Undeniable: The Serendipity Duet Book One

Undeniable: The Serendipity Duet Book One

4.8 5
by Tawdra Kandle
For Rafe Brooks, running from a broken heart means losing himself in alcohol and women. Lots of women, none of whom will remember him, since he has the ability to manipulate their minds and make them forget.

Numbing the pain works until he meets an irresistible redhead with secrets of her own. She offers him the opportunity to join forces with an


For Rafe Brooks, running from a broken heart means losing himself in alcohol and women. Lots of women, none of whom will remember him, since he has the ability to manipulate their minds and make them forget.

Numbing the pain works until he meets an irresistible redhead with secrets of her own. She offers him the opportunity to join forces with an organization that will use his powers for good rather than his own amusement.

Jocelyn rocks his world with her unapologetic passion and makes him believe for the first time he just might survive heartbreak.

When a mission takes the two of them undercover to infiltrate a commune with suspicious activity, they discover it's just the tip of a plot to cause world-wide anarchy. Hiding their extraordinary powers and real identities is crucial to staying alive.

For Rafe and Jocelyn, when life is uncertain, love is undeniable.

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The Serendipity Duet , #1
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Tawdra Kandle has been a writer since the invention of the pen. Her first published work appeared in Child's Life magazine when she was 13. After a brief, thirty-year hiatus, she published a young adult quartet, The King Series. More recently, she's released both adult and New Adult contemporary and paranormal romance novels. Tawdra lives in central Florida with her husband and children, of both skin and fur types. And yes, she has purple hair.

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Undeniable: The Serendipity Duet Book One 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Ginas-Library More than 1 year ago
If you are a fan of this author then you recongize the main character of this book Rafe. Rafe first appeared in the King Series. I only read the first 2 books of that series. I plan to read the other 2 as soon as I can. This book can be read as a stand alone without reading the previous series since it reviews information that is needed. However, I think to get the most of out the book you should read them first. Now on to the actual review of this book: Rafe is trying to start over after a very bad emotional senior year of high school. He uses his powers of manipulation to make them forget their sexual encounters.  It was going great until he met Jocelyn. Jocelyn is his match when it comes to special powers. Jocelyn also teaches him that there are so many others out there like them. She recruits Rafe to join her in a secret organization. This organization uses their powers for good. However, not everyone uses those powers in that form. They are sent on a mission that may be their last. This is not the type of book you start to read at night. Unless you don't plan to sleep that is. This is a perfect book to curl up in your favorite chair, and read the day away.  The last sentence in the book makes me eager to finish the King Series and read the next book in this series. I won't tell you why....that's a spoiler. You'll just have to take my word for it and read this book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
very exciting and fun to read and couldn't help falling for Rafe!
RIA_Reviews More than 1 year ago
 Every time I open one of Tawdra's books I get so wrapped up I forget the rest of the world. It's a really good thing my kids still nap. Undeniable is the first in The Serendipity Duet, a spin-off from The King Series. I loved The King Series, and I wasn't sure how this book would compare. It turns out that Undeniable is on a different level from The King Series. It is intense and exciting, and sexy. Ever since I finished The King Series I have wondered about Rafe. I loved him in those books and I always wondered. Tawdra is insanely awesome for writing his story. She also did his story so much justice. I love seeing inside his head and learning more about him. Rafe is sexy and fun. He is spending so much time just trying to forget that the gradual build up of his feelings for another girl is really great. I was cheering him on the whole time. Jocelyn is awesome. I love her spunky attitude about everything. I also appreciate her caution and her honesty in the book. It's what Rafe needs. She's a strong female character, which Tawdra has a real knack for writing. She isn't needy or whiny, and I love that about her. The settings in this book are awesome. I loved the descriptions of New Orleans and the life that Rafe leads there shortly. I also loved the setting in the country. The other thing I always enjoy is the powers all of the people possess. This book really upped that. I was especially interested in how Jocelyn's powers would play out. I have to say Rafe really stole my heart. I felt so much for him by the end of this book. Enough to have a brief moment of "WHY!?!" at Tawdra. Now I'm just waiting for the next book, because I can't even imagine where things could possibly go next. I just have to say, Read This! Read The King Series first if you want some background (and because it's awesome, too), but definitely don't miss out on Undeniable.
kainshottie More than 1 year ago
Rafe Brooks has been in consumable emotional pain after his relationship with Tasmyn ended his senior year of High School. His story takes place after Tawdra's King Series which are all about Tasmyn. His broken heart can only be healed by getting away from King, away from seeing or feeling Tasmyn around him. He hadn't realized that this was what he needed until his cousin and grandma tel him to leave. He spends months traveling the US and sleeping with any girl that shows an interest in him until he lands himself in New Orleans. This city feels like a place that he could call home. He falls more in love with the city when he meets and sleeps with Jocelyn. They have an instant connection that makes Rafe question whether he should use his ability as a manipulator to alter her memory of the night. He is shocked when his memory wipe doesn't work and more shocked when she offers him a job. This is the beginning of a crazy new life for Rafe. What he finds more shocking is that he wants to break his rule of never sleeping with someone twice when it comes to Joss, as she likes to be called. What does that mean for his broken heart? What will happen when The Carruthers Institute sends them both on an undercover intelligence gathering mission as boyfriend and girlfriend?  I know a lot of people were in love with Rafe from the King Series books, but I only liked him. He was a great guy but he just didn't steal my heart. After reading this book, I like him a lot more. You get to learn about how his crazy relationship with Tasmyn affected him and watch him go through the healing process. His budding relationship with Joss will steal your heart. The end is shocking though. It nearly made me cry and left me wanting the next book in series just because now I need to know what will happen to Rafe next. You get a glimpse at who the next book will be primarily about and that was just as surprising as the ending. Just so you know, The series was a YA series, this one is adult. There is sexual content so if your teenager read the first series and shows interest in reading these, you may want to consider if they are mature enough to read this kind of material. I thoroughly enjoy reading and it is tastefully written. Read more reviews at Identity Discovery blog.