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Ultimate Voyage: A Book of Five Mariners

Ultimate Voyage: A Book of Five Mariners

by William Gilkerson

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     Five boyhood friends build their own boat and set off through uncharted seas on a magical journey of adventure and self-discovery.


     Five boyhood friends build their own boat and set off through uncharted seas on a magical journey of adventure and self-discovery.

Editorial Reviews

Sophia Tarila
Richly satisfying in maritime descriptions, in-depth multi-faceted personalities and philosophical twists and insights, this tale set an extraordinary standard for spiritual fiction. -- ForeWord
Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Gilkerson's allegorical debut tries to incorporate Buddhist teachings into a juvenile swashbucklerwith even worse-than-expected results. Fulfilling a childhood pledge to each other, five sailors, born into different social classes but drawn together by their love of the sea, embark from their native town of Port for uncharted waters aboard the Alembic, which they have built themselves. As fate would have it, the sailors are distinct personality types. Bosun, the would-be captain, is efficient and ambitious to a fault. Stewart, the son of a philanthropist known as Master, is aristocratic and generous. Intellectual Pilot values knowledge over instinct. Flags loves culture and women, not necessarily in that order, and goodhearted, dull Crew performs menial chores without complaint. During the journey, each man experiences a personal crisis, followed by a quasi-mystical epiphany. For example, Pilot learns the value of "not thinking," Bosun confronts the illusory qualities of rank and Stewart discovers the meaning behind his family motto: "In Nothingness is all." Along the way, the novel jettisons every shred of unpredictability and good sense. From the cameo appearance of the Ancient Mariner (yes, that Ancient Mariner), to the grass-skirted native girls perpetually eager to "make boom-boom," the Alembic's voyage makes for a puerile misadventure of a book. Illustrations by the author. (June)

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Shambhala Publications, Inc.
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Meet the Author

Award-winning author William Gilkerson is a sailor, painter, journalist, historian, and adventurer. He is the author of the novel Ultimate Voyage, as well as ten nonfiction books on nautical topics, and his paintings are internationally acknowledged to be among the finest contemporary maritime art. He lives with his family on the shores of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, where he sails his ancient cutter, Elly.

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