Ultimate Uniforms

Ultimate Uniforms

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by Miranda Forbes

If a commanding man or imperious woman dressed in a smart uniform makes your heart tick faster, these 20 original stories exploring the sensual delights of uniforms, both for the wearer and the admirer, are guaranteed to seize your attention.

Whether it is the smartness and authority of military dress, the sassy temptations of a naughty maid, or the possibilities

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If a commanding man or imperious woman dressed in a smart uniform makes your heart tick faster, these 20 original stories exploring the sensual delights of uniforms, both for the wearer and the admirer, are guaranteed to seize your attention.

Whether it is the smartness and authority of military dress, the sassy temptations of a naughty maid, or the possibilities offered by a policewoman, arousing descriptions and unabashed accounts of kinky sexual encounters await!

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Claire shuddered in abandoned ecstasy, pressed between the bodies of the two security guards, their cocks filling her completely, their nylon uniforms scratching at her skin, four strong hands in her hair, holding her face, running all over her body, the cold metal of Gary’s badge and stubborn plastic of his walkie-talkie and torch digging into her side. She came hard, her screams echoing around the dusty old building, silenced by Steve kissing her hard.
Claire was practically limp with pleasure and exhaustion as the guards climaxed and they collapsed in a tangle, and she giggled, remembering how only an hour ago she’d been resigned to pulling an all-nighter and by some strange chain of events she’d ended up in a cluster fuck with two rough security guards.
Earlier that evening Claire held a T’Ang Dynasty ceramic horse in her hands and her frown of concentration gave way to an appreciative smile. That flake Stuart was supposed to help her work through the night cataloguing the Treasures of the Orient exhibition before the technicians arrived first thing in the morning to lay out the gallery space, but he’d pleaded illness. A hangover most likely. But it didn’t matter. She’d take the credit for the extra work and be the natural choice for the postgraduate research position at the university that was rumoured to be up for grabs in the autumn.
The museum was cold, dark and deserted, with energy-saving lights that only came on as you walked under them, leaving spooky shadowy corners. Claire looked around with a shiver. It was a bit creepy, with the dinosaur bones looming ominously in the next room, and the Chinese figures from all eras half in and out of boxes all around her. It was easy to imagine an ancient ghost skulking around something that belonged to it in a former life. She silently scolded herself for being silly.
She placed the figurine in its glass case and pulled her glasses down onto her nose, pushing the errant strands of fine blonde hair behind her ears. There had been some controversy over whether to write the labels in Classical Chinese or modern Mandarin, but, ever the perfectionist, Claire decided to do both, putting her language studies and her stunning calligraphy to good use.
The traditional sable hairbrush sailed across the cream card and Claire leaned in close to her work. Footsteps clicking up the corridor and lights snapping to life made her jump, and the brush slipped.
‘Sorry, didn’t mean to make you jump. I’m Gary.’ It was the security guard doing his rounds.
Claire blushed. She wished she didn’t blush when men spoke to her, but she had always been far more at home with books and ancient relics than with living, breathing men. But that’s not to say she didn’t crave their touch.
‘Wow, this all looks impressive.’
He strolled around the boxes, peeking inside. He had a loud voice and a jaunty swagger. A Maglite and a walkie-talkie swung from his belt.
‘I know a bit of Chinese myself. Listen ... Yi, Er, San, um ... I’m stuck now. It was ages ago I learnt it. I do martial arts see. I had to learn to count in Chinese for one of the gradings.’
Claire smiled shyly and looked away. She wished she didn’t have a soft spot for these rough-around-the-edges type of men. Deep down she wasn’t the studious little thing everyone thought she was. Her mum was always pestering her about being almost 25, and when was she going to settle down with a nice archaeologist or something, but she liked a shaved head and tattoos. A uniform was a bonus. 
Gary’s security guard’s uniform suited him. The navy blue jacket just hinted at muscly arms and Claire imagined they would be covered in tattoos. Her neck burned as the next wave of blush swept up to her cheeks.
‘Bit shy, aren’t you? You should come out with me one night, I’ll show you a good time.’
‘I’m just a bit busy,’ Claire replied, failing to keep the smile out of her voice.
‘Well, see that camera up there?’ He gestured to the corner. ‘You give me a wave on there when you’re not busy any more and we’ll have a cup of tea. How’s that? And we might have to cuddle up for warmth if it gets any colder in here.’
He gave a cheeky wink and looked her up and down. Suddenly the rare artefacts didn’t look so appealing. She felt like sweeping everything onto the floor and throwing herself on the table and letting him have his way with her. Images of his strong arms and solid body flashed through her mind’s eye. The uncomfortable fabric of his uniform scratching her skin as he pulled her clothes off and held her close. His rough stubbly chin grazing her lips. Having to stand on tiptoe to kiss him as he was so tall. Him picking her up easily and positioning her just how he wanted her. She was bright red. He reached out and pinched her cheek.
‘I could have some fun with a sweet little thing like you. Bet I’m too old for you though, aren’t I?’

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Miranda Forbes is an experienced author and has written erotic stories for numerous publications. She has also earned a reputation for being a task-master and hard to please! So, you can be sure, only the highest quality stories are ever released into her voluptuous volumes!

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