Understanding Normal and Clinical Nutrition / Edition 9

Understanding Normal and Clinical Nutrition / Edition 9

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by Sharon Rady Rolfes, Kathryn Pinna, Ellie Whitney

ISBN-10: 084006845X

ISBN-13: 9780840068453

Pub. Date: 06/24/2011

Publisher: Cengage Learning

UNDERSTANDING NORMAL AND CLINICAL NUTRITION, Tenth Edition, provides the most current and comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals of nutrition and nutrition therapy for an introductory course. The early chapters focus on "normal" nutrition, including digestion and metabolism, vitamins and minerals, and life cycle nutrition. The later chapters cover "clinical"

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UNDERSTANDING NORMAL AND CLINICAL NUTRITION, Tenth Edition, provides the most current and comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals of nutrition and nutrition therapy for an introductory course. The early chapters focus on "normal" nutrition, including digestion and metabolism, vitamins and minerals, and life cycle nutrition. The later chapters cover "clinical" nutrition—the pathophysiology and nutrition therapy for a wide range of medical conditions. The text integrates practical information and valuable resources to help students apply nutrition knowledge and skills to their daily lives and the clinical setting. Features such as case studies, "How To" boxes with real-world examples, and study cards help students apply the material and build their conceptual understanding. Regardless of the students' background, the consistent level, approachable narrative, and careful explanations in UNDERSTANDING NORMAL AND CLINICAL NUTRITION will engage students and enable them to be actively involved in the field of nutrition.

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Table of Contents

1. AN OVERVIEW OF NUTRITION Food Choices. The Nutrients. The Science of Nutrition. Dietary Reference Intakes. Nutrient Assessment. Diet and Health. Highlight 1 Nutrition Information and Misinformation. 2. PLANNING A HEALTHY DIET. Principles and Guidelines. Diet-Planning Guides. Food Labels. Highlight 2 Vegetarian Diets. 3. DIGESTION, ABSORPTION, AND TRANSPORT. Digestion. Absorption. The Circulatory Systems. The Health and Regulation of the GI Tract. Highlight 3 Common Digestive Problems. 4. THE CARBOHYDRATES: SUGAR, STARCHES, AND FIBERS. The Chemist's View of Carbohydrates. Digestion and Absorption of Carbohydrates. Glucose in the Body. Health Effects and Recommended Intakes of Sugars. Highlight 4 Carbs, kCalories, and Controversies. 5. THE LIPIDS: TRIGLYCERIDES, PHOSPHOLIPIDS, AND STEROLS. The Chemist's View of Fatty Acids and Triglycerides. The Chemist's View of Phospholipids and Sterols. Digestion, Absorption, and Transport of Lipids. Lipids in the Body. Health Effects and Recommended Intakes of Saturated Fats, Trans Fats, and Cholesterol. Health Effects and Recommended Intakes of Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated Fats. Highlight 5 High-Fat Foods—Friend or Foe? 6. PROTEIN: AMINO ACIDS. The Chemist's View of Proteins. Digestion and Absorption of Proteins. Proteins in the Body. Protein in Foods. Health Effects and Recommended Intakes of Protein. Highlight 6 Nutritional Genomics. 7. ENERGY METABOLISM. Chemical Reactions in the Body. Breaking Down Nutrients for Energy. Feasting and Fasting. Highlight 7 Alcohol in the Body. 8. ENERGY BALANCE AND BODY COMPOSITION. Energy Balance. Energy In: The kCalories Foods Provide. Energy Out: The kCalories the Body Expends. Body Weight and Body Composition. Health Risks Associated with Body Weight and Body Fat. Highlight 8 Eating Disorders. 9. WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: OVERWEIGHT, OBESITY, AND UNDERWEIGHT. Overweight and Obesity. Causes of Overweight and Obesity. Problems of Overweight and Obesity. Aggressive Treatments for Obesity. Weight-Loss Strategies. Underweight. Highlight 9 The Latest and Greatest Weight-Loss Diet—Again. 10. THE WATER-SOLUBLE VITAMINS: B VITAMINS AND VITAMIN C. The Vitamins—An Overview. The B Vitamins. Vitamin C. Highlight 10 Vitamin and Mineral Supplements. 11. THE FAT-SOLUBLE VITAMINS: A, D, E, AND K. Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene. Vitamin D. Vitamin E. Vitamin K. Highlight 11 Antioxidant Nutrients in Disease Prevention. 12. WATER AND THE MAJOR MINERALS. Water and the Body Fluids. The Minerals—An Overview. The Major Minerals. Highlight 12 Osteoporosis and Calcium. 13. THE TRACE MINERALS. The Trace Minerals—An Overview. The Trace Minerals. Contaminant Minerals. Highlight 13 Phytochemicals and Functional Foods. 14. LIFE CYCLE NUTRITION: PREGNANCY AND LACTATION. Nutrition prior to Pregnancy. Growth and Developmnt during Pregnancy. Maternal Weight. Nutrition during Pregnancy. High-Risk Pregnancies. Nutrition during Lactation. Highlight 14 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. 15. LIFE CYCLE NUTRITION: INFNACY, CHILDHOOD, AND ADOLESCENCE. Nutrition during Infancy. Nutrition during Childhood. Nutrition during Adolescence. Highlight 15 Childhood Obesity and the Early Development of Chronic Diseases. 16. LIFE CYCLE NUTRITION: ADULTHOOD AND THE LATER YEARS. Nutrition and Longevity. The Aging Process. Energy and Nutrient Needs of Older Adults. Nutrition-Related Concerns of Older Adults. Food Choices and Eating Habits of Older Adults. Highlight 16 Hunger and Community Nutrition. 17. NUTRITION CARE AND ASSESSMENT. Nutrition in Health Care. Nutrition Assessment. Highlight 17 Nutrition and Immunity. 18. NUTRITION INTERVENTION. Implementing Nutrition Care. Energy Intakes in Hospital Patients. Dietary Modifications. Foodservice. Highlight 18 Food Allergies. 19. MEDICATIONS, DIET-DRUG INTERACTIONS, AND HERBAL PRODUCTS. Medications in Disease Treatment. Diet-Drug Interactions. Herbal Products. Highlight 19 Complementary and Alternative Medicine. 20. ENTERAL NUTRITION SUPPORT. Oral Supplements. Enteral Nutrition in Medical Care. Enteral Formulas. Administration of Tube Feedings. Highlight 20 Inborn Errors of Metabolism. 21. PARENTERAL NUTRITION SUPPORT. Indications for Parenteral Nutrition. Parenteral Solutions. Administering Parenteral Nutrition. Nutrition Support at Home. Highlight 21 Ethical Issues in Nutrition Care. 22. METABOLIC AND RESPIRATORY STRESS. The Body's Responses to Stress and Injury. Nutrition Treatment of Acute Stress. Nutrition and Respiratory Stress. Highlight 22 Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome. 23. UPPER GASTROINTESTINAL DISORDERS. Conditions Affecting the Esophagus. Conditions Affecting the Stomach. Gastric Surgery. Highlight 23 Oral Health and Chronic Illness. 24. LOWER GASTROINTESTINAL DISORDERS. Common Intestinal Problems. Malabsorption. Conditions Affecting the Pancreas. Conditions Affecting the Small Intestine. Conditions Affecting the Large Intestine. Highlight 24 Probiotics and Intestinal Health. 25. LIVER DISEASE AND GALLSTONES. Fatty Liver and Hepatitis. Cirrhosis. Liver Transplantation. Gallstone Disease. Highlight 25 Anemia in Illness. 26. DIABETES MELLITUS. Overview of Diabetes Mellitus. Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus. Diabetes Management in Pregnancy. Highlight 26 The Metabolic Syndrome. 27. CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES. Atherosclerosis. Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). Stroke. Hypertension. Heat Failure. Highlight 27 Feeding Disabilities. 28. KIDNEY DISEASES. Functions of the Kidneys. The Nephrotic Syndrome. Acute Kidney Injury. Chronic Kidney Disease. Kidney Stones. Highlight 28 Dialysis. 29. CANCER AND HIV INFECTION. Cancer. HIV Infection. Highlight 29 Foodborne Illnesses. Appendix A: Cells, Hormones, and Nerves. Appendix B: Basic Chemistry Concepts. Appendix C: Biochemical Structures and Pathways. Appendix D: Measures of Protein Quality. Appendix E: Nutrition Assessment: Supplemental Information. Appendix F: Physical Activity and Energy Requirements. Appendix G: Exchange Lists for Diabetes. Appendix H: Table of Food Composition. Appendix I: WHO: Nutrition Recommendations; Canada: Guidelines and Meal Planning. Appendix J: Healthy People 2020. Appendix K: Enteral Formulas. Glossary. Index.

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