Understanding Cultural Diversity: Culture, Curriculum, and Community in Nursing / Edition 1

Understanding Cultural Diversity: Culture, Curriculum, and Community in Nursing / Edition 1

by Mary Lebreck Kelley, Virginia M. Fitzsimons

ISBN-10: 0763711063

ISBN-13: 9780763711061

Pub. Date: 07/28/1999

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

Community/Public Health/Health Policy


Community/Public Health/Health Policy

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Table of Contents

Part One: Culture1. Ethics and Culture: From the Claim That God Is Dead, It Does Not Follow That Everything Is Permitted
2. Psychology and Culture
3. Beyond Values Clarification: A Civic Ethic for Public Discourse and Education
4. Teaching Pluralism: Values to Cross-Cultural Barriers
5. Managed Care: What, Why, Where, and Whither Thou Goest?
6. Reengineering and the Corporate Culture
7. Cyberspace: The New Culture
8. Unknowing: Toward Another Pattern of Knowing in Nursing

Part Two: Curriculum
9. The Internationalization of Higher Education
10. Bringing Diversity into the Curriculum: Successes and Problems
11. Primary Care, Education, and Research Integration: A Vehicle for a Culture of Health
12. Culture Learning and Unlearning: Creating a Culture Supporting the Development of Transcultural Nurse Managers
13. A Dream Realized: An African American Woman's Experience
14. Revisiting the Men's Health Curriculum
15. What Is a Freshman? Helping Faculty Relate to the Freshman Culture
16. Holocaust to be taught in the Schools of New Jersey
17. Externship - Moving Real Life into Professional Life

Part Three: Community
18. The Many Faces of Homelessness
19. A Walk in Beauty: Strategies for Providing Culturally Competent Nursing Care to Native Americans
20. The Filipino American Culture: The Need for Transcultural Knowledge
21. Hispanic Client Satisfaction with Home Health Care: A Study of Cultural Context of Care
22. Rituals, Culture, and Tradition: The Puerto Rican Experience
23. A Challenge to the Puerto Rican Community: An Untold Story of the AIDS Epidemic
24. The Asian Indian American Experience: Diversity and Difference
25. Profile of a Church-Based Tutorial/Enrichment Program
26. Minority Men's Health: A Review of the Literature with Special Emphasis on African American Men
27. Adolescents with Cancer: A Struggle to Understand a New Way of Living   
28. The Married Couple: In Loss, Grief, and Transition
29. Aging: A Culture of Changes and Growth   
30. Our New Century Leaders: A Culture of Learning   

Part Four: Administrative Metaphors: Tugboats Revisited
31. Of Tugboats, Transitions, and Time   

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