, sending heat raging through the intimate flesh. Spiraling, brilliant arcs of pleasure tore through her system as her hips jerked forward, her inner flesh now desperate for more.

"Oh, God, yes." That moan couldn't be hers, could it?

It was, she knew it was.

"Like that, elf?" he whispered at her ear, his teeth raking against it as her hips rolled against the penetration. "Do you want more?"

"More." She was ready to beg for it. "Oh God, please, Crowe ..."

Brutal, shocking heat tore through her.

She remembered the night he had taken her virginity, the searing, white-hot pleasure and pain that had engulfed her, and knew that sensation again. His fingers filled her, stretched her, piercing her with dominating strength.

"So hot," he growled at her ear as his fingers moved inside her slowly, stretching her, making her ache for more even as her flesh burned and protested the invasion. "Sweet, sweet Amelia. So hot and wet."

She was falling again. Amelia could feel it, knew what was happening, and knew it would destroy her. It had happened like this before. Crowe's touch, the power of his hunger combined with her own overwhelmed her, only to rip her heart from her chest when he walked away from her.

"Don't," she cried out, shocking herself as well as him. "Please, don't ..."

Don't destroy her. Don't own her again only to toss her away.

"Don't?" The snarl in his voice ripped another cry from her soul as she forced her hips to still. To stop the needy roll, the outward thrust into each penetration that forced his fingers deeper.

"Let me go."

"No ..."

"Please, Crowe," she cried out desperately, pushing against his shoulders, feeling the orgasm beginning to build as his fingers found that sweet, sweet spot deep inside her. "Oh God, please let me go."


Excerpted from Ultimate Sins by Lora Leigh. Copyright © 2014 Lora Leigh. Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

#1 New York Times bestseller, LORA LEIGH is the author of the Navy SEALS, the Breeds, the Elite Ops, the Callahans, the Bound Hearts, and the Nauti series.
"Lora Leigh writes compelling, red-hot romance." --Sacramento Book Review

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Ultimate Sins 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 27 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Set in a small town where three young cousins are left alone when their families are all murdered. The young men grow up on the fringes of society raised by an uncle who eventually dies too leaving the cousins with only each other to depend on. They become the target of a serial rapist and killer who begins slaying every woman the young men have a relationship with. By the time this novel comes along in the series, everyone has just discovered who the killer is, and the hunt is on.The latest Callahan Sins (see Secret Sins) is an edgy over the top of the Rocky Mountains romantic suspense in which newbies will be lost and returnees need a scorecard to keep track of the Cecil B. DeMille size cast. For Sins fans only, at times the heated sexual interludes that melt the mountaintop snow intrude on the anticipated showdown between father and lover. As always with Lora Leigh's books, it kept me awake until I finished it!These two characters suffer and endure a lot throughout the three books, so the end deserved to be sweet. I just wish there had been more mention of the family. And of course, I can't wait for Amara and Rory. This book did not disappoint me and was exactly as it should end the series... Lora is becoming one of my favorite authors.    
musings-of-a-bookworm More than 1 year ago
Oh dear I was so looking forward to this book. I am a massive Lora Leigh fan and have read the first 3 books. But This one just went out on a limb to far, and pushed reader suspension of disbelief too far. You need to have read all three books to get even the first few chapters of this one but it just kept throwing new twists and turns that just had me shouting at my Kobo "oh come on" more then once. In the end I gave up as I ended up just not giving a damn and not finishing it. Now I know that Lora Leigh can carry a series beyond 4 books as she has other series the are in double figures but this one ran out of steam or just got to complicated to be precise. I will be hoping for better things for her next book.
Life_Long_Movie_Watcher More than 1 year ago
Just awful -- I love Lora Leigh and would buy anything with her name on it. But this was terrible!! I won't be buying her without a little more investigation from now on. This book wraps up the Callahan trilogy and should have just stayed unwritten -- the hero is nasty, surly, no redeeming qualities, continually coerces our main female character to have sex even when she's repeatedly said no, is an absolute @$$ to the people around him (including kids). Our 'heroine' is just stupid -- she never object to our male character just moving in and taking over her house but she objects to body guards walking in front of her? Oh and to Ms. Leigh -- you can't have a baby and have no physical signs inside or out. Oh, and there just has to be a 'secret entrance' to a regular house so the bad guy can get in? Come on! When the male character is talking about having sex our female character says, "I never told you no." I yelled back at the book "YES you did, about 7 or 8 times and I'm not even on page 150 yet!" Yick -- a terrible end book for this series. Simply awful. Don't waste your time.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
## Wonderfull story! For those of you that are discusted with the sex sceens. Move on! Lora Leigh is an erotic romance writer. It is part of why we read her books! Very well written. Worth the wait!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It's ok but bad editing. Also I do love a good sex in a book but sometimes it's just a little much and this one is definitely one of them :-)
JenniferSchultheisJS More than 1 year ago
I've been waiting for this book for what seems like forever. So as soon as it arrived on my doorstep today, I locked myself in the bedroom and started reading Ultimate Sins. This book is jam packed with action, suspense, sacrifice, sorrow, serious hot sex, and of course love! Just when you think you know how a story is going to play out, Lora Leigh puts together so many twists and turns that you are left reeling.  I absolutely love books and I read constantly, but Ultimate Sins, puts any other book I've read this year to shame. Every scene is well written and you can tell Lora Leigh put an insane amount of time into this book. Her characters were so detailed  and at times so heartbreakingly beautiful. Anything I write in this review couldn't possibly come close to how excellent this book really is. Ultimate Sins is a fantastic, nail biting read and it was definitely worth the wait!
celticmaggie More than 1 year ago
Wow! This was a hard hitting story. This grabbed me and took me for an erotic horror story ride. Keep this out of the reach of children! I missed the first books so it took a bit to catch up. Crowe was military. He lived in a town with a serial killer. His girlfriend was helping him find information. He had to leave town and Amelia was abused for it. This was a hard book to read. It was a lot deeper than I expected but it was a good book. Lora has another good book in her series. There is a lot if sex so be prepared.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the book & series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cherryreads More than 1 year ago
I finally finished Ultimate Sins by Lora Leigh. I was so excited when I learned of this book. I loved the other Callahan series and couldn’t wait to read Crowe’s story, but this book was not as good as the others. It took me forever to read it because it did not have that page turning quality. The writing seems forced in the beginning. I was a little confused in parts. Crowe, the most ruthless of all the Callahan cousins, seemed to be a little bi-polar. He loves Amelia so much that he forces himself to leave her to keep her safe from the danger that is plaguing his family, but then he purposely puts her in danger so that he can draw out the person that has made it his mission in life to kill anyone that they love. It doesn’t make a bunch of sense. There are moments in the book where I feel he treats Amelia cruelly. There are numerous scorching sex scenes that are described in this book, but that doesn’t make it read any better. Also the big secret that Amelia has been holding on for years can be seen coming a mile away. I don’t want to give it away but, when you learn what it is, there are also some “come on” moments when you can’t believe that people are behaving in such a way. The best part of the story is toward the end, when it gets to the “can’t put it down” part (The show down between the man that has made it his mission to destroy all things Callahan and the one Callahan that has everything to lose.). I feel that there are too many contradictions in this story to make it great-that and it being so long since the last book, I can hardly remember what was going on. An author takes a chance waiting so long on a series, because the readers tend to lose interests in the characters that they have worked so hard to create. Overall, I thought the book was okay, but I feel that the story between Crowe and Amelia could have been told better.
dutcheja More than 1 year ago
I am a huge fan of Lora Leigh books and I loved this one just as much. If is full of suspense, and very erotic sex scenes. The romance is fairy tale worthy. Characters revisit, there is a damsel in distress but she sure doesn't want to be. She believes she can take care of herself. There is also a big twist that you won't see coming. Enjoy!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I would of given 3.5 stars but system would not do it. I read Ultimate Sins. Then I reread the entire series in order, because the timeline and some of the references did not match what I remembered. My memory was correct. Editors should of caught the errors. Simple facts ranging from the Slashers age to weather references. The final scene Kimmy enters wearing boots, turn the page and she's wearing sneakers. Sex scenes are abundant and I'd swear many of the paragraphs are copy and paste. Mind you I'm aware we all buy Lora Leigh books expecting a multitude of enticing sex scenes. Editing of an established well read author should be of better quality. I agree with other reviewers that the characters in the series are great. The series is worth reading. The books are worth buying. It's just that some of the characters personality traits glaringly do not match their psyclogical profiles in a consistant manner. The main two are Amelia's manic changes from a female of strength (yes I'm a J.R. Ward fan) to a wimp and Crowe's never ending love for a female he routinely treats like a worthless piece of humanity interspersed with the author repeatedly stressing the fact that he was raised to protect and care for the innocence of his woman and child. Wayne Sorenson/the Slasher's character and personality also seems to fluctuate along with his age. While I found these issues annoying I wait with anticipation for the next story. Possibly Rory's or Ivan's.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Lora Leigh is great as usual! This book was written very well loved the characters! I love this series! The Callahans are great! So are the women who loves them!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have only read two of the books in this series, this being one of them. At times, I was a little confused, but still managed to figure out the characters a story line. I agree with some of the other reviewers, I wish Amelia would have had more of a backbone. With everything she had been through you would have thought she would have been stronger and smarter. I also didn't really understand why Crowe took such a dominant stand with her. The sex is hot, but at times goes a little too far. For some reason this author loves to have her hero obsessively dominate the women in the story. Sometimes it goes a bit too far. All and all a good story and a good wrap up to the series.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
3.75 stars--ULTIMATE SINS is the fourth and final instalment in Lora Leigh’s contemporary, adult The Callahans erotic romance series focusing on the Callahan Family.  This is ex marine Crowe Callahan and Amelia Sorenson’s storyline that sees retribution and revenge against a serial killer that has targeted everyone the Callahans have ever loved. ULTIMATE SINS sees the culmination of one man’s vendetta against a town and a family he believes owes him everything. Because ULTIMATE SINS is the final instalment of the Callahan ARC I would suggest reading in order for easier understanding and consistency.  Told from several close personal third person points of view including memories and present day premise, the storyline covers approximately seven years-seven long years that saw Crowe Callahan walk away from the only woman he ever loved leaving her unprotected from a violent and psychotic man who is determined to destroy an entire town.  While Crowe was sent away on assignment with the special ops forces, Amelia was left behind to endure humiliation, abuse and torture but what Crowe never realized is that Amelia did everything to protect the people that she loved. The timeline skips ahead a number of times and what happens during those seven years is important and imparted to the reader when and where necessary. Crowe is a hardened ex-marine whose personality was less than welcoming. As a controlling, over protective male Crowe is the epitome of alpha marine and a man who would do anything-including murder- to protect the woman that he loves. Amelia is a woman whose life has been shattered by one man-a man so close that betrayal is considered tame for the sins he has committed against the people of the small town she loves. But Amelia is also a woman, who knows her life is in danger but continues to put herself at risk at every opportunity. She refuses to be held prisoner in her own home even though it is probably the only way to protect her from the evil that has promised retribution and revenge. The relationship is a second chance at love for two people who have never stopped loving one another. As the Callahan family find themself and everyone they love the victims of a deranged serial killer, Crowe and his cousins begin to unravel the truth behind a psychotic mind. With the help of an anonymous source, the identity of the murderer known as the Slasher will become readily apparent and all too familiar. As per Lora Leigh’s style of writing, the sex scenes are numerous, graphic and hot. Nothing is off limits between consenting adults and Lora Leigh punches up the sex with graphic language and visual imagery. There are some sex scenes of questionable consent. The secondary characters include the Callahan cousins, law enforcement, friends, spiteful townsfolk and a psychopath set on revenge and death. As with the end of any series arc there is the introduction and hint at what is to come and Rory may be getting his storyline next. ULTIMATE SINS is a story of suspense, romance, sex and love. Lora Leigh’s imagination knows no boundaries and she takes the reader along for a roller coaster ride towards the final reveal.
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I have bought and read everyone of lora leigh's books as a 'buy on release' because i always thought they were well written. However, recently I've had to change my mind. I'll still buy her books but I'll make sure to check the characters out first. I like romances and conflicts and I've read all of the books on the dangers to the Callaghans leading up to this one. I've also read about Amelia in a previous book and was looking forward to her story. This book was a let down for me because even though Amelia was strong and courageous enough to help save several of the people in her community and put herself in countless dangers to protect Crowe Callaghan and after all the beatings over the years and broken bones, throughout the main part of the book, she is a wimp. That's right..a wimp. He makes love to her years earlier and then leaves her behind to be abused for years by her father and then by the husband she was forced to marry while he watched her, once in a while, from a distance, when he wasn't sleeping with different women trying to forget her while in the militaty. While she never slept with anyone else ither then her abusive husband and then when Crowe shows back up, he's verbally abusive to her but she turns to putty in his hands in a second. This happens throughout the book, in the beginning she knows he's only using her to draw out her father but does she treat him coldly our emotionlessly? Nope. He basically crooks his finger and she comes crawling to him with barely a whimper every time. Another spineless action is getting kicked off the committee she chaired for years and ecen though she didn't have to, she turns over 7 years of her lifes work to the committee with barely a disagreement. Even though her one friend there told hr to refuse. Pathetic. I would have told them to go to hell. Those are just some of the things i didn't care for with her weaknesses. He was a jerk to her, abandoning her and after abandoning her, he heard that she came looking for him and he sort of knew why, but he didn't check up on her. He treats her like a toy to play with whenever he wants and then berrates her outside of the bedroom, telling her that the only thing that counts is finding her father. His verbal treatment and abandonment could have balanced out if she stood up to him but she was ALL about keeping him safe and working and thinking of him throughout the years. Yet, while he did work of catching the killer he still lived his life with apparently various women while she kept herself chaste and wished for only him. Pathetic. Three stars for a great storyline and tying up the ending to this series, but minus two stars for the spineless Amelia when it related to the hardnose Crowe. And the countless 'pulling off the clothes' scenes, which was every other page. I even skipped those after a while because itbecame annoying. He shows up, she knows she should resist him for two seconds but thats it, once he touches her, she's putty. ~sigh~ truly wish she had more of a backbone and kicked his butt for his treatment of her. Three stars.
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Good book but i expected more excitment with crowe