Understanding Presidency / Edition 1

Understanding Presidency / Edition 1

by James P. Pfiffner

ISBN-10: 0673998991

ISBN-13: 9780673998996

Pub. Date: 10/28/1996

Publisher: Addison-Wesley

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Older Edition
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Table of Contents

Sect. 1Constitutional Origins of the Presidency1
1The Creation of the Presidency4
2James Madison to Thomas Jefferson10
3Federalist No. 6912
4Federalist No. 7015
5To the Citizens of the State of New York18
Sect. 2Historical Perspectives on the Presidency23
6The Strict Constructionist Presidency27
7The Stewardship Presidency29
8The Public Presidency31
9The Prerogative Presidency34
10Toward a Modern Presidency36
Sect. 3Selecting Presidents: Campaigns, Elections, and Mandates41
11Evaluating and Reforming the Presidential Nominating Process45
12Out of Order: Games and Governing53
13The Myth of Presidential Mandate60
14From Campaigning to Governing: The Challenge of Taking Over70
Sect. 4The Public Presidency: Press, Media, and Public Approval85
15The Press and the Presidency88
16The Cynical White House Media99
17Spin Control in the White House103
18Presidents as Party Leaders115
19Public Opinion Polls: The New Referendum124
Sect. 5The Institutional Presidency133
20The President's Cabinet136
21The Evolution of the White House Staff156
22The Changing Presidential Office169
23Can the President Manage the Government?180
24Bureaucracy in the American Constitutional Order196
Sect. 6Domestic Policy Leadership205
25The Hundred Days208
26Domestic Policy Leadership in the First Year215
27The Presidency and Domestic Policy: The Civil Rights Act of 1964232
28Presidential Management of the Economy244
Sect. 7Commander-in-Chief and National Security259
29Invitation to Struggle: The President, Congress, and National Security262
30National Security: The Rise of the Assistant (1961-1981)272
31Iran-Contra: What Was Wrong292
32Making Foreign Policy: President and Congress303
33Presidential Policy-Making and the Gulf War309
Sect. 8The Separation of Powers323
34The Presidential Pulpit: Bully or Baloney?326
35Presidential-Congressional Relations336
36Representation, Accountability, and Efficiency in Divided Party Control of Government348
37The Presidency in a Separated System358
38Is the Separation of Powers Obsolete? The Congressional-Presidential Balance of Power368
39Presidential Power and the Courts383
Sect. 9Evaluating Presidents: Greatness and Abuse of Power397
40The Finitude of Presidential Power400
41The American Monarchy419
42Watergate: Implications for Responsible Government423
43Being Liked and Being President432
44What Makes a Good Leader?437
45Presidential Character445

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