Understanding Organizational Culture

Understanding Organizational Culture

by Mats Alvesson, Alvesson

The new edition of this groundbreaking text in Organizational Studies has been revised and updated to keep apace with developments within Organizational Culture.See more details below


The new edition of this groundbreaking text in Organizational Studies has been revised and updated to keep apace with developments within Organizational Culture.

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Organizational Culture Series
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Table of Contents

1The Concept of Organizational Culture1
The meansing(s) of culture3
Some comments on the contemporary interest in organizational culture6
Cognitive interests8
Objectives of this book12
2Culture as a Metaphor and Metaphors for Culture16
The metaphor concept16
Metaphors in social science - nuisance or breakthroughs?19
Metaphors - some problems22
Culture as critical variable versus culture as root metaphor24
Metaphors for culture29
3Organizational Culture and Performance42
The dominance of instrumental values43
Approaches to the culture-performance relationship47
The culture-performance relationship53
Does culture cause anything? The problems of separating culture and other phenomena56
Positive and less positive outcomes of corporate culture: a case study58
The ambiguity of performance: blame time and milking64
4Organizational Culture and Business Administration71
Organizational culture and the business concept71
Corporate strategy77
Organizational culture and marketing80
Other subfields: networks, rationalizations and performance indicators88
5Leadership and Organization Culture93
What is leadership?93
Varieties of leadership100
Leadership in the context of organizational culture105
A case of initiator-leadership and follower-leadership108
Summary and conclusions114
6Culture as Constraint: An Emancipatory Approach118
Culture as a counterforce to variation and autonomy119
Culture and power120
Culture as a source of taken-for-granted assumptions126
Gender and organizational culture132
Ethical closure in organizations136
Corporate culture and closure at Pepsi Cola139
Conclusion: Methodology for critical inquiry142
7Multiple-level Shaping and Ambiguity of Culture145
The appeal of 'pure' symbolism uncoupled from materials practice145
Taking work and social interaction into account147
Conceptualization of culture in terms of social level153
Ambiguity and contradiction: a plurality of values and commitments160
8Cultural Change and Conclusions170
Reminder of the ambitions of this book170
Against the trivialization of 'managing culture'171
Managing culture174
Organizational cultural change as a grand project, as organic movement or the re-framing of everyday life?177
Working with change181
A framework for thinking culturally of management and organization186
Multiple cultural configurations and cultural traffic190

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