Ultimate Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter

Ultimate Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter

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by Galadriel Waters

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Calling all HP Sleuths...

Here is the original Ultimate Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter, which gives Harry Potter fans the ability to delve deeper into the mysteries and fun of Harry Potter. It investigates all the clues that J.K. Rowling has hidden in her series.

This is the Guide that got almost everything right about what would


Calling all HP Sleuths...

Here is the original Ultimate Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter, which gives Harry Potter fans the ability to delve deeper into the mysteries and fun of Harry Potter. It investigates all the clues that J.K. Rowling has hidden in her series.

This is the Guide that got almost everything right about what would happen in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Over 400 pages of theories and predictions -- including many more theories about what will happen in Books 6 and 7. Find out about those!

Using only legitimate sources (J.K. Rowling's published works and interviews), this guide can be used to expose plot puzzles and clues that the author has concealed in her stories. Readers are excited to discover all the hints they missed when they read the Harry Potter books the first time(s)! Readers are taught to become an expert HP Sleuth, so they can have a lot more fun doing their Harry Potter detective work while they wait for Book 6. Here is a taste of what's in the book...

  • What's with Percy?
  • What is going to happen in the war?
  • Who may turn traitor in the final two books?
  • What secrets does Professor Snape hold?
  • Do you know how to solve Snape's poison bottle puzzle in the room "through the trapdoor?" Did you know there are actually 2 solutions to that puzzle?

    The Ultimate Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter addresses a broad audience in a humorous, fun-to-read, conversational format that brings new excitement to the Harry Potter series. It is a must have for Harry Potter fans!

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    The War

    Harry may be preoccupied with Horcruxes, but Voldemort is most likely finished making them and, with no reason to think they are in danger, has turned his attention to the war. We are sure he is getting impatient waiting for his “minions” to make real progress. What he needs are some really good weapons – maybe even a secret weapon.

    It has always seemed odd why Voldemort kept trying to invade a school so badly. We understood the power of indoctrinating kids early, but who’s going to leave their kids at Hogwarts if they know Voldemort’s taken it over? It would probably would just close, so it didn’t make sense. What good was a school if there weren’t any kids…unless…it wasn’t the kids, but the buildings and grounds that he wanted?

    In Chapter 20, we have now learned that Voldemort has been probing the mysteries of Hogwarts ever since he was a kid. And he wasn’t just looking for his Slytherin heritage – he was looking for powerful magic. He was convinced that Hogwarts was a “stronghold of ancient magic” and that “there were still mysteries to unravel.” Now it all makes sense. Trouble was, Dumbledore kept getting in the way – wouldn’t let him snoop-uh-teach. But now with Dumbledore out of the way, he will be able to continue his search…but search for what?

    Then Jo gave us the name of Book 7 and we knew. To search for some of the most powerful ancient magic that exists in the world – Druid secrets that would make him invincible. Voldemort is most likely on a quest for the Four Hallows of Hogwarts. The only problem might be if Dumbledore hasn’t reallyleft there entirely…

    Voldemort’s Army

    Death Eaters – Inspired by success with the death of Dumbledore, we are assuming a prison break for those in Azkaban. If so, where are their wands, and do they get them back, or do they have to get replacements? Does Voldemort have Ollivander?

    Giants – they’re at the moment with Voldemort. Having seen what they are capable of, the giants seem likely to help with Azkaban.

    Dementors – they have been off breeding. Where and how? Could it be that their presence is affecting all wizards…generally sapping powers so that all wizards are becoming weaker? Dumbledore had once said that they will go with whoever can supply them with the food. Dave Haber of WizardNews.com is of the opinion that the Dementors will be used to ultimately destroy the parts of Voldemort’s soul. Good theory – as long as they find it tasty enough and it is permanent enough.

    Lethifolds – Jo made special comments about these in interviews, so we have been waiting for these to show up. We are thinking Madam Pince’s “thick black veil” was a reminder they are lurking out there. Hope Harry has some happy thoughts ready!

    The Ministry


    There is something not quite right with Scrimgeour, and everything is pointing to his being Voldemort’s man. When Fudge wouldn’t “stand aside,” Voldemort supposedly threatened him and started a Muggle killing spree.” After Scrimgeour took over, the killings suddenly stopped. What happened? Obviously, Scrimgeour was part of it.


    We are still wary of Celestina Warbeck.

    The Order

    We are thinking that Harry is a candidate for taking over the Order, but it will depend on how busy he is chasing Horcruxes. Other people we see are: Bill, McGonagall, Shacklebolt, or Arthur.


    Ludo Bagman

    We are betting the “powerfully-built” blond Death Eater is Ludo Bagman. We heard Dumbledore talk about a protection program for Draco – did Voldemort do something similar for Bagman? If so, we are also giving good odds he is a reluctant participant or an agent – that he is with Voldemort out of desperation, to protect himself from the goblins who wanted his money or his hide. In spite of all the spells he was hurling, it was too coincidental that no one – except another Death Eater – was killed. Ludo is not the type to be able to harm kids. Someone with his professional Quidditch skills could probably have been able to aim those ricocheted spells to go where he wanted them too.

    The Dursleys

    When asked which character she disliked the most, Jo had answered Uncle Vernon. And sure enough, he refused to give his word to Dumbledore that he would take Harry back in. On the other hand, he may have hurt himself in the process (it is the choices you make), since even if they aren’t willing to protect him, Harry would certainly protect them, as he did Dudley. The Dursley home is surrounded by flowers (funeral-style), and there are some hungry Dementors and Lethifolds out there….

    Mundungus Fletcher

    We’re thinking Dung might, in his poking about in the Black house, have laid hands on a certain heavy gold locket that was actually a Horcrux. Dung’s eye for a nice piece is probably much better than his ability to sense magical danger. The question is, after impersonating an Inferius, is he sane enough now to remember what he did with it?

    Hermione Granger
    (One of the “gang of six” from the Ministry fight)

    We are very worried about Hermione. It all started back in 2000, when Jo remarked in an interview with Time Magazine, that due to Hermione’s cleverness, no one was very worried about her. “They see her as someone who is not vulnerable, but I see her as someone who does have quite a lot of vulnerability in her personality.” We have been watching her carefully, and lately, there have been some troublesome clues. We had watched the tell-tale references to Dumbledore or things around him having “stopped dead.” Having seen Dumbledore’s fate, we felt we ought to pay attention to those references. Hermione also has “stopped dead” in both Book 5 and Book 6.

    Hermione Granger’s name is unusual. Her initials are Hg, the symbol for Mercury, an alchemy which is the name of a Roman god. In Greek mythology, that god was called Hermes (the messenger of the gods). Jo had told us an interview with Lindsey Fraser in Conversations with J.K. Rowling, that she took the name from a character in Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale. In that story, Hermione is thought to be dead, but then what everyone thought was just a statue steps down – she was alive after all. That idea of a statue coming to life has roots in literature back to classical mythology when Pygmalion’s statue of Galatea was brought to life. Yes, you did see Pygmalion and Galatea (the name of Riddle’s Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. We had discussed this in our original Guide and thought she might have already fulfilled her destiny when she was petrified by the Basilisk and brought back. But there was the oddest reference in Book 6, when Harry was observing Trelawney and she “stopped dead, right on the other side of Harry’s statue.” The term, “Harry’s statue” could mean a statue of Harry. However, it could also mean a statue belonging to Harry (aka Hermione). And we have continued to be prodded with piggy and pyg-like references. It would seem that Hermione’s fate may involve a partial death, a trip to the Underworld, or something very important to do with statues. Hermione will probably surprise us. We are thinking she might get a little help from Krum.

    Rubeus Hagrid

    Hagrid was introduced to us as “The Keeper of the Grounds and Keys” at Hogwarts. We haven’t seen any keys yet, but they had to be important if he has that title. And what at Hogwarts needs a key (besides the third-floor corridor)? It has to either be something on the grounds or a vault at Gringotts. In Book 1, Hagrid had said that there were dragons guarding the high-security vaults. Maybe there are, and maybe we will see one. There could also be sphinxes or harpies guarding them too.

    Neville Longbottom
    (One of the “gang of six” from the Ministry fight)

    The “Almost-Chosen One.” We’re not sure if Neville’s memory was affected by a spell, but if it was, unlike his parents, he was able to fight it. He was brave enough to go into battle, knowing that he is not very good at practical magic, and we have only been given a glimpse at his true skills. We can only imagine how great he would be in his areas of expertise, where he could be heroic (and we expect it). In fact, Neville’s little plant may even be heroic – we have a precedent set already. An “MM” was the hero in: Wrinkle in Time (a Jo favourite), The Little White Horse, and in A Series of Unfortunate Events. Neville is a part of Harry and still tied to Harry’s destiny.

    Luna Lovegood
    (One of the “gang of six” from the Ministry fight)

    Luna assuredly sees things other people do not. Luna’s mother was very clever, as she was always experimenting with magic. We expect to see some kind of unusual skills from Luna. Her kitty litter raises suspicions that she may be be an animagus. If not, her ties to the moon goddess and her eyes may give her special abilities. Our resident ELF is of the opinion that she may be one of the few people who doesn’t need a prop (broom, carpet, etc.) to fly. No matter what, her tie to the moon goddess implies a deer or fawn connection.

    Remus Lupin

    Lupin is in constant danger living among werewolves who are both treacherous and probably jealous of him. Then again, how brave do you have to be to walk into a classroom where you have to face your boggart for every lesson? We are thinking that this is the character who was supposed to die but got a reprieve. Lupin used to be a very damaged individual, but now he has found love.

    Draco Malfoy

    Draco is a “marked man” – figuratively, and we do feel from all the evidence, as well as Dumbledore’s comments, that he is literally marked as well with the Dark Mark. Harry did feel sorry for him, and we can only hope it is true that Draco was regretting his action before he even cast the spell. We now know that Draco is being abused by someone. We had witnessed some mental abuse from his father when Hermione got the better grades, so we thought it was all coming from his father. Since his father is in Azkaban, it could still be remotely from his father, it could be Bella or Cissy, or it could be someone externally, like Fenrir.

    Narcissa Malfoy

    We are not convinced that Draco’s mission was necessarily Voldemort’s mission. Everything points toward Draco having the Dark Mark, and yet, from what we saw of the meeting between Bella, Cissy, and Snape, it looked as if Cissy was too much in control. She appeared to be playing a role – with the specific intention of trapping Snape into the vow. She may have known her son was not capable of murder, or she may have just been making sure that Draco was covered. We also feel there’s an off chance the whole plot was conceived by Cissy and/or Lucius specifically to get back at Snape, of whom they are now jealous. There is a possibility that there was some attraction to her by Snape (we are suspicious she has some Veela in her) and she capitalized on that weakness.

    Madam Pince

    Dumbledore seemed confident that they could effectively hide Draco and his mother. Is Madam Pince also getting one of Dumbledore’s famous “second chances”? And what’s with the thick black veil” at his funeral? How did Harry know it was her – is she known for wearing veils like that? We are wondering if she is a vampire. Even Trelawney comes out once in awhile, but we have never seen Madam Pince away from the library. They could have installed a hidden door in the library for her to get to the dungeons like the trap door that was installed in the Willow for Lupin. If there is one, does it also lead to Hogsmeade? Is that why we were shown that bookshelf in Snape’s house – or could it even be hooked to the same tunnel? Come to think of it…look at that nose and her love of shadows – remind you of anyone? And her name is awfully close to “Prince.” In fact, it is an anagram for I’m a Prince. Wow! Is that the Greasy Mom? Jo had said she didn’t “think” Snape is a vampire – maybe it’s because he might have some of it in his blood in the same way that Bill now has a little werewolf in his.

    Harry Potter
    (One of the “gang of six” from the Ministry fight)

    Yes, the “Chosen One” – like being a boy pharaoh. No pressure. We are expecting to finally see what’s behind those green eyes of Harry’s. We are also thinking that Harry’s “prickly neck” will become even better at sensing magic.

    We still think that Harry comes into contact with too many poisons to not be immune. Does he have something in his blood, or a bezoar permanently in his stomach?

    Stan Shunpike

    In Chapter 16, as he was drifting off to sleep, Harry had been pondering “werewolves and Snape, Stan Shunpike and the Half-Blood Prince.” Now that we know Snape is the Half-Blood Prince, what does that make Stan?

    Severus Snape

    Whose side is he on? From all the evidence, we have to go with the good side in spite of the fact that we saw him apparently murder Dumbledore. He had just too many opportunities to do in Dumbledore or Harry, and he has been saving people’s lives all over the place – including Dumbledore’s. Now, it may be that he had to in order to stay tucked away safe from Voldemort, but he immediately took over for Draco and didn’t even give him a chance to perform a spell – as if he needed to do it personally for some reason.

    It appears to us that Snape and Dumbledore had a prior vow of some sort, themselves, and that Snape was forced to “kill” Dumbledore. Although we heard the “Avada Kedavra” spell, we do not know what silent spell Dumbledore or Snape may have uttered silently. Either way, Dumbledore sacrificed himself for the school he loved in the same way that Lily did for Harry. Therefore, we can only imagine the protection he has placed on the school from his act. His body buried on the school grounds assuredly reinforces that.

    Tom the Barman at the Leaky Cauldron

    Any number of people from Diagon Alley could have been at Dumbledore’s funeral, but Jo wanted Harry to notice Tom. He isn’t much of a character, but neither was the attendant in the play “Steambath.” However, his role could be vital. He is the gatekeeper for the intersection of the Muggle and magical worlds. We saw that Dobby was able to seal the barrier between the worlds at King’s Cross station (it is a cross). What if one of Voldemort’s tactics was to somehow seal off all entries to the worlds? If that isn’t where Jo is going with this, then keep an eye on Tom.

    Dolores Umbridge

    Dolores Umbridge is very skilled at self-preservation. She also knows how to take advantage of a situation. She’s in tight with the Minister, and we think she might regain some of her status. Based on the clues in Book 5, we are theorizing that the Toad is mother to the silver-handed Rat.

    Ginny Weasley
    (One of the “gang of six” from the Ministry fight)

    *Sigh* Like Hermione, Ginny has foreshadowing. Flowers keep appearing near certain people, and while they are nice, they are also symbolic of death. In Book 5, there was a small reference that had us worried. In the fight in the Department of Mysteries, we were surrounded by Death Eaters and the Veil of death, when Hermione ended up with an injured ankle – symbolic of Orpheus’ journey into the Underworld to retrieve Eurydice, who had been bitten on the ankle by a snake and died. Based on perceived clues, we have to be very concerned about Ginny. Of course, she might have pocketed that little silver music box and, like Orpheus, it could come in handy if they need to visit Fluffy again.

    Percy Weasley

    When Voldemort threatened Fudge to “stand aside,” it was so reminiscent of the murder of Lily. Who was Voldemort aiming for this time? Fudge was already corrupt, so who or what would have mattered to him? One person Fudge could have been protecting was his Junior Minister. It may explain why Percy never did make it back home.

    Ron Weasley
    (One of the “gang of six” from the Ministry fight)

    So far, everything Ron saw in his mirror has come true. Will he become Head Boy?

    The Weasley Twins

    We could easily be wrong, but flowers are decorating the twins’ room at the Burrow, so we have to acknowledge the signs. What worries us the most is the number of blasts and explosion clues we are seeing. Those may be the signs of war, but we were taught the dangers in Book 5 of messing with magic. Luna lost her mum to it, and Jo wanted us to know the risks for a reason. We are very concerned about the twins. However, it may be a positive – that they will cause the explosions that destroy the enemy. Even if their fate is the worst, knowing them, they will probably take out half of Voldemort’s army when they go! We are confident they will make a big noise and go in style.



    Looks like they’re just trying to keep the bank open – war cannot be good for business. In Book 3, Hermione told us that the Hogsmeade inn was used as a headquarters for the 1612 goblin rebellion. Is that now being use by either Voldemort or the Order?


    We had thought there was a glimmer of Kreacher trying to please his new master, but between Dobby and Harry, we never got a chance to see. And now, we are convinced that Harry’s “Get out of it” allowed Kreacher to do just that. We are wondering if Kreacher knows how Lucius treats his house-elves.

    The Merpeople

    We anticipate going into the lake, and that the Merpeople will be helpful. They may even be the ones to explain more about the Hallows, as they seem to have a piece of the Stone of Destiny down there.

    Mimbulus mimbletonia

    We like this little pet plant, it stays a lot closer to Neville than his supposed pet Trevor (who we have grave suspicions of!) and we think there’s a good reason. We think the plant’s sap may have protective properties (remember it spraying on the train?) and that its position in the moonlight, there by Neville’s bed, may have been playing an important role in his progress as a wizard during Books 5 and 6. It may act as a broadcaster or receiver of magic—remember, it comes from a very ancient land, with many secrets, and one that, like Dumbledore, is gone now. Good plant! Good boy!

    Other Creatures We Might See

    We think Harry might encounter creatures at a Gringotts vault or in the Underworld. With all the hints about harpies, we are wondering if, like Philip Pullman, she sees harpies in the Underworld.

    Boa Constrictor from Book 1
    Dragon – either Norbert or Harry’s Hungarian Horntail
    Sirius’s Bike
    Weasley Enchanted Car


    What Items might be Horcruxes?
    · Riddle’s Shield/Award in the corner cabinet of the trophy room
    · The silver dagger Wormtail used to draw Harry’s blood
    · Voldemort’s wand
    · One of the trophies (suits of armour) in the trophy room (could be Gryffindor’s or Ravenclaw's)
    · Something else in the trophy room that belonged to Gryffindor or Ravenclaw
    · The tiara in the Room of Requirement
    · Heavy locket at Grimmauld Place
    · The scarlet quill and silver ink pot on Dumbledore’s desk
    · Silver Music Box that put everyone to sleep
    · We do NOT believe the snake is a Horcrux because it can die
    · Not likely Harry, but only if we misunderstood something (we’ve done it before)

    Where are the Horcruxes?
    · Kreacher’s bed at Grimmauld Place had a lot of stuff
    · Mundungus’ sack of sterling from Grimmau room
    · Stashed in the Room of Requirement
    · In the lake
    · Some Nifflers will most likely help out there
    · Godric’s Hollow

    Who May Have Been Murdered to Create a Horcrux?
    · Professor Binns (poisoning)
    · Ogg, the Groundskeeper (whose full name may have been Ogden)
    · Headmaster Dippet (for not giving Riddle the teaching position)
    · Professor Galatea Merrythought (because he wanted the position to open up)

    Seeing the Signs

    In the depths of Book 6 lay the answer to some riddles posed by Book 5, and perhaps the clue to the ending of the series as well. It has to do with some of the running bits – specifically the ones about floating, crosses, upside-down and Ts that have been bugging us since Book 5.

    We’re sure you now have seen that Book 6 is full of cards of all types and forms, but by far the most striking is the Tarot card imagery. There is a procession of “hanged men” that began back in Book 2 when Harry saw the hangman’s noose in Borgin and Burkes and Mrs Norris hanging upside-down from the torch, followed by the Hanged Man Pub in Book 4 and then the incident where the Death Eaters stage their rude exhibition at the Quidditch World Cup. It is strongly reinforced in Book 5, as Harry sees his father execute a spell that dangles Snape in the air. In Book 6, Harry learns the spell that does it—and uses it—and when we get to Dumbledore’s death in Chapter 27, in The Lightning-Struck Tower, (the Tower card is the sixteenth in the Major Arcana, a Tarot Trump) it is confirmed – we’ve spent five books looking at Tarot Trump number 12—yes, twelve—called The Hanged Man.


    The Tau Tarot, sprinkled among Books 3 through 5 (Time-Turner, Triwizard Tournament, Tutshill Tornadoes), is at least partly explained. The Hanged Man card represents “suspension” or “sacrifice.” It is illustrated with the Hanged Man suspended from a Tau cross, which is one of the oldest crosses. It is shaped like a T, and once used to mark the forehead of the repentant. The man’s legs are in a “4” shape, or what is known as a “fylfot cross.” The other name for the fylfot cross is the swastika, the basis of the symbol for the Nazis, which Jo has told us is her influence for Voldemort and his war.

    Let’s look more carefully at the Tau cross, going back to (where else?) Book 2. Do you remember the Masons, the dinner guests that night when Dobby smashed Aunt Petunia’s pudding? In just the way Hagrid’s throwaway line in Book 1 about borrowing “young Sirius Black’s” bike became the focus of Harry’s life, a small mention in Book 2 appears to hold the key to the conclusion of the septology. We found a significant link between Book 2 and Book 6 in the form of Sluggy’s velvet hat with a tassel, which we believe to be a Masonic fez, and as a result, went to look more into this ancient and somewhat secret society. We found the Tau cross there, as a significant item in their beliefs. The triple Tau is regarded as the Key (a running bit) to the “Seal of Solomon”—a pair of interlocked triangles that form a Star of David (the same symbol used to mark/scar Jews during Hitler’s reign of terror). A very important bit of Masonic jewelry’s inscription translates as “Nothing is wanting but the key.” When the Seal is unlocked it reveals five Platonic elements sharing a single characteristic, the fifth (or quintessence) of which is Heaven/treasure. We’re sure you’ve noticed the references to five in Books 5 and 6.

    Remember Bill was working in Egypt? The Egyptian ankh is a Tau cross with a loop on the top (or a large chunk of a “hangman” figure). The loop in question is often interpreted as the ourobouros, a snake eating itself. Tau’s Egyptian history goes back to Thoth, who is supposed to have created the alphabet. The Ankh is also known as the Key of Heaven. Does that mean Harry is going to be using the key to Heaven in Book 7? We hope not! But it may mean he will be venturing beyond the living.

    We have been seeing strong hints that Harry will visit the Underworld or go “beyond the veil” in some way. The group of six friends (the recurring sixes and half-dozens in Book 6) who we saw penetrate the Department of Mysteries will surely play a significant and interlocking role. We cannot predict from the clues exactly how the plot will unfold, but we keep seeing recurring themes of life, death, and suspension. We are already on a Horcrux hunt, and there are souls (including ghosts) that are suspended between worlds.

    Horcrux Search

    What do we know about Horcruxes? Let’s start with the name. Our Philological Stone reveals an “Hour Cross” from the simple etymology of hor+crux. What would Hour Cross mean? Given the recurring themes of the two-headed Janus/Quirrell (looking forward and backward), the ouroboros (snake eating its tail), and the cyclical time (phoenixes, hummingbird-and-egg, New Year’s Eve, the waking/dream state, etc.), we are thinking it is somehow tied to the time when the old gives way to the new – such as midnight – when the previous day ends and the new one begins. It isn’t just a characteristic of time. In space, it can be visualized as where the Muggle world touches/intersects the magical world – at the Leaky Cauldron and Diagon Alley. And most significantly, it would be related to the veil that separates life and death. Think of Sirius in his slow swan dive -- suspended between the two existences. All we know about the spell is that it tears a soul apart and inserts it into an object that then becomes the Horcrux (it is possible that the spell would have to be cast at midnight).

    According to what Harry and Dumbledore witnessed, Voldemort has torn his soul into 7 pieces – of which 6 are external and one is internal. As long as Voldemort has not created an extra Horcrux to replace the locket, there are only 4 remaining Horcruxes. The question is, did Voldemort ever discover that the locket was missing? Probably not – since the fake locket with all the security systems in place was sitting at the cave.

    Even though the sword of Gryffindor is safe, the castle could easily be holding other artifacts of Gryffindor’s or Ravenclaw’s. All those slug and puking references combined with mentions of trophies would almost have to be a clue about the trophy room. There are lots of potential articles there that could go all the way back to the four founders. There is also Tom Riddle’s own Shield -- his Award for Special Services that Ron puked all over and polished all night. That is stuffed in a corner cabinet, and could have been used as a Horcrux. There must be plenty of other shields, swords, and trophies (including suits of armour) in there.

    According to Dumbledore, the night Voldemort killed Harry, he was intending to create his final Horcrux. Now, even though we don’t have explicit instructions, we know from Sluggy’s explanation to Riddle that the process of creating a Horcrux is that: 1) “split your soul” (aka murder). 2) “hide part of it in an object outside the body.” 3) “there is a spell…I do not know.” So, we assume that he may have had the object ready, but he had to perform the murder first in the order of events. Therefore, nothing that night could have become an official Horcrux because there was no murder – Harry lived. It is true that Lily was murdered, but Voldemort had murdered countless people prior to Lily and they didn’t become Horcruxes unless Voldemort cast the appropriate spell. Therefore, nothing before the attempt on Harry would have counted – unless Voldemort was able to intentionally alter the spell.

    Now, we were shown several times that clever wizards can utter a spell in the split second before something hits them. So, it is possible that he did purposely try to redirect his spell, using Lily’s murder, but then he would have been redirecting it only after he realized something went wrong, and he would have been redirecting it to an object he had with him. And if he did, he would know that he attempted to redirect it, and would have been looking for where it ended up. It has been bantered about the Internet that maybe Harry is a Horcrux, but if he had any suspicions it ended up in Harry (like Dumbledore, he would know it can go into a living being), then the last thing he would have been doing is trying to destroy Harry for the last two years.

    Where are the Horcruxes? When Voldemort went to apply for the teaching job, Dumbledore asked him what his real reason was for coming, and (are we surprised) never got a true answer. But we are thinking that Voldemort was busy stashing his Horcrux at Hogwarts. Remember what Hagrid told Harry back in Book 1, “Gringotts is the safest place in the world fer anything yeh want ter keep safe -- 'cept maybe Hogwarts.”…that coming from the Keeper of the Keys, himself. So, we believe Voldemort stashed at least one of his Horcruxes at Hogwarts. We also know Voldemort can break into Gringotts to steal something, so there’s no reason he couldn’t break in to hide something.


    1 Anti-Muggle Diary ----- Destroyed by Harry Book 2
    2 Slytherin probably Peverell Ring ----- Destroyed by Albus Book 6
    3 Slytherin Locket Locket at Grimmauld PlaceMundungus, Sold by Dung Have Fake – need to find real
    4 Hufflepuff Cup Hepzibah’s cup Assuming Hepzibah Cup
    5 Ravenclaw Didn’t know Dagger, Spear, Music Box, Tiara Item not even identified yet
    6 Gryffindor Nagini Shield Award, Dagger, Suit of Armour Might not have any Gryffindor
    7 Inside Voldy

    The Four Hallows

    We had been doing our research and seeing caudronfuls of clues about stones, daggers, trophies shields, armour, and spears. There was the Cormac tie-in and all the hints about luck, harps, and Ireland, but we were focused on Horcruxes and had our hands full enough with all the Tarot, Masonic, and Alchemy imagery we were trying to decipher.

    Then one day, Jo releases the title for Book 7, Harry Potter and the Death magical objects called the Four Hallows of Ireland. Those are basically the same as the Four Treasures of Ireland, and the Four Hallows of the British Monarchy. They also coincidentally correspond to and are the inspiration for Tarot cards, which have been referred to throughout Jo’s novels.

    The Four Hallows are based on Druid legend, and consist of

    · the Stone of Fal, used for inaugurations of monarchs
    · the Spear of Lugh, which made users victorious in battle
    · the Sword of Nuadu, which wounded inescapably and
    · the Cauldron of Dagda, which refilled itself.

    The modern hallows still exist as the regalia of the British monarch

    Pentacles = Spades
    Wands = Diamonds
    Swords = Clubs
    Cups = Hearts

    Stone of Destiny
    Spear of Destiny
    sword of Nuada
    Cauldron of Dagda

    Crown itself
    Sceptre or Rod of Equity and Mercy
    Swords of State
    Ampulla of Holy Oil

    Dish on which the head of the withdrawn Grail guardian is processed
    Spear of the Dolorous Blow
    Sword which is broken
    Grail itself as a sacramental vessel or cauldron of plenty

    Hallows vs. Horcruxes
    After months more of research, we are now of the opinion that the Four Hallows are not the same as the Horcruxes. Think about this…if you were Voldemort, and thought your magically superior 6+1 Horcruxes were nice and safely stashed away would you be looking for more? Not logical. And yet, Voldemort is intent on getting into Hogwarts because he believes there are ancient powers there that have yet to be tapped. He spent a year riding around in Quirrell exploring, so he does idea.

    When the movie was made for Book 3, Jo said that there were things the Cuaron, the director, did that were uncannily correct. That director had stone monoliths on the grounds and we think that is what she was referring to – the Stone of Destiny.

    Four Hallows

    Stone in the Lake
    Spear in the Lake
    Sir Cadogan’s Sword
    The Pensieve
    Morphin’s Dagger
    Cauldron Voldemort used for his rebirthing

    Deathly Hallow Speculations

    The Deaths
    The hints we used were flowers (like at a funeral), spots (like the spot in Treasure Island or the spots on Myrtle), and “stopping dead.”

    The Dursleys (or at least Petunia)
    Fleur (maybe – we’re not positive how to read the clues)
    Hermione (sort of)
    The Weasley Twins

    Sleight of Hands

    Hermione will appear to be dead (a statue) but will come back to life.

    Someone may impersonate Dumbledore in the same way that Patroclus impersonated Achilles in the Iliad – allowing him to rally the troops and gain a huge advantage in the war. Jo has already said that it was Achilles’ battle for the body of Patroclus that inspired her when Harry fought for Cedric’s body in Book 4, so why not finish the parallel? If he is impersonated, everyone will think that Dumbledore is just as “immortal” as Voldemort, and it will frustrate the baddies and inspire the good guys. Hey, it was Scrimgeour’s idea with his big Rule #2. Likely candidates for the impersonation are: the Hog’s Head barman (Aberforth), Moody, Harry, Tonks,

    The Gleam of Triumph

    We haven’t forgotten that there was a momentary elation when Dumbledore found out that Voldemort had used Harry’s blood for his rebirthing. We were suspicious that there was something in Harry’s blood that could have been infecting Voldemort. In Book 6, Jo made a point of teaching us more about curses that spread over time. Like Dumbledore, we also are optimistic that Harry’s blood may be spreading like a virus in Voldemort right now.

    The Hallows

    The power of the Hallows may not be what Voldemort had expected. They may work on the principle of love too.

    The Ending

    There are many parallels to Wonderland, Jo has mentioned Dickens, and we are smothered in sleeping references. We still think one possible ending is that someone wakes up with the chance to learn from the experience (as in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol) as they embark on a similar path in real life. If so, whose dream is it? Our best guesses would be: Riddle, Neville, Harry.

    Deathly Hallows Ramblings

    What It Will Take to Win the War

    All the characters we have loved will have to ban together with their own love to fight the war. Therefore, we are looking for Book 7 to bring together all our favourite characters and to recall many memories – good and bad.


    In our Analysis of Book 5, we drew parallels between many elements of Harry Potter and the Rudyard Kipling classic Rikki-Tikki-Tavi—it begins with a song that sounds much like the prophecy, it involves someone who lived through their home being destroyed, who fought the king of snakes with the help of friends—and who killed the snake’s offspring, to protect those who trust him. Okay, it was a mongoose. They’re still strikingly similar.

    With the research we’ve accomplished for Book 6, we’ve become more certain that this story was a key influence. We see, for example, that Voldemort’s Horcruxes are very like Nag and Nagaina’s eggs. They are hidden in safe places, protecting his immortality. According to Dumbledore’s explanation of the actions of the diary, it’s very possible that each could feed on someone, just as the diary fed on Ginny (just as an egg grows to become like the parent) to become another Voldemort. According to Dumbledore, they need to be destroyed before Volde will truly die—just as Rikki had to destroy all the cobra eggs. According to Dumbledore, the Horcruxes may be found and destroyed without Voldemort’s knowledge, just as Rikki-Tikki-Tavi was able to destroy the cobra eggs—all but one—without Nagaina knowing.

    If Harry can get the Horcruxes down to one, like Rikki did with the cobra eggs, he will almost certainly wind up fighting Voldemort just as Rikki did Nagaina. Nagaina was fighting to preserve her immortality in the form of her egg, and Voldemort may actually mean to use Harry’s death to create a Horcrux to preserve his own last chance at immortality. If all his Horcruxes were gone, Volde would be fighting Harry not just as the most powerful wizard on the planet, but as the most powerful wizard on the planet with absolutely nothing left to lose.

    Despite the odds against him if that happens, we still think Harry will win. Rikki did.

    A Little Wrinkle Twist

    In 1962, Madeleine L’Engle published A Wrinkle In Time, the first of the series featuring Meg Murry and her i family. Three years later Jo Rowling was born, and A Wind in The Door, the second in L’Engle’s series concerning the Murry family, came out when she was about 8. L’Engle’s books have been a powerful influence on children’s writers, almost from the first, and we see some indications they may have made an impression on young Jo too.

    Meg Murry (note the alliterative name) has issues. She wears glasses. She’s unattractive. Meg’s family, unlike Harry’s, loves her—but it is incomplete. Her father, a scientist, has disappeared mysteriously. Her mother is a beautiful redhead.

    The story includes oddly dressed older women with mysterious powers, referred to in passing as “witches”, tessering (a way of traveling from one place to another by mental manipulation—a learned skill, and one easy to get wrong, with disastrous results), and most interestingly, “It.”

    “It” is the essence of evil, so separated from humanity that it exists as a disembodied brain. “It” possesses people, and those within “It”’s power have red eyes. “It” is responsible for The Black Thing, a cold spreading blackness that is threatening the universe.

    When Charles Wallace, her little brother, is lost to “It”, Meg goes to rescue him, alone. She is sent armed by the “witches” with her faults, her love, and verses from the Bible’s first chapter of First Corinthians, including verse 27: “But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty.”

    Meg has been chosen, just like Harry. If their stories parallel, we might expect Voldemort to do the classic villain trick—to take someone Harry loves, and use them as a hostage. And why not? His minions have done it before, in Book 5. And it would fit, because Harry would need love in his arsenal to survive—and Dumbledore has made sure he understands exactly how valuable love is.

    All Hallows Eve

    Something is most likely going to happen on Halloween.

    The festival HALLOWEEN used to be the Feast of the Dead (Celtic Samhain). It was perhaps the most important of the cross-quarter days, when the 'crack between the worlds' could open up and let the spirits pass through. Therefore the ghosts of dead ancestors could revisit the earth, join their descendants at the feast, and give necromantic interviews and omens. In Ireland, all the sidh or fairy hills (grave mounds) were said to open up for the occasion. Folks insisted that it was impossible to keep the fairies underground on Halloween. Since these 'fairies' were simply pagan spirits, the church naturally insisted that demons were abroad on Halloween, summoned by witches, which was the usual term for the ancient pagan priestesses whose business it was to communicate with the dead. # 701 p 180

    Halloween evolved from Celtic Samhain. It is the time when the barrier between worlds opened and spirits penetrated from their world to this. It may be that is when the Veil is accessible for those inside to venture out or inside to venture in People fested with their ancestors and got information "from beyond the grave. It was said that the grave mounds in Ireland opened for it, could not be kept closed, and because the "fairies" were supposedly evil spirits summoned by witches, the church was not in favor of the celebration. . There would only be a short timeframe, and people could get left behind.

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