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by Jillian Neal
Kaitlyn Sommerville's life is all buttoned up. Marry the guy her father wants her to, pretend to be a lawyer, and keep her parents happy after the loss of her brother.
Finding out her fiancé was a cheating liar just before walking down the aisle and becoming a runaway bride wasn't part of the plan.
Driving her getaway car right into the hitch on


Kaitlyn Sommerville's life is all buttoned up. Marry the guy her father wants her to, pretend to be a lawyer, and keep her parents happy after the loss of her brother.
Finding out her fiancé was a cheating liar just before walking down the aisle and becoming a runaway bride wasn't part of the plan.
Driving her getaway car right into the hitch on rough and rugged cattleman Grant Camden's truck wasn't either...
Until she lays eyes on the sinfully sexy cowboy who becomes her knight-in-dirty-boots.
Grant Camden knows what he likes and he knows how to get it. A city-girl whose daddy is the Chief of Police isn't exactly his shot of whiskey.
But the curvy little spit-fire definitely gets under his skin.
What should any cowboy worth his salt do when a runaway bride runs right into his arms?
Steal her away to Camden Ranch where he can unlock her secrets, unbutton that gown, loosen her bounds, and undo her thoroughly.
When the nights turn hotter than a prairie brushfire, Grant has to wonder if he can make this city-girl all his own.

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Meet the Author

Bestselling author, Jillian Neal, was not only born 30 but also came accessorized with loads of books and adorable handbags in which to carry them, at least that’s what she tells people. After earning a degree in education, she discovered that her passion could never be housed inside a classroom. A vehement lover of love and having maintained a lifelong affair with the awe-inspiring power of words, she set to turn the romance industry on its head. Her overly-caffeinated, troupe-spinning muse is never happy with the standard formula story. She believes every book should be brimming with passion, loaded with hot sexy scenes, packed with a gut-punch of emotion, and have characters that leap off the page and right into your heart.

Her first series, The Gifted Realm, defines contemporary romance with a fantasy twist. Her Gypsy Beach series will leave you longing to visit the sultry shores of the tiny bohemian beach town, and her erotic romance series, Camden Ranch, will make you certain there is nothing better than a cowboy with some chaps and a plan. The sheer amount of coffee required to keep all of those characters dancing in her head would border on lethal, so she unleashes their engaging stories on page after page of spellbinding reads.

Jillian lives outside of Atlanta with her own sexy sweetheart, their teenage sons, and enough stiletto heels, cowgirl boots, and flip-flops to exist in any of the fictional worlds she brings to life.

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Un-Hitched 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
GabbyCB 20 days ago
This is my favorite book in the Camden Ranch series! Grant Camden is the epitome of a strong sexy cowboy. When he meets Kaitlyn, she hits him like a lightning bolt with her red headed curls and spunk. Oh... and she also hits him with her car! In the middle of a tornado, they both need to get to safety. He whisks her to his family's storm shelter and he realizes right then and there that this little tornado (the one with red hair, not the one zipping around above them) is the one. After the storm, she goes with him to his family's ranch to hide out. She's got the entire police department looking for her and her daddy is the chief. Their relationship builds quickly and the hot scenes just keep coming. Grant is hot as hell and definitely knows his way around the bedroom. Kaitlyn is definitely my favorite female love interest in the Camden series so far. Jillian Neal knows how to write her characters. After just a few chapters, you get a true sense of who these people are and her skills in writing family dynamics are unmatched. In all of her series, some of her minor characters end up being my favorites. In the Camden Ranch series, Ev and Jessie (Grant's parents) are wonderful additions to the story. The banter and conversations between all the siblings is great as well. I love how Jillian's romance is written with not only hot scenes, but a good storyline. In this series, the books are all stand alone. If you were to start this series, this is a fantastic book to get the series going for you! Looking forward to Natalie Camden's story next!!
caroldh4 28 days ago
Un-Hitched is book four in the Camden Ranch series by Jillian Neal. “Camden Ranch - Est. 1868 - Set your troubles down. You are home.” There is a sort of legacy in the Camden family, going back as far as they can remember. When a Camden meets “the one,” they know it immediately. Grant has watched his siblings find the loves of their lives one by one. He doesn’t want to begrudge them their happiness. But he can’t help but be a little jealous. He’s ready for his own happily ever after. And then, when he was in Lincoln visiting his grandfather, she hit him, literally. A crazy woman in a soaking wet wedding gown ran right in to the huge hitch on his truck. It completely folded in the front of her car, barely leaving a scratch on his hitch. One look into those eyes and he knew, she was his. It was Kaitlyn Sommerville’s wedding day, until she found out right before she was to walk down the aisle that he was cheating on her. So, she ran. And as soon as she ran, the heavens opened up with the storm of the century. She couldn’t see a thing and ran right in to the back of a huge pick up truck. Kaitlyn’s father was the chief of police and was going to be furious, not to mention her ex-fiance. She had to get away. So the tall handsome cowboy that got out of that truck to see if she was okay became her new get-a-way driver. Kaitlyn never wanted anything more than to become a chef. But years before when she lost her twin brother in Afghanistan, she came home to try to help her parents. Her mother fell apart and her father stayed at work. Her older sister didn’t know how to deal with them. So Kaitlyn was left to try to put her family back together. She became ‘New’ Kaitlyn, trying to be everything her father wanted, going back to college, giving up her dreams of being a chef, dating the man her father brought home. Now, she doesn’t even know who she is anymore, old Kaitlyn, new Kaitlyn? But what she does know is that her would be rescuer has brought out all kinds of new feelings, and no one has ever made her feel more safe. “Never before had any man ever affected her on such a primal, sexual level.” It doesn’t take long at all for these two to give in to the attraction between them. With everyone looking for her, Grant takes Kaitlyn to his family’s ranch in Pleasant Glen, Nebraska. Kaitlyn has never been on a ranch before, but she is bewitched with the beauty of it, the peace and serenity. And even more bewitched with the sexy cowboy that brought her here. “He’d feed her dreams and show her that she was capable of anything she ever wanted to do. She never had to be afraid. He would never let her fall. He would never allow anything to hurt her ever again.” This book deals with so many things in such a realistic way. First, Katy has a hearing issue. She suffers from sensorineural deafness. She is completely deaf in one ear and the other was deteriorating due to stress. It also deals with grief. Katy’s family has been hit hard and each dealt with grief in their own way. Later in the book, the Camdens are forced to also face heartbreaking grief. The other thing that you see so realistically depicted is how life is for a rancher. How one bad storm can erase years of hard work and turn your world upside down. “There’s gonna be good years, and there’s gonna be bad ones. All in the world we can do is pray there’s more good ones than bad. Try to save during the good to make due during the lean."
agardone 28 days ago
Great Book. This is the first book I have read by this author & it was very good. It gives lots of detail without being boring. Lots of romance.
KDHvid 3 months ago
Grant and Katy's story starts with a BANG and leaves your heart mushy.Grants unwavering patience and understanding with Katy is what every women dreams of and his determination to help Katy reclaim the strong beautiful woman she always was is heartwarming. I love how Grant and Katy's story 100% fits into the Camden lore of finding your one true love and knowing it. There are plenty of twist, turns and hills in this book and I loved every single one of them. I was not able to put it down. Jillian Neal I applaud you for another success and can’t wait for what you have in store for me next. Like all of Jillian's books I highly recommend you giving this series as well as her other series a try. If you are looking to read this please know this is book 4 in the Camden Ranch Series. Book 0.5 is Coincidental Cowgirl, Book 1 is Rodeo Summer, Book 2 is Forever Wild, and Book 3 is Cowgirl Education. Jillian has two other book series you might want to check out, they are The Realm Series, and her Gypsy Beach Series. All of Jillian's books leave me wanting more and believing in true love.
MikkaJane 3 months ago
Un-Hitched and wanting more... Grant Camden is a rancher by trade. He has everything figured out about life, until the day of the storm and he meets her… Kaitlyn Sommerville had to get away. She was about to be married to a real live jerk who was undeserving of her. About to walk down the aisle, she receives a text from him that is also addressed to her maid of honor. Leaving in the middle of a Mid-West storm, she literally runs into the hitch of a trailer. What she doesn’t realize that this one moment in time will change her life forever. I highly recommend reading this book. It has touched me in ways like each of the previous books in this series. Jillian Neal has written a powerful story that is wonderful and full of the second chances that we all hope for in life. I say this book is one of the must reads of the year, if you have nothing on your list to read you really need this book on your list. You won’t want to put it down from start to finish. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.